Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote at RailsConf 2010

this compass very interesting I'm an interesting story to tell
I'm really humbled really to be here
rails comp Chicago was the first one right
was the first conference I ever paid for
I but I think I'll my lead developer
era Kastner wanted to go so bad so bad I was like shit
I have to send him so he went and had a great time in
anybody's on Twitter right now please hit up at Castro and tell my wanna
kisses space cuz he's such a wonderful dude arm
he's a good dude his beard anyway
um yup this community's
kinda near and dear to my heart you know I know that you guys bring out speakers
sometimes that from the outside and I'll
they's spoken here in I don't think Ferris might have spoke your lash and if
it didn't exist in nature so
you know I can't develop shit like I can't do that that's not really what I
but what's interesting is that Arab all the platforms this one had kinda
hits a very deep and soft spot in my heart
real quick before going to that because just want to paint the context for you
how many view know who I am were somewhat
about me region how many don't devastating
number actually I kinda figured that was the case
I've been lucky I've been speaking a lot of places where I haven't had to give
the history lesson i apologize.
for something yet know what I just 23 minutes a where I come from so you
understand why I'm standing here
and I'll get into my spiel and also more importantly I have no interest in
standing up here in bragging about what I've done I'd much rather
do Q&A so I know it's like the and I know you gotta get up and get in line
but it would mean so much to me I was talking to Chad Chad giving two hundred
dollars cash
to anybody who asked the question while I'm up here some nice enough
you're so awesome but your jackpot you
the to the best fucking good app
has been absolutely
I was born in Belarus in the former Soviet Union
and I came here in 1978 when I was three
I am we were very poor my dad had a great uncle
who's coming kinda take Airbus but it took nine months to get from former
Soviet to the US all the paperwork in the bullshit retin-a skin all that so
we have think Italy for six months while our pieces got process them while we
were there
this great uncle passed away so now we come to America
it's the next generation under him which like my dad second cousin removed all
that horseshit
and you know we're like the long-lost relatives from Russia we show up in like
hey we're here they have been very little interest seeing our faces
but they were they would then the kind I hope that as much as they could
but we moved into a studio apartment in queens in 78 literally
literally slightly smaller than this stage
and I lived with 8 my family members and it was pretty ghetto and old school and
it was top there was super tough my dad got a job at a liquor store
in Clark New Jersey any lived in Queens I still bust my dad shops
because I say that he spent more money on gas that he did you actually getting
but kinda saved up there are thing with that eventually became the manager that
store we moved in
the dirty Jersey as I like to call it Edison New Jersey
and I'm and you know he became eventually the manager we saved every
dollar didn't buy anything
and eventually he became part owner and that's kind of how this all started i
any other hand was
outrageously entrepreneurial when I was 6i had seven lemonade stands
my friends ran them I was not gonna be a cashier I was marketing
I we say you know I talk a lot about television and the web and I was saying
eyeballs in yours business so like we're in eyeballs missus and hit me I forgot
I was remember what I did when all my friends were tied up
running lemonade stands and I remembered the I'd need all the signs
and really wildly I used to walk on the streets
that the cars were will not industry on the sidewalk and try to figure out
we're literally I would sit like on a grassy knoll
and just watch every single person driving space
and try to figure out where their eyes when so I knew which we
or Paul to put the sign on so always been outrageously
interest in like habit sublimity thing did really well but then I really blew
the fuck up
in eighth grade when I started a baseball card business
and I completely dominated I was making like 1500 two thousand dollars a weekend
selling baseball cards in a mall apps New Jersey which
when you're thirteen and you have 6 G's you know
under your bed you know and you're not selling weed you're doing awesome
so so that was awesome
and I was crushing it on crap I told The Big Dawg I wouldn't say once
pop so pissed
um that I definitely will say
special from baltimore won the kick the Ravens ass in the first game of the year
this year
heater it um
but we stole all your shit right sorry getting dirty with Jeff apologize
