Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Difference between training, seminar, workshop, coaching, conference, symposium, webinar, course, lesson, class

training -the process of learning the skills you need to do a particular job or activity

workshop - training class or seminar in which the participants work individually and/or in groups to solve actual work related tasks to gain hands-on experience

webinar  - an occasion when a group of people go on the internet at the same time to study and discuss something

seminar - formal presentation by one or more experts in which the attendees are encouraged to discuss the subject matter

coaching - extending traditional training methods to include focus on (1) an individual's needs and accomplishments, (2) close observation, and (3) impartial and non-judgmental feedback on performance

symposium  - a meeting where experts discuss a particular subject

conference  - a large meeting, often lasting a few days, where people who are interested in a particular subject come together to discuss ideas

course  -a series of lessons about a particular subject

lesson  - a period of time when a teacher teaches people

class - a period of time in which students are taught something