Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Top 10 Programming Languages to Learn in 2016

and talk about is the top ten programming languages that I think
anybody should be learning if they want to be a programmer in 2016 and beyond
so it's not necessarily just a look at where all the jobs are
it's more of an opinion on where the the industry is headed and where I feel like
you know that the different paradigms should be as far as your your your
toolbox for Arsenal about programming languages and like I said paradigms that
you should know to be a well-rounded programmer so we're gonna start with
number 10 number 10 on the list is the C programming language it is you know the
godfather of all programming languages out there
I don't think it's the best first language to learn there's no reason why
you can't learn you have the basics of see using something like Python c sharp
or C++ you don't need see to do c++ but see is still and involved in basically
everything so if you want to be a true hardcore hacker learning the sea
languages is never going to be a bad thing
it's number 10 on the list though just because I see is so verbose and so low
level that typically you're not going to get an industry job and and at least
with regards to web and where things are headed going into the future
I feel like see is going to be a little bit less on the lesser and then the
other languages in this list but definitely see is a good language to
learn and if you've done c sharp or JavaScript or Python or any of these
other higher-level language is built on top of seething you pretty much already
done c programming so the syntax will be relatively similar you just send for a
lot of headaches with memory leaks and
and verbosity of writing see if you go with that round
our guys number nine on this list is go goes on go lying or go programming
language and the reason for that is also the same reasons why i mentioned see go
is a very low level for both language that is gaining a lot of traction as far
as like server-side technology or systems level language
Google is slowly incorporating it throughout their entire stack from
YouTube to old C++ libraries that they used to use go was invented by a lot of
guys over it and go as well as The Godfather in creator of the c language
himself ken Thompson so definitely an awesome language to learn and i would
put that ahead of see at this point because if you're going to go systems
level and low level you might as well go with go and you won't have to deal with
the garbage collection
I would imagine we're going to see a major uptick in Google jobs google go
but we're probably still a couple years off but you might as well jump in the in
the water before it gets warm in that way you'll be you'll be ready when I the
explosion happens and there's a lot more demand for google go jobs i say Google
go it's really not you know so it's open source language but go was created by
the Google guys
it was kind of a company level project but it's gonna be used by any company it
doesn't have to have an affiliation with google
all right number eight on this list is PHP PHP is a web-based line which was
built specifically for the web
it can be used for other things besides the web but that's really ask nine and
and the corporate world
it's it's really just a PHP engines what powers wordpress and millions and
millions of blogs out there so there's a ton of demand for PHP it can be a real
ugly bastard at times it was written by a guy who is a self-proclaimed non coder
so that guy that didn't doesn't really like to code as opposed to like you're
geniuses that are like math whizzes like that the guy that invented Python or the
guy that I'm masterminded the c-sharp language with PHP
it's a different story so you know sometimes people refer to it as like
having unique tools to do certain things like one guy refer to it as like you
know basically a toolbox and you you pull out a hammer and it's got a claw on
both ends and you're like well it's kinda useful
you know I I can kind of hit things with it sideways but didn't really expect to
have claws on both ends but that's typically some of the complaints that
come from PHP is like just kind of weird variances and and not a whole lot of I
guess foresight and two additions to the language and and its biggest issue being
security issues mainly due to inexperience coders since PHP is a very
easy language to jump into non coders non-programmers can quickly get a
website up and running
even though there could be like major security holes with the website and
that's been known to plague PHP sites in the past so it gets a lot of negative
publicity for that but so many websites are written in PHP because it is an easy
language it's a web based language it's kind of like a successor to pearl and
pearl used to run the web in the nineties PHP kind of took a lot of that
and I in Python and Ruby are taking even more
are from PHP now so that's why I PHP is number eight on this list but still a
great language to learn especially being a job because there's gonna be a lot of
jobs out there and PHP
on this list is Ruby and the reason why Ruby is so popular is because of its web
framework ruby on rails which was originally what Twitter was set up under
Ruby on Rails still powers a lot of very successful very large websites and it
was really the first to mastermind the entire web framework as as we see it now
so a lot of alternatives like Django in and really Ruby paved the way
for a lot of the features that you see in those modern web frameworks now I
mean they kind of they just they have a lot of magic included so it's like a all
inclusive type framework so one of the complaints is that there is a too much
black box magic going on underneath the scenes but it's also very easy to
install a gym and get your website up and running with the latest features
that you could need
so it's got a huge community a lot of a ton of ruby on rails jobs
the reason why Ruby is all the way down on the number seven though is because
it's really just seen as a as a web language so there is not much demand for
this language outside of ruby on rails so if you're not if you're going to be
in like a GUI development or basically like a windows of any sort of non web
based language or approach even like your data crunching and stuff like that
you're typically not going to see that done in Ruby you're going to see other
languages that we have on the list here so anyway ruby is still a great language
to learn especially if you're looking for a job and the web development field
using ruby on rails
all right number 6 on this list is a swift which is the newest replacement
for objective c which is Apple's programming language of choice which
works just out of the box works everything on a Mac iOS ipod apples
obviously a huge company with the largest companies in the world might
even be the largest company by market cap at the time of this video I haven't
looked it up recently but they're obviously a huge company i'll give you a
little hint into the remainder of this list that objective c is not on it and
the reason why is like I said there's still a lot of the objective c demand
obviously but Swift is looking to be like the Python of see now but basically
the Python of objective c which they call Swift so it's very python like very
easy to use much less verbose then on then see
