Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Making a Good Last Impression

What to do in the last 5 minutes, in order to leave a good impression?

You need to remember this is a Two-Way interview. If you're good, I will need to sell you on the company because you could have multiple competing offers. So, I usually have a little spiel prepared to explain why it's so great to work at my company, that I'd love to give. If you can get me to try to sell you on joining the company, my mindset is already being altered towards bringing you in.

Your questions are the last impression that you make. If you have no questions, it indicates that perhaps you're not all that interested in the role.

Q&A doesn't need to last long -- 2 minutes is plenty. Just a quick, Hey before we end this, can I ask you a question?"

- What makes you want to work here?
- What are the primary challenges of your current team?

Share a quick comment about how you've also faced similar challenges. End with "Thanks for sharing, it was a pleasure talking to you and that was an interesting question. I enjoyed tackling it."

It is a great chance to learn about something interesting regarding their stack or internal processes, such as:

- How do they run their CI/CD pipeline?
- How does requirements go from conceptual phase to production?
- How do they deal with critical production issues?
- Do engineers debate and have an active voice on requirements prioritization, and functional requirements?
- How much test coverage do they have for their products?
- How does the company embrace innovation?
- Do the engineers have a chance to research and apply technologies that improve the product?

If you are not just looking for a place to get bills paid, it is really important to match the company's internal processes and goals with your career goals.