Friday, October 07, 2016

RW101: Easiest Way To Self Study Technology by Eli

at I that I talked about and I talk to you
guys about the theory but then sometimes it just doesn't really get into people's
what I'm saying it's like you sit there and you listen to the videos you listen
to the words coming out of my mouth and then it's like yeah but I don't really
understand how to how to put that into practice in real life so the big thing I
keep trying to hammer into you guys this whole idea of self-study you need to
self study self-study self-study self-study stuff study now back in the
days if you want to self study
I have to say probably the greatest resources that were invented were
dummies books dummies books were great again ten years ago when YouTube didn't
exist there weren't a lot of blog posts were a lot of those types of things out
there if you wanted to find information quick
you went out there and just grab a dummies book right that is how we used
to do it
nowadays the way to do it is to go to youtube or something like that
pluralsight one of these providers that has video content and simply watch or
listen to the content that is there
this is good for two reasons one is good for self-study and since it's on youtube
its YouTube it's free and it's one of those other things is a reasonable price
so it's good self study that was you don't think of classes and that type of
thing but the other reason that this is good especially if you go to youtube for
your content is you get to learn about the subject areas that are currently
now one of the problems is when you go out to get a college degree or once you
go to get a certification realistically you're learning an old technology right
technology had to technology had to be created
then it had to go into the mainstream then these colleges or institutions have
to figure out the people wanted to know this material then these institutions
had to actually come up with a curriculum for this material that can
take a long time
then they had to get enough people they had to get teachers today to get the
facilities in order to teach the material then they had to bring people
into the class and then they had actually teach you
so by the time you graduate right technology has been out a long time and
may actually be going down
you know so it's great is if you go to some place like you to it is very as i
show you guys is very inexpensive to create content on YouTube
so it's easy to throw content up and so it was so easy to throw content up when
you go to you too many times you're learning like cutting edge stuff
one of the questions is though you know so how do you figure out you know what
you should learn on youtube if you're going to be using YouTube of 22
self-study and what I say is you should go to the websites of the major vendors
and most of the major vendors actually have long form content about their
material so if you see I have my nice little macbook air here is like a 45
year old macbook air is too old for me to use for your normal stuff because i
have a macbook pro now but what's really great is I went to amazon right so I've
been talking to you guys about hybrid cloud infrastructure I believe hybrid
cloud infrastructure is in the future I believe it is the now but it is a kind
of a complicated subject area you have to figure out about Aurora lambda all
these different words figure out what's going on
so if you go to the Amazon the AWS youtube channel
they have all of their videos from the reinvent conference that just happened
like a month ago
so you can go there and they literally have something like 30 hours of video
about all of their different products in all these different use case scenarios
to explain to you why you should care
like one of the things like the mind below i shared the link today is they
they had a full was like a 40 minute presentation on using AWS lambda for
cron jobs
Boosh I know that you guys are like what the hell's bush for with slammed all
right and so lambda lambda is a WS is compute service right so compute you
know processing and doing things and so basically with with lambda you don't
care what it is
it's no longer a Windows Server it's no longer linux server is no longer a unix
server is no longer
ubuntu vs red hat it is just compute
and so it was really awesome is you can actually fire compete
you can fire scripts through lambda compute to affect your other servers so
that your Kron and your scheduled work schedule tasks and all that have to be
done your servers
you don't have to worry about configuration failures you don't have to
worry about virus failures you don't have to worry about any of that
all of those scheduled tasks are actually being being run by lambda which
is just pure compute and it is like amazing right
and so how you learn about that kind of stuff is you go to youtube and watch the
videos but one of the questions that comes up is you like you sit there and
you say well Eli man 30 40 hours of video that's it for amazon that's just
one conference
how do you sit there how do you watch out of it and how i watch this content
how I keep up with so much of this is basically i listen to it the same way
most you guys listen to music or you listen to Rush Limbaugh or you listen to
to a baseball game right now as i talked about within many of my videos a lot of
times when we talk a lot of you know on videos the the words we use there's a
lot of fluff here we see a lot of things that don't really matter
you don't have to focus on everything so what I do is I set up my little computer
I turn it on to some 50 hour to hour long you know conference or whatever
while i'm sitting here coding away a silicon discourse . com
so while I am doing work while I am doing the work that gets me paid
I am listening to the technology that I should be talking about in another month
or two so this is the way that I can do work and learn at the exact same time
and if it took if if there is nothing that we should do is technology
professionals that is multitasking we should be doing a couple of things at
so this is what I do so like last week I was like on a guy kawasaki trip guy
kawasaki was the
was the first evangelist for for mac for apple and so I started listening to help
so i spent like five days listening to like Guy Kawasaki if you go to youtube
he has like 10 or 20 of these hour to hour long speakers that he's done so you
can just plug that on in the background you listen to what he's talking about on
social media marketing and all that and help a lot of its fluff a hell of a lot
of you know you got a lot of fluff in there
you got a lot of ideas that i think are kind of stupid you know you kind of just
throw away but then there's always those nuggets there was a ten percent if
you're like wow that's absolutely amazing right
so this is it so this is the self-study trick
basically what i want you guys to be thinking about is go out to basically go
to youtube really look for the vendors again
amazon juniper cisco microsoft any of these places conferences lay web
techcrunch interrupt if they have something go there
look for their long form videos look for their like 32 hour long videos
it just turned on let's turn on put it on the background just like you would a
baseball game go about doing your work and you would be surprised what you can
learn simply while you're doing the other work that actually gets you pay
so again this is all real world stuff whenever you see me outside of the
orange clothes
the reason I do this is to kind of show you this is like what I've actually
doing in life and so it really is
I'm really sitting here right now fuck scene away silicon discourse . called
while i have this on the background so i am building out silicon discourse . com
as I'm learning about hybrid cloud infrastructure
if that if that is not the day in the life of a geek and I don't know w