Friday, October 07, 2016

Google and Facebook Interview Questions & Tips - A Must Watch!

there was one
test recording one on an online going test and the test these are receiving a
practice that's for university the equipment and you can google the best
part is that you can use the faster your stance and the cold germs of the time
so how I practice forward you have on google side a lot of tests like these I
used to practice that way and they are so the wet there for questions and many
trains from easy to a little difficult and the last ones are difficult but this
time I give me a pic test
I guess I give the abacus d and it was too little for tests conducted for video
and we had to give up with this be
and he was a easier of the easiest of the oil for and the questions are
general i'm in some will check in some cases you know the bottom is just that
any layman would know what they were the myth and you just have to call it up in
others you will have to think and then decide
and it was a three our test and most of the people were selected had done all
before Western the best if you have done three questions are not selected and I
guess 20 to 25 students were selected and only community and students had said
they had suddenly this
and after the nest is he
three rounds of interview on this number one so the rounds
oh I mean I will conduct one of the best into because I've seen so far
the first interview with my fortune to and there's no hierarchy as in that
there is a final of they had almost eight to ten people would come from
google mountain view i guess and 0 in the upper mountain view and oh so you
anything you of them will conduct your in doing so there's no I are working
with which one is difficult to something and my first interview
there was the first question was based on it was already i didn't even realize
that she had started asking the questions which we started with a normal
hi hello and what why don't you boys and stuff then she came in she just said
that and i'm working in this field of in this domain and Google and i'm working
on google TV service something she said
and then you have to let today is a problem and I have facing with a very
general problem you would understand that and then eventually went into view
technical like how will this network work how with PCP work one of the
problem and pcp so I wasn't expecting any questions from the media networks
but my first question was in the network so you so you really have to be good
with all your other courses you have done so far
that was my first question in the second question was a general of holding a
question there she added me solution for a problem and if you go to data
structures and all you will be able general garden design and graduate
you'll be able to do that that was my first round in the second round of
interview and who it was
add some it was a very general problem like if you have I don't remember the
specifics but it was like you have to a lot numbers to view card cars and
there's a general rule that you have to follow how are you a lot
suppose to give up close to give a brute force answer to it which is ordered
it's a and Q water and something just maybe not that good
then you gradually she says okay what if i put this constraint how is your
solution be affected where I put this country so the entire arm the entire
interview was based on just one question which in gold
we're just wanting the difficulty levels and
you have to you have to explain your solution and call it up your experience
innovation and call it up so it went that way and in the end it
I don't think it had a very specific on so do there was no specific answer to
the question because when I came out and I discuss with people about how they
answer that question everyone had a very different answer and no all of all the
smart answers I i cannot say that one was not good at god oh that was the
second round
and in the third round of interview so I don't know who's very good at all
that was also that was more of a spontaneous rapid-fire whatever I think
this or how will the order of things change and is it the best you can come
up with an apple thing then you can see this is not the best you can come up and
then you think on those lines then you say you give me an order n square so you
should not an honor and you can you improve it forward that that sort of
so you keep on doing that and eventually and it was more of a possible thing
the toward end of yours that and that was my tour around and then I had a 5-10
minutes just an HR I talked to the HR ou outside who was me gently how we are
known chips because my intention was in Microsoft I think so everything that he
was under a strain knowing what they're doing it was and how I internship the
internship how we experience in stuff i think that's that's that was all for
will and and facebook has a very very similar I think facebook and we will
have very similar in the rings that also there was a fast initially according
online test and it had two questions parents who will have four questions
a favorite test was also at the same difficulty level and then I had three
rounds of interview with facebook facebook is more awful
they just ask you one question throughout one not interview and they're
going to really take how your brain processes how you go if you want
straight to the answer you are not getting any one you had to roll the
sideways then you have to hit the wall and come back been really like that that
I'm going to work that so our facebook i can tell you what the exact questions
were my first that this game filled water them which for string searching
that said in computer science
they asked me a question which required you to modify can can be the temple
little difficult and not many people understand what the Magus
so the uh i think a lot of people in our department got out from the horse drawn
for the reason they couldn't think of a modified came to be approached
I'm you don't have to call it up because it was a little difficult so they just
asked you to explain everything with give your cases
explain me on this test case how you are a lot of new book that was my first
I'm the second round was a simulation question you just had to simulate
something that's how you generally how you caught up games and stuff how you
simulate I think it's just check how you simulated what would happen if corner
cases what happened if this is a mice question if they are racks entering into
your system and they have there's been a rule of them to go out how we're going
to simulate this how will you eventually what will be no I'm public city the
diamond the space complexity of your reward and that is one thing that every
every inch of you are asked you will go to them and ask you to state the
complexity of the garden so that was my second round with facebook not wrong
with facebook was all of a tricky question because it was a final-round
that resided and we had just four people left in the third round and the third
and the answer to the question was to quality consort so it was a complex
question there it takes at least 15 minutes to just understand the question
what he's asking Google and once you have understood the equation you
it clicks you that it sort of illogical sort of sort of sort question and then
you order it up and he gives you that and that i only ask me some some general
in charge stuff in the last 10 minutes
so you have a very small charter interviewing these companies and
completely who will sew and the last 10 minutes was
it's a charting very generalized me about again about microsoft internship
and stuff
I think that was all that was my experience only one people
how are prepared for these supposed in the first thing is that we have to clear
these tests which are
it's happening of twenty sep tember around for these
tests you have to be really fast and holding and stuff
and since our I don't think in computer science what
we required to be very good corner you have to be good with their courses on
networks and operating systems
so you have to let you explicitly give time out of your schedule to prepare for
and since i was also aiming for a semi CPC and I meant for that competition in
december so i was preparing from forums like old chef top corner cardio cup and
you have a lot of questions there and I think if you keep practicing and
something I think that's the way you have to worry about these tests and if
you're gonna do you have your doing coding questions eventually over two
weeks three weeks to get in to be able to qualify for these tests and once the
tests were done and I was qualified for the guest room
I please google and microsoft I any of the professor the interviews and the
you never know what happens I do your interview can be purely calling base but
I just said in Google I didn't expect that the network's question we are so
you have to be good with your courses as well because you have to be on the safe
so I think I've revised my just overview I don't know what you up my previous
courses on networks operating systems from the rocky lecture all these courses
you have to be good at and I devised the low sort of things and of course my core
skills were good because I actually give the best when and I think then you are
done for the interviews we don't have we don't have too much concentrate on how
communication skills is it does matter but I think that's already secondary
so you have to be under cgpa doesn't matter that much if you're good at your
courses because they want to read to you to be good in some courses which they
check during the intervals
I think that's how it was