anyway then my dad ruin my life I was
doing all this stuff it was awesome Anna 14 first-generation immigrant
oldest son pops drag my ass into the liquor store
and peas me two bucks an hour too bad ice for 10 hours a day in the basement
that blue
and you know I mean I'm a good 20 bucks a day instead making 2 G's I was either
in the mall with my friends and girls in being a Boston son Frank Thomas rookie
like it was my job or I was in the basement like I was fucking sloth from
the Goonies bagging ice
hey you gotta horizon milk caramel
so finally a 16 though I was able to come upstairs
and my life changed very very quickly after bagging ice and you know
dusting shelves there was one very famous they were every customer
& Wine Library at the time called shoppers discount liquors
was in the Short Hills milburn area new jersey surfers
affluent area but we were very much liquor and beer store but literally
all I would think warning people came in that they asking for came a special
1990 Cabernet and bone with the 17 personally like
dude you know I'm getting a backwater we can have backwaters but I was like but
that some taken one sounds like
a backwater you know what your name which address how much why anyone he's
like well
I'll take four cases of Pop discuss an alcoholic
for the hot and I was like
four cases are you having a party and he was like no I collect wine
and literally literally guys at that exact moment
I was like to the one held my family doesn't like any punk kid entrepreneur
sixty years old I got everything my dad
was doing was wrong but it was so boring I wasn't normal high school can give a
crap about drinkin
beer or liquor the mouth which was ripping hard time
pop that jolly rancher near comp
right um so
the winding was interesting right at that moment to collect one would shit
gretzky Michael Jordan frank thomas
Opus One still broke sinking ship I can do this
and so would only be that's what a catch me that people collect wine so literally
right there in the middle storm 16 like I'm gonna be the greatest wind eyeball
time that
literally what I want to do for my life that second school socks but that and
women do
so I started reading about wine insane level even though
my parents are Eastern European we owned a liquor store they would not let me
anything so I read for five years knew all this stuff
launched Wine Library dot com I wanted to change name for business I hated
shoppers discount liquors
we're part of a co-op even though we're all separate store so everybody a
different type stores
I thought that our brand was getting her by other stores that stock so
the web was my outlet you know 97 I watched while I bring dot com
and I and that kinda weird starting from 1998
to 2005 when Iran Wine Library day today in at seven your window
I grew our family business from a 3-2 a sixty million dollar your business
so that was good and family was happy in
things are great in 2000 and one
I met era Cashner which pretty much brings me into this world
I decide you I wish you guys could you think
some videos or other funny I wish I taped the conversation between my dad
and I
when I tried to convince him to hire Eric that we
a liquor store needed a full time developer
that was some funny shit that you would have liked
with my dad break broken English with no fucking way
I doubt I will give up all my salary to hire him because I knew I knew this was
what was going on is pumped about it
ever came on board which is great and you know that start in the first day was
awesome I think it was a
was actually right after September 11th restarted for full-time
in 2002 first day walks in i'm searching Yahoo he's like
dude check out this Google thing my alright tempting
like Eric this is so stupid how are they gonna make money at the blank fuckin
a bf
doesn't know him now they predict things and social commentator Mike
crew think others early first for five years I was in taping a big
long gone you would've loved my duty on how
ruble was gonna change the world um
a people while I breeze entire business model by the way on frugal
now finally red lasers here it's like a decade later but it's still not
really where I think it will be anyway so ever comes
learn all this stuff and you know we we grow Wine Library
I start hearing about all these different names blogging all that stuff
on and they turn 30 in 2005
and I'm driving from manhattan to new jersey which is
where Wine Library is and somewhere around the New Jersey Turnpike
I decided that for the first time ever in my life I wasn't 100 percent happy
as 897 and what I realized is this
why my brain is not as big as it could be because I can ship the Boston
I can ship to Maryland I can ship them mass
all these bullshit mother fuckin bullshit bullshit
ass bullshit liquor laws in our country yeah
class action of fuckers so like Barack
this should have been like you know way bigger I'm losing my prime years on 30
