Monday, December 05, 2016

Writing Tips for Technical Topics

Preliminary Steps

Have all necessary information before you start (data,references,tables,figures,etc.)

Before you Start

Spend time thinking about the content. Write down ideas in a free form. Create a general outline:
  1.  What is the message?
  2.  What is the new contribution you want to describe?
  3.  What do you want to convince people?
Summarize these ideas in bullets that each will eventually become a paragraph. This is like a To Do list. Later, you will categorize this list according to the structure of the book.

Organize bullets in a logical structure and develop them into a few key sentences. Don't worry about the correctness, details at this point. Once you categorize your notes for each category, you start expanding those bullets in each category into sentences.

If this outline is convincing, the chapter is successful. At this stage, have a technical reviewer review your outline.


How to write a research journal paper by Mohammad Noori

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