Friday, October 07, 2016

Question: Do I Need to be Good at Math to go Into IT?

computer technology and programming in the future I would like to get an IT
degree but i am not a math genius
I don't know is it worth to overcome math problems or find something else i
would like to know your opinion so this is a big question that comes up if you
want to go in the i.t information technology or is information systems but
Eli I socket math and don't worry i suck at math - when I went to get my
bachelor's degree the only math class I took was a college level statistics
class and yeah I passed I passed I will say that I passed and so yeah Mac
doesn't actually come up very much at all and IIT doesn't come up at all the
night ii like the math that you have to do an IT is so esoteric and weird even
math people don't necessarily know what we're doing like when you're doing a
subnet masking one
you rarely ever in your entire career are actually going to have to do
something that masking and even when you do it's this weird binary thing that
really doesn't have a whole hell of a lot to do with with what you would
normally consider math so yeah that doesn't come up again a lot of people
really worried they're like oh a lie a lie i'm not good at math can go into I
team and the reality is math just functionally doesn't come up when you're
dealing with Active Directory user groups group policies that kind of stuff
math doesn't come up with most of the networking and routing and all that kind
of stuff
a tiny bit maybe maybe a tiny bit of tiny bit of math but again this is weird
esoteric crap that you want to learn a anyway so mad and I to information
technology information systems does not come up now again whenever we talk about
computers Eli I want to do computers
we then do have to talk about things like computer science so I tea or is is
different than computer science computer science is actually where you do learn
how to program and create things like operating system
and drivers and all that kind of stuff you can do it go into a computer science
program it will most likely be very heavy on a math
the reason is is because you are learning science as one of those things
people really don't realize is like they think about when you go to computer
science you're learning programming which yes is one of the things that you
learn the computer science is in fact a science is a science just like biology
as a science and chemistry as the science and physics the science
so when you go in there you gonna have to learn math goes whether or not you
really need it
it's a science and therefore they're gonna shove it in your head why I bring
that up is because if all you want to do is programming then you don't
necessarily need to know math when you get into to programming web development
and a lot of these things
am at doesn't come up a lot of you know if you're playing if if you're creating
video games and and this sprite has to be the distance from this sprite in this
press like you have all the stuff moving around on the screen you're doing a
video game type thing you need to know math there because there's all these
weird calculations on if this object is here that this object needs to be thirty
percent farther away from this object and it is from this object gets into a
whole bunch of mass so in video games you do you need to know math but in the
other things like if you're going to be creating the equivalent of the next
Facebook social networking apps database type apps all that kind of stuff you
also really don't need a lot of math so really if you're going to go into
you need to be good at math you need to be good at math going to the computer
they're just going to beat you over the head with math if you go in information
technology doesn't really matter if you go to information systems same basically
thing it doesn't really matter
and if you just go and you self study programming also doesn't really matter
as far as should you get better at math I will say the answer will always be yes
I mean being good at math there is no downside to that it's not like oh you're
good at math we're not going to hire you as a network administrator you're too
good you know calculus
now uh the more you know Matt the easier
a lot of the technology will be the reason is because remember we as
technologists basically what we're dealing with is logic problems where
we're figuring out the answers to these these problems and so the more math you
know the better you get at at understanding how to solve problems
so it's definitely a good thing to know math I mean no learn all the math you
are comfortable learning but otherwise from a real professional standpoint i
suck at math I really do like yeah that that's not a joke I don't like literally
I'm so bad at math well I'm not what I mean
yeah I'm pretty bad at math when I was in high school we went from pre-algebra
algebra geometry and then I was supposed to go to algebra 2 and within the first
week of algebra to I was lost so i ended up to do something like remedial like
math class that was even worse than pre algebra because like algebra and all
that kind of stuff was completely over my head again when i when i got my
college degree
I literally got a i went to a class in college level statistics and I i barely
passed that so
and that would rightfully like this isn't this isn't one of those things
where I barely passed it because I was having so much fun drinking and fooling
around with girls and so I didn't do the homework
no it's barely past it's like now now I i actually tried their that that was no
I i actually worked in that class and still barely passed it so so no but by
no means do you need to know a lot of math on the other hand if you're good at
math learn as much of it as possible because there is no doubt side learning