now Kb bullshitting about
I wanna by the York Jets there's no way I'm going to billions selling wine
so I can do something about it so I decided ironically
right in that moment that with the summer when Erica now we are a couple
other developers all they did was watch they frank
and I look and say it was like do that fuckin shit
you know and so the right no you can't view the ship
and like those docs a yes so
and say the bass and so I up I decided that I was going to start a wine shelves
gonna go super narrow
so I watched while I mean TV in February 2006
and the first month aidid 120 more for months March
up 2006 arm was the first time
in 96 Street month that Wine Library
did not grow 20 percent
against the year before sales the first time from the day I took over operations
we grew at least 20 percent or more
usually forty or fifty compared to the year before his numbers for that month
and that kinda was a culture shock in my building and that continued
I hustle double TV for 18 months without
giving a shit about anything I did everyday take 30 minutes a day
and more importantly spent 15 hours a day going to wine blogs
and forms and talking about what I gave a fuck about because the happiness was
so much
dramatically more important to me that what was happening with dollars and
everybody in the building thought I lost my fuckin mind but I was so will be
closely happy being in the community
up what I loved and so that was really exciting for me that was a great great
then time magazine wrote a piece bikini your magazine wrote a piece that led to
joel stein
from time magazine saying it was an amazing piece that led to the Conan
O'Brien producers
up finding out about me email me at that was my friends playing a joke on me like
my on Conan a lecture
went on there we ate third grass nine's people thought that's when the website
seeing what I was doing in kinda took off from there
you know just the in the next day got all these you know how UN agencies want
to sign me
I signing with CAA some replacing people that Rep Oprah
and Beckham and Derek Jeter had some crazy as shit and so
that what well in a perpetual on TV but that would start happening in the height
of all this
I want to talk about the other thing in public what I want spend the rest the
time talking to guys about this
I just love business and marketing and building things I love in
supporting them in the community behind it so I started blogging under my own
name Gary been for dot com
right in the height of all my wine madness just talk about some things I
the trends things I believe in and that led to a lot of opportunity spoken a lot
accomplished that I wrote a book lecture cock Russian
really really well and I'm writing a new book right now
like I wanna talk a little bit about that and i wanna get to Q&A called the
thank you economy
the new company called thank you commie
is really taking a look at you know customer service
you know the social media debate you know it's so funny to me
I started consulting company last year so me my no Cobb intermediate with my
brother AJ and all my friends like the fuck is he doing
you know it's not scalable product kinda weird left turn for him
but I think a lot of people myspace I
and Justin business in general really lack understanding that we're all
running a marathon
their almost everybody AC in in the webspace
so many people are all running sprints it's like every
but he's running a company like they're a nineteen year old dude
all they want to do is close fast which is interesting
and agree thank you for a one-club them in a lot to me
I'm serious because it's serious because I'm dead serious this shit is so
obnoxiously early I mean you to just celebrated its
fifth birthday i meani the consumer internet that we're all bill
what Twitter and Facebook and all the other thing building on the Weber what
the consumer Weber whatever you want to call the internet I would get yelled at
for stuff but
whatever it is its only been fifteen sixteen years
since a wealth beyond our actual mailbox earth
trying to get us online I mean the book internet has made sex
yet and its dominating
I mean this is ridiculously early I really hope that we're painting that
context here
this stop is queasy early this is just
starting and the problem is everybody just want the fell
and close and nobody's paying attention to building long-term
real relationships when we look back at the Zappos
acquisition by Amazon everybody's gonna recognize how rediculous lease more
pesos is
they fuckin stole Zappos at 1.3 billion I know what people thought
there was a up you know ridiculous thing the paper shoe company
they were outselling Amazon on certain products
when they were more expensive they were beating them
on culture we by
for different reasons today things are shifting and
communities obviously dramatically important to us but
