Friday, October 07, 2016

Question: How Can You Write a Resume So That You Don't Look Inexperieinced? by Eli

how do you get enough experience to apply for programming jobs you talk
about how people should apply for every job they find interesting
even if you do not have experience or qualifications my question is do you
have any tips for how to write a job application with and without sounding
like you lack experience and our qualifications mentioned in the job
so this is a big question that comes up with people you know people are going
out there they're writing up their resumes they're trying to polish that
turd to just a gleaming shine but the question is how do you polish a turd
so that actually looks pretty and not so it looks like a bigger mess so the first
thing that I would say is whatever gonna be putting out these resumes or
applications actually in fact be honest be honest the biggest problem you find
it you have is being a boss going out there and hiring people is people lie
light lie and they don't seem to grasp the simple concept of they are being
hired to do a job they're not getting hired so that they can get paid
they're not getting hired so that taxes can be paid they're not getting hired
for some social services thing they are being hired in order to fill the
position and the problem you run into in the real world when you're going out to
hire people as people basically lie they bullshit that they do all the stupid
stuff in order to try to get the job and then they get the job and then they
can't do the job and it is a mess for everybody
those people are what hi call royal pieces of crap i hate them with a
now I want you guys to understand i may be sitting there going with Eli you just
said to apply for every single job out there and if they give it to you take it
so what's the difference you know you know whether I lie on the application or
whether i don't if they give me the job and I don't have the experience how is
that different why is one person a gigantic horrible vetted piece of crap
and the other one is a-ok golden boy and the reason is is because the boss knows
what they are hiring right again as I've talked about before you put out the
help-wanted ad saying what
you want what you want to be able to hire and then you get a whole bunch of
applicants coming in the door that don't match that and then you have to figure
which one of these applicants fits for your position and so the thing is you
have to weigh in your mind you know do I want somebody with a good personality do
I want somebody with good skills you know because it is there there's a
difference right so when I have my computer repair shop some of my
employees were in the back room and they literally never saw anybody they were
just like I had this guy Marcus who was the the laptop repair guy and he had his
own room and he just SAT there repairing laptops all day he would like all
clients like once a day and every once in awhile he might have to go meet a
client but otherwise he's just focused on that where I had other technicians
and supposedly the same position but they were down in the actual store front
area and so all day they fix the computer is a huge amount of their job
was actually interacting with people right so if you come in the door if I
have all these applicants to come in the door and I'm looking at them one of the
things i have to look at is ok well where is this person gonna get slotted
and so it may be one of those things where I go okay this person is going to
get slotted you know in the in the showroom or whatever so I need somebody
with good people skills not so much technical skills that problem is like it
if i'm basing this decision off of what you told me and what you told me is a
complete another lie then I'm going to put you into that position you are going
to be miserable in that position you were going to bring down the business in
that position you're gonna make me miserable so boss you're going to damage
the business is just a complete another mess right and so that's the things you
if you're honest if you're honest about what your qualifications are the boss
can then think okay you know what I'm going to hire this guy but I know hiring
this person or this girl i'm going to have to have the mentor this other
technician and we'll figure out a process to make this worthwhile
so what I would say is basically always be honest
always be honest on your resume now the biggest thing that I see with people on
their resumes its really horrible this whole polishing the third thing is they
try to make job positions that are basically worthless and pathetic and
mean anything sound really impressive this is one of those things that they
teach you like whenever you're doing resume writing skills like what you
should do and i can say looking at resumes I hate it with a passion
you know one of those things where you were ecurie clerk at a 7-eleven and then
you have like a paragraph i was a clerk at 7-eleven and I gain leadership skills
doing an XYZ and I gained logisitics skills anyways you'll see all this stuff
and it's like for me as a boss is like do you you're a cashier at 7-eleven like
I'm not mocking you being a cashier at 7-eleven I mean it's good to see that
you're willing to work at 7-eleven but don't don't give me this whole pile of
crap about your leadership skills at 7-eleven you worked at 7-eleven making
minimum wage
let's just leave it at that right so what I would say is whenever you're
gonna be writing your resume find as much of the technical stuff that you can
honestly put their as possible all the non technical jobs or the jobs that
really aren't that valuable and put them on there but don't say much about them
because one of the things too is you have to realize is when the boss is
looking at your resume
one of the things that we are asking ourselves is what does this person think
is important
what does this person think is valuable so if i look at your resume and you've
got like three paragraphs you know one is 7-11 cashier the next is janitor
assistant and the next is you know something else and then you have like
one paragraph talking about this training school you would do this
technical training school you went to
and a couple sentences about some network you built when I look at this as
a boss what it tells me is that you actually think hold as a garbage up top
is valuable
I don't want to hire that if you actually think if you honestly think you
retail experience is value with this 7-eleven experience is valuable
oh no oh no no no because it just it slants so much there is it look look at
what and it's like i do i've worked in those jobs i remember way back when
working those jobs i know exactly what those jobs are about if you think that's
actually valuable
so i would do is on your resumes or whatever input put all your crappy jobs
their special if you had them for a long time having jobs for a long time looks
good for employers you know if you are at 7-eleven for two years it actually
shows that you stick around for a while again but don't don't
he's 7 11 2 years cashier whatever do that and then flush it out with all the
technical stuff and then what I would say and this is the thing that comes up
a lot you know people say well Eli I don't have a lot of technical skill what
that what you what am I supposed to do
Eli you tell me I need to write all this technical skill experience i have I
don't have that so i guess i'm just screwed
well know what you need to do is you need to go out and you need to get that
experience so if you don't have these an experienced put on your resume go to the
nonprofit organizations go to go to every group you can find look for
internships look for ways to get experience and go from there
again the one thing that I'll tell you guys and I'll try to hammer in your head
is there is absolutely no shame and not getting paid
there is ZERO shame for being poor and there's zero shame for not getting paid
there is a mountain of shame for not working right there is a difference
between being poor and not being paid or not being paid enough and not working
someone who does not work is pathetic
they are worthless
and they should get whatever the hell happens to write so if you're sitting
there and you are not working
you need to be going out there and working again get flyers printed up go
to these nonprofit organizations and talk to everybody you should talk to you
should be working 40 hours a week right
the only time in your life you should not be working 40 hours a week is when
you have enough money you can sit back and go you know what I think I only want
to work 20 hours a week and the reason you can do that is because all your
bills are paid because you can say you know what if I were 20 hours this week
all my bills are paid
so I'm going to work 20 hours this weekend that . you can work 20 hours
before that you should be working 40 or 50 year whatever hours a week building
up and so again so if you look at your resume and it's just really nothing on
there really is nothing on a thing go out there and get stuff on it again
church groups nonprofit organizations you get the idea go out there build up
your resume and go from there
but don't lie on your resume and don't you put don't put too much focus on
things like you know gas station attendant is all that so much and we
need to write like a paragraph like gas station attendant like a dumbass i was a
gas station attendant and again no harm no I mean no foul that you were a gas
station attendant but let's not go right in no damn paragraphs about what it up
i'm saying because again that and that's what you have to understand from the you
have to think about what the boss is looking with the hiring person is
looking at when they see that resume and what they want to know what they really
want to know is what do you think is valuable in life what do you think is
impressive if you think the technical stuff is impressive that is going to
stand out if you have all this other horse crap up their back
that is my my opinio