objective-c and I think we're just we're going to see in the future more and more
transitioning from the objective c environments as more libraries and
things get ported over to Swift and you're going to see a lot more demand
and Swift and and specifically just with so anyway that is why that is number six
on this list so obviously Apple speaks for itself it's a huge huge on
environment with a lot of potential for jobs and future growth
all right number five on this list is C sharp and we just went from Swift with
apple now to c sharp and the reason why C sharp are so popular is because it is
the language of the dotnet framework which is the microsoft proprietary
systems technology so anything microsoft from forms to websites to the windows
I'm c sharp is going to be your go-to language and that is once again it
speaks for itself
the net profits of Microsoft even with all the negative publicity at times it's
still like astronomically high i believe they clear like 20 billion in profit
every year something ridiculous like that
still a humongous some humongous company one of the most reputable and most
distinguished brands of our history so not going anywhere anytime soon
and with the power of Microsoft behind it C sharp is still going to be poised
to be a very good language to learn in the corporate world going forward now if
they had better options for hosting and maybe with their open source open
sourcing of their technologies that they've been announcing of the last
couple years we may see more growth into like non Microsoft operating systems
which would be a breath of fresh air so that the windows developers can actually
move outside of the windows to the platform and not just not be so
restrictive restricted to just one particular operating system which is
really the downfall of C sharp is that it really only works with windows so
it's number five on this list I'm just because Microsoft is too large
number four on this list is c++ and c++ has seen a huge rejuvenation and the
amount of followers it's been receiving with its newest c++ 11 standards
it's really looking to standardize everything about c++ so that it's much
easier for new developers to come along and understand what and how they should
be coding c++ because it's such an old language dating back to the eighties and
it's such a like tacked on language where they just tack random shit on here
and there that it gets a really bad rap for like outdated documentation and just
really just mind-boggling confusion about how to do like certain your
mundane tasks and it can be very very difficult it doesn't have any sort of
memory management or anything like that so it's very difficult to jump into but
with c++ 11 it is making it a little bit easier for newark newcomers to join and
jump in the warm waters of c++ because there are still a ton of jobs out there
for c++ game engines are almost entirely written in c++ so any sort of computer
gaming unity
unreal they all use C++ and it is definitely not going anywhere so any
sort of graphics physics engines or anything that you'll see out there it's
going to have some sort of c++ wrapper for it more directly be a super in c++
so anyway on that is definitely not going any anywhere anytime soon and
that's why it's number four on this list
all right number three on this list is python and the reason why python is
emerging as number three as it's now the number one most hot programming language
introductory language taught it on top I t schools around the nation around
United States and worldwide carnegie mellon MIT Stanford Caltech all these
major IT firms are all teaching python as the number one introductory language
it's also emerged as a very good web alternative to something like PHP or
when / where were pearl used to dominate python is now and eating their lunch
with a web based on site so the django web framework is arguably it's not as
popular as ruby on rails or as widely used but it's certainly just as well
regarded as ruby on rails
I power sites like like discuss pinterest instagram some major websites
are using python python still heavily used by Google Gmail and YouTube so
python is not going anywhere anytime soon
there's been an explosion of jobs and then the biggest industry that it's in
right now is also bioinformatics it's the go-to language for any sort of
biologists and and huge number crunching with with with different libraries that
python has and the reason why is it so much easier for a data scientist to pick
up python than it is for them to pick up c sharp and on python is fast enough for
them to be able to do their number crunching and make their jobs a lot
easier so python is is well ahead of ruby in this regard is because there may
be more Ruby on Rails jobs on python is growing and and multiple industries and
doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon
all right number two on this list is going to be a Java which is the
programming language for native android development so Java is not just big in
its own right it's like the number-one languages on like DVD players blu-ray
players and embedded systems servers
gooeys web-based anything I'm search engines basically java is in everything
and has the most jobs there's there's a ton of job at the event demand out there
and since its androids native environment so its entire sdk is written
in java
it is definitely number two on this list for jobs for future for anything if you
know java you'll have a job so it doesn't necessarily mean it's the best
but on it is it is head and shoulders on and more demand and then the other
languages that I've mentioned so far when it comes to actual jobs
and the number one language on this list and for good reason is javascript
javascript seems like a boring number one but it is by far and away the most
important language for web-based development
pretty much everything and the programming IT world nowadays is
web-based makes use in conjunction with any sort of back in server-side
technology that you want to use whether it be PHP Python Ruby c-sharp java
javascript going to be used in all of that stuff
javascript is now also emerging as a full server side technology as well and
not just a a browser baseline which so we're quickly moving into an almost
entire javascript you I and it can be a very difficult to learn and in some
cases I mean it the beginner concepts are they are easy but javascript has a
lot of a very unique behavior compared to other languages and a lot of people
do over look at popular libraries like the jquery library or more modern
frameworks like angular backbone knock out those are all JavaScript based on
you also have tools like react
which is still just a JavaScript framework so it's really just javascript
javascript javascript everywhere you learn are everywhere you turn
and it should be everywhere you learn to sew that actually worked out so anyway
if you want to get in web development definitely learn JavaScript
it's probably the single most important language you could possibly learn right
alright guys thanks for watching this list and please subscribe
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about their languages i try to be as independent as possible so I
I you know I've been in the IT world for quite some time now so these are just my
own personal opinions and I could be wrong so anyway thanks for watching guys