Friday, October 07, 2016

Question: What is the best programming language to learn first? by Eli

language to learn first if you have no experience programming also wanted to
know if you have a programming book or two that you could send me I learned
better with books
let's take this question in two parts the first nice kind happy part in the
second snarky nasty mean part right okay so the first part of this question is
basically what is the best programming language to learn first
and here is what i'm going to tell you asking that question especially with
anybody that knows me knows how to program is is one of those things that
everybody will give you a different answer now personally personally i would
say go for PHP I think PHP is the best programming language to learn first
the reason is is you can all you need is a little web hosting account in order to
be able to do the programming a PHP you can use a linux computer you can use a
mac computer you can use a windows computer basically all you really need
is notepad if you have notepad or basically any kind of ascii editor and
you have some kind of hosting account that supports PHP you can start learning
PHP it is relatively easy you don't need anything fancy you don't need anything
powerful mean literally you could take a 14 year old computer and start learning
the PHP off of it
the other thing is it has a lot of functionality that most other
programming languages have such as you know you declare variables you do if
else statements you do while you do the whole nine yards so I like PHP beyond
the simple fact that you don't need anything powerful to be able to run it
is that is actually useful in the real world so if you go out and you start
messing around with any of the major open source programs that are available
many of them that you're gonna be dealing with are written in PHP so if
you deal with wordpress if you do with Drupal you download most of these little
open source web apps from the internet
they are built in PHP so not only when you learn PHP can you program something
but you can start to go in and hack other things and so I find that to be a
very very very useful thing so that's my thought basically you grab a book like
this you sit down with this book and it
week or two you can be creating PHP programs that actually do something real
in the world if you're really motivated i would argue that within two weeks you
can go out there and you can start selling little PHP programs because it's
really it's one of those things that not only is it easy to use but is very
functional is very useful with with taking dad and taking it from one place
and dumping them in the other place now if you go out and talk with other people
other people will have other opinions you know my buddy and Mullen who does a
lot of development he always says C sharp is a good way to go
the reason he says C sharp is a good way to go is that there's a lot of
enterprise jobs out there again that's not my favorite if you talk with the any
of the hipsters ruby ruby on rails is massive in the hipster community
so if you're going to be dealing with any kind of like startup environment
like you want to create the next Facebook you might take a look at ruby
if you want to do mobile app development you would take a look at something like
Swift you know there are a lot of different options out there i would
argue personally I think PHP is the best PHP is something you can learn very
quickly and what I like with PHP is you can learn it so quickly that by the end
of it again after about two weeks if you decide it isn't for you
you can then go and learn Swift and then you can go and learn C sharp you can
learn these other things and by that time you already know what variables are
you already know what functions are you already know a lot of these basic
concepts and so I think it's better all the way around so go for PHP if you want
to learn PHP I'm I i like the bunny books
these are written by this guy called Larry almond lar Ryu lman visual
quickstart guide and again PHP for the web
this is the fourth edition they might be up to the 5th edition now
so then the question comes up also i wanted to know if you have a programming
book or two that you could send me
I'm sorry everybody's do i do do do I know you bought
um no I don't have any programming books that i am going to send you and you
should not just randomly ask those kind of things because because we are not
friends we are not buddies begging from people in this fashion is just not a
good thing if you really want to know programming you can figure out how to
come up with the what is this thing the thirty-nine dollars for
this book if you go to you can get it for a lot less
one of the things that I really tell you guys again and again and again is you
know whenever you get in the technology field whether or not you'll be
successful in this field it really comes down to discipline and motivation and
being to get stuff done
so if you don't have the ability to get 25 or 30 bucks together in order to
fight to to buy a programming book
you probably are not going to be successful in this field no matter how
smart you are no matter how anything else you are because basically again you
have to be willing to go out and basically get her done
now if you don't have any money to buy a book that i'm not going to send you
please stop asking for that kind of crap
uh you can go to websites such as code code has a
programming tutorials or if you just simply a google search like PHP tutorial
on google
there will be a lot of free things available so you can go from there so i
would argue PHP if you need a free service go to the internet and find it
if you need a book by one again if you can't come up with 20 or 30 bucks to buy
a book
this just ain't the field f