Sunday, January 19, 2020

Growth Mindset : Perspective on Failure

Learning Curve

 When you face failure, do you understand that you're on a learning curve? If so, this gives you a path into the future.

Coping with Challenge

How do you cope with challenge and difficulty? What if you were given problems that is slightly too hard for you? You may say, "I love a challenge," Do you think your abilities can be developed? If you answered yes, this is the growth mindset.

If you feel it is tragic or catastrophic, this is fixed mindset. From this perspective your intelligence has been up for judgment and you failed. Do you run from difficulty? Engage with error. Engage deeply. Process the error. Learn from it and correct it.

Process vs Outcome

Are you obsessed with the outcome? Do not praise intelligence or talent. But praise the process you engage in, your effort, your strategies, your focus, your perseverance, your improvement. This process praise creates individuals who are hardy and resilient. Reward for effort, strategy and progress.

The usual games rewards you for getting answers right, right now, but if the game rewards the process, you get more effort, more strategies, more engagement over longer periods of time, and more perseverance when you hit hard problems.

Every time you push out of your comfort zone to learn something new and difficult, the neurons in your brain can form new, stronger connections and over time, you can get smarter. This happens because the meaning of effort and difficulty were transformed.

Before, effort and difficulty made you feel dumb, made you feel like giving up, but now, effort and difficulty, that's when your neurons are making new connections, stronger connections.

That's when you're getting smarter. You put more effort into your preparation. You believe that abilities are capable of such growth.