Friday, January 24, 2020

Identifying Gaps in Learning

 Coding problems can be used as diag­nostic tools to identify gaps in learning that needs to be addressed. The time spent on finding and fixing the gaps will save you time and deepen learning in the longer term.

   If your grasp of core material falls short of deep conceptual understanding, you will not be sure what is being asked or which conceptual tool should be used to solve the problem. Are the connections between concepts missing?
   Told to hammer, they could hammer. Told to put in a screw, they could use a screwdriver. But told to build a shelf, they’d be paralyzed even though it was just a combina­tion of concepts that they should have learned.
                                                                        - Salman Khan
   Fixing gaps and lapses: Go back and revisit your study material. Read different books on the same topic. You will see the explanations from different angles and the material will make more sense. Work on actively applying the concept in a new context.


The One World Schoolhouse by Salman Khan