Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Crafting Your Resume

It is generally common norm to have a 1-pager resume. Put your highlights in the 1-pager. Less is more. You can use Google Docs to create your resume.

Use black and white, with clean professional formatting. Don't go overboard with fonts & colors. It's the content that matters here, pack it with content. Go as far back as will fit.

Understand the mindset of an employer when crafting a resume. The following tips are from: "Knock em Dead Resumes" by Martin Yates.


Search and collect 6 online job posting for the job. See how the employer describes behavioral profile, technical skills, problems you'll be solving on the job, etc. Use these to craft the story of your resume.


Add technical, behavioral and other keywords employers and recruiters database searching algorithms will rate with high scores.

Problem Solver

Think of about the problems you will typically need to identify, solve and prevent in the role and work your resume narrative to highlight familiarity and ability to identify, solve and prevent these problems. Present yourself as someone who solves these problems.