Tuesday, October 11, 2016

How I learned to code by Chris

 here at
food Valley and it inspired me to do this video on how I learned to code
which is a question I've been getting quite a bit so let's get into it
so let's answer a few questions up front
did I have to go to school didn't have to pay money to learn this
the answer to both of those is not the reality of the situation is there is
numerous free tools online for you to learn how to code
even today as a movie . free code camp . com is a free platform to learn how to
code and it's open source so people contribute to it all the time and it's
you can learn how to code offered in a few months and maybe land a job in a few
so my story those of you have met me or seen some of my videos from before is
that i was studying a degree in accounting and I did not want to be in
the cabin
so what I did was I realized I wanted to be in startups so I started looking into
code and then once I've discovered the digital nomad movement that was the push
for me to finally study how to do coding
there's so many benefits to knowing how to code and the job prospects are good
there's travel opportunities remote work opportunities so much opportunity
and just the opportunity to create is the thing that really motivates me
I started learning code seriously in march of 2015
how I got started was i set up an account on a website for lynda.com
that's ly n da . com
and this website you can basically learn anything it's a really famous website
linkedin just a quiet for more than a billion dollars to do not
it's worth it and basically i started with PHP and ruby on rails and Linda
provides a really gay
great base for example ruby on rails they they provided 12 hours of video
content and its premium content
there's other free services like Codecademy which is good
code school which you have to pay for this still cheap free code camp . com
the list goes on quite literally there are a heat there's probably hundreds if
not thousands of free coding courses out there
so you may be thinking our lynda.com that's a paid service well no i didn't
pay for it
the key is that Linda subscriptions are often bought by institutions such as
your university or state library so while I was studying at QUT in Brisbane
I had access to a free account on lynda.com even if you don't go to
you still have an opportunity check with your state library in queensland state
library offers you free
lynda.com memberships they're not that expensive either way if you have to pay
for it happening in today
so basically what I did was I started learning
I started networking I started telling people that i was learning so it's
important to go out there and spread the message that you are learning code and
this is what you want to do
part of the reason why I got a job so quickly was that I was networking and
also the job market for web developers is really good at the moment
last time I checked in the u.s. software engineers had a number one in demand job
so there's plenty of people that have done intensive courses and going
straight into jobs which is just unheard of in something that you would go to
university for like the county
so basically i started with lynda.com
and then after that you just basically Google everything else there's a saying
that goes around that farm programs just expert google is because in IT if you
know how to describe your problem and you can type that into Google somebody's
probably already had that problem and you can get the answer for you
- Quinn learning how to code is probably one of the easiest things to learn in
terms of resources for instance if i wanted to be a doctor be really hard to
learn how to be a doctor without going university
whereas to be a developer there are numerous free tools out there such as
Windows such as codecademy such as code school with codes going to pay but even
still it's very affordable
so there's somebody starting out what would I suggest
Linda is a great place to start but really anywhere is a great place to
start if you want to do web stuff
I would learn the front end stuff first was that never changes
it's getting a bit technical here but when you make a request to the server
it spits out HTML CSS and JavaScript that never changes
so if you can learn HTML CSS and JavaScript and you'll be well on your
way to being at least a front-end developer for the back end
it's really up to you you can basically writing anything these days this Ruby on
Rails this PHP there's no this job of using javascript so that's no Jas
there's too much to choose from in the back end but the important thing is to
just go for it and choose one thing that you like maybe try a few different ones
and see how you go
when I was starting out I want PHP first because it's easy to get started with
PHP i started learning ruby on rails because i saw that was a big community
for that in my hometown of Brisbane but i ended up going back into PHP for my
most recent contract and I enjoy the simplicity of PHP and a lot of the
frameworks honors opinionated as ruby on rails which is a term you learn as you
go through your arm learning to code journey for those of you who are
interested in remote work
web development and software development in general is probably the number one
job to get remote work I just finished up two weeks of full-time work here
prove it I'm working remotely for the same company I work for in Brisbane and
it's seamless
apart from being able to turn your head to the side and ask your colleagues
I can just get on shad and this skype is also a team viewer or other apps which
allow you to interact with the other person's computer and so you can control
the other person's computer
the tools are there for development so if you're looking at wanting to be a
remote worker web development is definitely a creation you like
so they're saying that everyone can learn how to code and I believe that but
at the end of the day only learn how to code if you want to
there's other ways we can combine remote work or make your work remote and and
almost every industry and every job
tengo remote if it doesn't require manual labor or physically being in one
space it if you use a computer for your job and then it has the opportunity to
grow remote so and Denise my girlfriend she works in social media and marketing
many of the people I've met here working marketing consulting web design many
different things like that so yeah if you really want to learn to code I
definitely suggest you do it my top suggestions are to get on those free
websites where you can learn how to code
and just get involved in the local community the great thing about it
software and programming languages is strong communities exist for them so you
can just talk to you got there
and that's how i got started and got my first job and let the government so you
have any other questions just comment on this post or send me an email and send a
message on the Chris the freelancer
facebook page and yeah I'm i look forward to see