Friday, October 07, 2016

Question: How Do You Make Money Quickly In Tech?

so this question comes from black PDF i am a student 18 years old currently
doing computer science and I want to make money as early as possible and more
than any other IT professional without getting around and business type of
thing I'm interested in the field of IT sector like software development
networking hot assistant administrator and much more and a very passionate
about my work
so what should i do to make more money what are the extra screws required to
get hired quickly
thank you um yeah uh it's always it's always funny like I always have to walk
this weird live and talk to you guys about money is if you are in this field
I do believe that you should make a very good income and if you do your job well
that you should be reported for that highlight on the other hand as i tell
you guys many many many many times over and over and over again I would not
suggest you get into this field for money
right that makes sense basically if you get this field for money year just
asking for a lot of pain and suffering again or to be good in this field
you have to like what you do you mean again as I talk to you guys about a lot
is there's the idea and then there's the grind
so for me doing videos on youtube but there is the idea of hey what if I did
videos on youtube and i gave people answers to the questions that they're
having you know that's the idea the idea is easy actually sitting down and doing
2 3 5 10 videos a day is the grind
that's where you make all the money but you gotta be willing to do it right
again as i talked about doing my little silicon discourse meetings the idea
this is why I was so careful before I really jumped in
the idea of doing Skype meetings
happy one-on-one interviews with people over skype
that's a great idea but the question is do I actually want to do that
1 2 3 5 hours a day that's the big question
I found that I do like to do it but you know it was a question there so it's
like when you say i want to make money
really what you have to do is you have to figure out what you want to do
what are you willing to grind through you know it's one of the things I've
talked about with people that come to me and ask me how to be successful on
YouTube and i always tell people I cannot tell you how to be successful on
I can tell you how to be more successful on YouTube but i can't tell you how to
be successful I what does that mean
as I well um once you have let's say 50 thousand subscribers once you have
success we can discuss how to make your videos better how to get sponsorship how
to earn more CPM right so so 50,000 above subscribers that's where i can
talk to you
fifty thousand below the problem there is so much of your success has to do
with things that really I can't tell you about you know are you willing to sit
down and our two or three per day and talking to a camera
do you have the presentation skills to do it all these say those are things
that don't have anything to do with me that that's just you intrinsically so
that's the thing so if you say
Eli I want to make money off of doing things and technology before the
question is is what do you actually enjoy doing and technology and what are
you willing to grind through day after day after day and don't do not do I know
I know you little 18 and 19 year old smart asses out there you go about you
know I want to do anything I want to do anything just to make money
no you're not
shot up because you're not right
that's what everybody says that's a that's the hardest part about being an
everybody out there is like all I am willing to do what it takes
you're not you're just not like most people are if you tell people how to
make a million dollars you go out there and you can tell people what needs to be
done to make a million dollars and nine times out of ten people are gonna be
like well see the problem see why I can't do that is right
I told you how to be successful so you have to do is you have to figure out
what you want to do in life right what what you enjoy doing you enjoy program
do you do enjoy deploying things you enjoy doing education or whatever and
then you just have to plug away at it again if you come to me and you say eli
i have a computer repair shop
how do I make more money i can say well you need to start thinking about being a
computer services company
expand your offerings focus on a higher value clientele instead of focusing on
residential clients focus on business clients
look at leasing leasing is where you can actually lease equipment to clients
instead of the pain twenty thousand dollars for surveillance system up front
they can pay three hundred dollars a month for the next three years right
those are all suggestions i can give you once you've started to do something Eli
I am a web designer
how do I make more money well have you thought about learning ruby on rails or
or for the this with these web development languages think about being
a web app developer versus a web designer right
once we have starting point we can have a discussion
you're just like you know I want to make money ain't no I want to make money
that's nice everybody wants to make money everybody wants money just nobody
wants to do with required to do it right I did it again
you know you guys don't know i have i've had so many meetings I've had so many
sit down with people or is it there and I spell this crap out again I say I was
a consultant
I did very well as a consultant i have my own shop again as i will say i have
very good revenue when I have my own shop
yeah gross first met at its own thing and then from there I've gone and
started doing these YouTube videos
these have gone very well and from this I'm now doing is this the skype train so
at this point as long as a skype turns into something i have done is simply for
different types of businesses in the tech world and done pretty well at it so
i can give you an advice on this stuff but it's just whether or not you're
willing to actually do it that that's the question are you willing to sit down
there and grind through it again because like you know I mean software
development is different than networking is different than auditing is different
than systems administration and it requires different mentalities requires
different resources to requires different wiliness because a lot of
different stuff so so yeah I can tell you how to be or i can give you advice i
can tell you i can give you advice on how to be more successful
I can't give you advice on how to be successful in the beginning that is what
you just have to figure out now the one thing that i will tell you here
especially if you if you want money
you know I want money right but yet without getting into the business type
of thing
Oh sometimes really worry about you folks
sometimes I wonder if you guys don't know the Socratic method or if you just
don't get logic cannot stand like here's the thing right
business business is the profession of money right
Bill Gates did not make his billions of dollars because you learn how to code
bill gates so bastard of a businessman right
you know Steve Jobs the same way he was good at business business is where the
actual real money is and again that's why you can have people
the exact same skill sets one is buying a condo in South Beach
the other is barely scraping by the reason is because one is their own
consultant they have their own business and the other is an employee right
that's one thing you have to realize like when I have my accountant
basically the standard for frontline employees so so employees that actually
provide a service to the client so so let's say you
you are a year and auto mechanic or your computer repair person are you design
websites or whatever right
here's a thing the labor costs for frontline employees should only be
twenty-five percent of your overall expenses
so essentially if you're a frontline employee the company should be making
for should be making four times whatever your salary is so if you make a hundred
thousand dollars a year the company should be making four hundred thousand
dollars a year off of your work
if you make twenty-five thousand dollars a year the company should be making a
hundred thousand dollars off of your work
now there's a reason for it again you've got facilities costs and you've got
advertising costs you've got overhead and frankly you got profit to the owners
and all that stuff so there's a reason for but that's the thing so so the
reason why consultants do better the reason why business people do better is
because they get the profit off of all their work instead of only getting a
quarter of the value of their work they get you know ninety percent or a hundred
percent or whatever so the reality is if you really want money I mean business
this is is where the money is and I mean and that's a while you mean if you look
at projects if you've got a salesperson a salesperson is going to get ten to
twenty percent commission for a prize to give a twenty-thousand-dollar project
the sales person is gonna walk away with one to two thousand dollars before
anything is even been done
you know you've got that you've got all this other business stuff the business
people are the ones that grabbed at all this money and the rest is left for the
text so if you want money
you got to business is business is where the money is that if you just want to do
tech work
there's somebody there but it's just not were the most of it is
um so those are those those are my thoughts in a nutshell you're 18
figure out what you want to do in life figure out what you enjoy
figure out what you want to grind through the day and day out
uh and really be honest with yourself and don't allow yourself to be stupid
again I say yeah you know I see this this thing people say he'll I'm willing
to do whatever it takes for money and again you know I i believe i believe
people you know ten years ago I believe that good but you just see a time and
time and time again where know people want money
they say they will do whatever is required for the money and then when the
work is actually put in front of them
then you know they don't want to do that I'm not gonna do it right to figure out
that's a big thing just figure out what you want to do what what makes you
excited day and day out what you enjoy and go from there will be a thought I
will be a thought but again the big thing too is I say the more you avoid
business the last money you will make the money is a business the money is the
money is the middleman
the the the money isn't transaction costs the money that that's where all
the money is