Saturday, March 25, 2017

Developing a Web Application from Requirements.

 Given you are the owner of a veterinary practice, create a basic Rails application that satisfies the following user stories:

1. As the owner of the veterinary practice, I have two additional veterinary doctors Bob and Susan. I should be able to track the following information about myself and my fellow veterinary doctors.

Name - must be no longer than 35 characters; value is required
Zip - should be at most 5 digits
School Received Degree From
Years in Practice - must be value between 1-100

2. As the receptionist of the veterinary practice, I should be able to schedule an appointment for a customer's pet with a specific veterinary doctor. The appointment should contain the following information.

Date of Visit - date cannot be in the past; value is required
Pet - required
Customer -required
Requires Reminder of Appointment
Reason for Visit – required

3. As one of the practicing veterinary doctors, I should be able to record the following information about a customer's pet.

Name of Pet - required, no more than 35 characters
Type of Pet - must be a dog, cat, or bird
Breed - required, no more than 35 characters
Age - required
Weight - required
Date of Last Visit – required

4. As a customer, I should be able to see when my pet is scheduled for their next appointment

Pet's Name
Date of Next Appointment
Reason for Visit