Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Cold Email Guide

How to achieve reply rates of 40, 50 or 70%.

- Prepare a well targeted prospect list. Don't sell sweets to a diabetics list.
- Number one goal is to get a response (either positive or negative).
- Follow ups lead to 55% of responses.
- Follow up can be a one liner. Just wanted to make sure my email below didn't fall through the cracks.
- Be prepared for rejection.
- Aim for certain ratio and improve it (ex 1 positive reply for each negative reply)
- Contact at least 100 prospects before making any decision
- Make it short, layout a clear offering that compel them into replying
- Just reply 'yes' and I'll send you more information
- Use the name of the person in the email
- Get small commitments before going for big commitments
- You can pre-warm a relationship by using referrals like: Bugs Bunny mentioned I should get in touch with you
- Tuesday to Thursday is the best days to send