Friday, October 07, 2016

Question: Is Programming the Only Way to Be Successful in IT?

this question comes from santosh d is programming the only way to go to have a
career in the IT industry when i said this person has a question before when I
said that I would like to choose a database oracle sequel developers my
career option i was told by many that i do not stand much chance in case of
searching the job as database admin roles are few whereas there will be a
lot of openings for programmers
I'm really bad at programming and so worried about it
I just want to know if I really have alternative apart from programming or
not I don't know
and 2015 in 2015
programming is definitely where you want to go for the money for the respect for
the press TV's for all the cool things that you think about becoming a computer
a computer person right
you know I I know we all we all talk about Oh with we just want to play with
the toys we just want to play with the technology that that's that's what
really will make us happy
yeah hundred two hundred thousand dollars in my pocket you know helps out
with that happiness to being respected at my work helps with that happiness to
being in a position where the boss is scared of fire me because I'm here
replaceable that helps with my happiness to you kind of get what I'm saying there
are two programmers is definitely in the place to be
I would argue like back in the day back in the late nineties when I got into
you could be in programming you could be a networking you could be insists admin
any of those options were good options you can make a lot of money you know you
can still make more and programming and you couldn't stand work but we're
talking about a ten-thousand-dollar per year difference not like a huge massive
difference now is just massive now it's just did
programmers are here in this Evans all those people are right
it's just it's not the same deal so if you want a job with prestige with money
with stability with all of those things that go around
uh simply your job programming is the place to be right now because again we
talked about that before we talked about programming programming administration
we talk about its open open cloud or OpenStack we talk about things like
opens that we talked about software-defined networking we talk
about all these that all of these different technologies and now are being
triggered by scripts are being triggered by programs where as we used to actually
go in right click left click and all that kind of stuff so programming is the
way to go programming programming programming programming programming
that's where the money is right and again as I say there's that was one guy
and uh and and Baltimore
he started his consulting cut his a development shop about the same time
that I started getting more employees and he now has 50 or 60 employees and
multiple offices throughout the country and is just going gangbusters and i am
doing YouTube videos in 10 seconds that's just a guess so
programming is really the way to go if you did if you really don't want to
program and if you really can't put new programming like Eli I can't do
there's still a lot of other options in the technology world they're just not
just not gonna have as much as much money and so on and so forth I mean
they're still networking we yes we always will need people to do networking
question is how valuable are those people
is it those people making forty thousand dollars here $50,000 your hundred and
fifty thousand dollars a year right against this admin work how valuable are
they and what's the competition that's one of the issues you're going to get
run into with a lot of people want to go into networking or sysadmin work isn't
simply the competition
there's a lot of old-timers out there that you're competing with right so if
you're going to programming
you can get a job relatively easily as a newbie and you go into this other
you're competing people with people with five six ten years experience and that's
just fundamentally a little bit hard to to compete with
so what I would argue with you but I would argue with you
honestly wherever the hell you are in the world santosha di don't know what
country you're in
is i would argue should start doing informational interviews go find
companies that you would like to work for you know around here people talk
about Google or Facebook or lockheed martin or something like that
go find those types of companies and do informational interviews asked to talk
with her
they're human resources department go and spend an hour and see what types of
jobs they have they may have something that would fit what you can do that you
wouldn't have ever thought about before
like I think about this in the Baltimore area Baltimore area we still have small
manufacturing facilities like real small about that bit bigger than that but you
know saying like small manufacturing facilities and a lot of them use a
computerized manufacturing in order to get done what they need to get done so
like everybody think about ncsu they always think about CCA is every thing
about ruby on rails and python and all this kind of stuff
and yet you have a lot of factories in the world that need people to control
these this industrial automation
you may walk in find out hey I can do industrial automation
hey how much is like that pay holy crap I'll do that right
but you'll never know that until it to you walk in the door to start talking to
people so i would say with you go start doing informational interviews for the
companies that you'd be interested in working for see what they have to say
and go from there but yeah he
yeah if you if you want all the French benefits of being a computer geek
programming the way to go right now