Sunday, February 12, 2017

Readline was unable to be required, if you need completion or history install readline then reinstall the ruby.

1. brew install openssl --force

2. rvm requirements
Checking requirements for osx.
Updating Homebrew...
Installing requirements for osx.
Updating system.....
Installing required custom packages: homebrew/versions.
Installing required packages: zlib, zlib, gcc46, openssl.............
Somehow it happened there is no executable 'openssl',
run 'brew doctor' and make sure latest '' is installed properly.
RVM autolibs is now configured with mode '4' =>
  'Allow RVM to use package manager if found, install missing dependencies, install package manager (only OS X).',
please run `rvm autolibs enable` to let RVM do its job or run and read `rvm autolibs [help]`
or visit for more information.

Requirements installation failed with status: 12.

3. rvm pkg install readline
Beware, 'rvm pkg ...' is deprecated, read about the new autolibs feature: 'rvm help autolibs'.

rvm reinstall all --force