Thursday, October 13, 2016

What is meant by Data Abstraction

what is meant by data
abstraction most of the time in the interviews we do face a question what
this abstraction and in real time programming most of the people are
confused with the term waters data abstraction and how be a children's in
this video I will try to brief you about what abstractions say for example if i
say an employee you will be getting an idea that an employee means he should
have some employee number you should have some name he should work in some
particular job you should earn some sadly we are not bothered about whether
that employs a manager or the sales man or any kind of represented people to
understand the concept of abstraction in a simple terms when they wanted to work
with data abstraction I don't concentrate on an employee for example
shaker or I don't concentrate on an employee called tests trainee was say
assume that shaker is an employee and strenuous is a employee he will have
some particular number and he may be working as a salesman with the salary of
say for example 7,000 and he may have some employee number and he may be a
club earning a salary of a toaster we don't create an individual class for
shaker or straining was what we try to do was we will try to concentrate the
one which is going to be common for both I need something for maintaining the
employee number so i try to pull this into a class scored as employee
so i will have a class employee when i try to maintain employee number i try to
identify that the job we are going to have it so it's going to be the job so i
will try to identify that i need something called as a job and we have
something like salad so i would like to maintain the salary and the shaker and
mrs. Sweeney was these are the two employees so i need to maintain
something called as employing me know I don't concentrate on any specific person
we try to concentrate on something which is going to remind common for all
whenever we say our data abstraction we don't think about the unnecessary
information we always focus on the essentials we try to concentrate on the
relevant data we try to abstract the 11th information and unnecessary data we
try to remove it when we try to say our data abstraction we don't think about
our employee class should look like what we think about this in this particular
requirement if I wanted to have an employee class what are all the details
I required based on that particular thing we try to define this so when we
try to define it
we consider this asset data abstraction we will try to capture the entire
information and we try to say employee for this organization all the common
because we will pay to maintaining hope you understood waters data abstraction
thank you