Friday, October 07, 2016

Question: At 29 Am I Too Old to Start in IT?

omes from Marcus t is
it possible is it possible for somebody who just turned 29
with no IIT experience or degree to get their foot in the door to an entry-level
IT job
I'm worried I'm late in the game and that the younger generation will already
have far more Skills than me
meaning i can never catch up dear Marcus
it saddens me to say you are far far far too old
realistically probably the only option you have is to move to oregon where they
have legalized euthanasia and just put yourself out of your misery now you are
29 years old and if you haven't done anything by now you will just be a
complete failure for the rest of your life
Oh what the hell is wrong with Abel
Margus you're 29 dude I don't I don't I don't I don't I don't even know why this
is serious question
the only real reason like I'm answering this question is so ridiculous the only
reason i am answering it is because I get it so often it's one thing like when
you get a ridiculous question like once and you look at the person and go
you're a dumbass but like when you get the exact same question again and again
and again by many different people
that's when you're like oh my golly what the hell do you think people think going
on dude you're 29 you are young you are young young young young young young
yeah you know I talked about being 38 and I feel up being old in this field
please understand that I only feel old within the IT field because within the
last 20 years of my professional experience in this field
things have changed so dramatically it's not that i actually feel older and that
I'm over the hill or any of that kind of crap it is simply again as I said what
i've seen 10 operating 10
Microsoft operating systems come and go not to make it all the linux and mac and
everything else and so for me it's it feels like it's been a long time simply
because of that but know if you're if you're 29 years old
you are a young duck you're a young young young young young duck
now get into iit especially if you're going for entry level experience
you shouldn't have any issues yeah there's and again one thing you have to
think about like when I talk about ageism or stuck in the i.t field
yeah we're not talking about 29 year olds again we're talking about something
like 50 year olds
if you're hiring a new 50 year old you know and it's not even really a date
that you have to worry about it
you know when I when I think about hiring a 50 year old I am NOT concerned
about hiring a fifty-year-old what I'm concerned about hiring when I hire
somebody who is 50 is how set in their ways are they with all this employee
respond to instructions from a younger superior right so if I hire a 50 year
old as a noob and I have a 25 year old who's a hotshot who knows what the hell
is going on
will that 50-year old do what the hell what the 25 year old ask them to do or
tells them to do and that's what
that's one of the problems i get into like what with everybody complaining
about atheism because so much of the complaint about ageism it's all about
all these young whippersnappers they don't know what's going on
they're selfish their greedy they're stupid and believe me being in that
generation x middle group between the Millennials and the baby boomers
I hate them all
you can open up the second i i i i despise Millennials and baby boomers had
about the same level because the issue is is you get into it and what you find
is is both sides of the equation feel like they know what they're right way is
and then they come in the logger heads and I'm the boss and I just want work to
get done
just everybody just shut up and do your damn job right
so the thing is if you're like 29 29 is not an issue you are still a young duck
by any stretch of the imagination
I know people who have gotten into iit and tech in their forties but again one
thing you have to think about if you're going to be getting into iit or tech in
your forties is what is your goal and this is an important thing because a lot
of you young uns right you all want to be elbow deep in the technology you know
you won't be ripping apart computers you want to be building servers you want to
be doing all this physical stuff
so the problem is is a lot of the of the people that try to get into the tech and
the four in their forties
they have this idea that they need to be elbow deep into stuff but then you know
as a boss i'm looking at it as like do I really feel comfortable with the 40 year
old elbow deep in the stuff if you just got your mcse and you're 40 years old
and you have all this prior life experience
you know you probably would be better as a manager you probably better as a
project manager you would be better as a salesperson will be better as a business
analyst because you have all this stuff behind you
now if you come in there you're like no I want to be working on computers
you know it's not yeah you get into this whole weird weird thing but now you're
you're 29
I don't know what the hell you're talking about stop stop coming up with
excuses for failure
that's what i would say what most people out there so many questions like it's
like stop coming up with excuses for failure you guys come up with these like
beautiful excuses you spend all this time and energy coming up with an excuse
and why you should fail
and so what I would ask you is just stop wasting all this time coming up with an
excuse and put that towards going to work and you will be far better off
again at 29 29
I don't think it really it is laughable it is a laugh
that you're even asking this question again what I would say is if you got me
going into the IT world now go down the coding track
Ruby PHP app development that kind of thing that is what is going to be
valuable going into the future again computer repair running cable that kind
of stuff not so much and then go from there depending on how much money you
have in your back pocket whether you go for a college degree or whether you go
for one of these coding boot camps you know that that's all up to you but ya
know you're you're good because again
one of the issues that i see comes up to with people talking about being an old
and talked about this a couple of days ago is you know there's this idea that
old people don't want to older people don't want to do things because they're
tired and they're worn out and they don't have the energy where I would
argue with a lot of us older folks we can still work 12 and 16 hours a day
it's just we've proven ourselves to ourselves right
you know I I talk about that when i got my college degree and I did the military
and i traveled around the world ended all these insane things so i spent about
a decade doing absolutely mind-blowing and saying stuff and kind of what I got
done to that decade
I felt good about myself I felt confident about myself you know I may
not always know where my paycheck is coming from but I know what my place and
this world is and so that's why now at 38 I don't want to be working 12 or 16
hours a day
not because I can't seriously not because I can but because i already make
enough money
I'm already fed I already have a car i already i have inbound calls coming in
asking me for work so I don't have that need to prove or I am
whereas with you if you're 29 years old and you still haven't done what you what
you you find to be significant in life
you still have that drive you still have that energy and you'll be you'll be
going again when I was building my consulting company
I was doing that in my thirties and I was I had I i worked 30 day months and
you know 14 hour days in the whole nine yards
so so yeah
stop coming up with excuses to fail you're 29 get out there start doing the
work you're fine fine fine fine fine when you're when you're 49 and again I I
don't try to
I don't exaggerate it will try to be too melodramatic on this when you're forty
90s at be at 49 you do start to have some issues some real issues in life but
a 29 year and you're nowhere near any of those issues