Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Smoke Screen Questions

The smoke-screen questions are language dependent. Search for "common interview questions in {your language of choice}" and there are usually plenty of articles on lists.




A lot of these may be quite language-specific, and since they're quick yes/no questions they don't make for great meaty interview questions. If you're going into an interview, and you know it's going to be for something language-specific like "javascript frontend developer," "Objective-C iOS developer," or "Python backend developer" then it'll be good to brush up on these. You could be developing in a language like Javascript and never use closures. But that's still a very common question for Javascript roles so don't let those catch you off guard.

Smoke screen test is usually domain specific. If it's a startup, they ask a lot about language specific things depending on the language they use. For larger companies, these questions are rarer, they usually just ask you to do a coding interview. If they do ask you yes/no or definition questions, make sure you know about object oriented programming concepts, OS concepts, concurrency, networking, and language specific questions.