giving a fuck is coming on strong
and the fact that matter is like that yeah
tonight she is applicable to giving a fuck economy a good test case
Yap harper-collins kick my face and
will try to see what they say um it's really coming
guys listen we're living in the first time ever
where you can scale your caring the fact that I'm interacting with people to give
a crap about what I do want taking a shit 3 o'clock in the morning on my
laptop is amazing
I mean this
I mean you know week work
like that pics for help used
who's that one again got it arm I just really think it's fascinating
with on one dude and yes I am out regis
energy and yes I'm rediculous Lee handsome charismatic
I get it but but its ok fastening
aging I console from the National Hockey League campbell's Cadbury the Jets
it's an inside thing and try to figure out if I'm on you know and a lot of big
companies and they always tell me like
how do we how do we you know unlike so I come into my cousin
here's the really in conversations going around your brand right now
on Twitter on Facebook whatever other platform tumbler whatever it may be a
you need to converse Inc this is happening with or without you
get there become part of this and not just putting out fires
it is time for our entire space to stop using these platforms
just to put out fires how would think thank you
when somebody's given you japs that you like pat on the ass personally
you know like you know haven't backed I mean it is an
absolute dream for businesses allotted
what I've always loved about the space in a big way is
yes another developer but a lot of the people I know a lot of people instrument
most you are
but I also know that a lot of people are building products
building small businesses there's an always been a really passing passionate
entrepreneurial by to the space to me and so the fact that people talk about
your products
that is so important I'm I wish the people say well I don't have skill yet
if 10 percent follows you and gives a crap
about what you say you should be BD closely thankful
I'm serious I mean that is right and that's incredible I'm blown away
that 850,000 people follow me on Twitter and give a crap about that that
three weeks with my brain on such a level like you I'm so grateful
so grateful and companies and people need to start getting ready for
not she think fucking numbers and warm on this kick
if you allow me for two seconds I really just want to reform one thing
can we PLEASE collectively as a space punch the people directly in their
parking mouths
when they say things like if I get a hundred more followers
although need a hundred dollars to Haiti he took place just only two hundred
dollars paid
and use
and you coating shit I can only just got them one by one
I know how to scale just say fuck you so please if you see the good make some
happen like but some Jas on information nobody on their asses
and fuck with them please fuckers
I hate that you will see under I'm gonna wear direction apologize
these fucking Facebook privacy peeps with I respect privacy all that but you
know I'm really pissed at
the 800 people I shopper last month try to gain the Facebook
situation and say on quitting Facebook and here's my page one here's my blog
post the only reason they did that was to get exposure to let me the story
and hope they make an article in the Wall Street Journal or newsweek or
something like that because I'll tell you right now
on the eight hundred and I mark them all down as I saw and put a nice little
bucket on the left side
799 Obama using Facebook right now so the full book and shit
and more importantly what I think people need to recognize is
everything you're doing is being documented my great great grandkids
are watching this right now pay Jeremiah
I think you have my DNA please abiding by the Jets please execute up for me
thank you the fact that just happen
and the sport is my great great grandson her daughter's unlike my
not fuckin German not in on two da miss him sorely what
everything you do every way you interact with
every customer every product can build everybody you reach week
everybody you support everybody you giving a quote to further book
the forward anybody and everything you're doing in today's world
is being documented and you're writing your legacy right now
so please to not embarrass yourself
in your future family give some thought to the dumb gaming shit like that
hundred-dollar Haiti thing
or when you wanna play the Facebook card because you want to get some attention
forty seconds and you're a hypocrite 13 minutes later
think about what you're doing so I promise right now there's piling up 13
to 15 people
I'm not measuring number that's the right number right now I don't get the
bad people but I definitely think differently about an
you know I think like you're just you know it's all short term and so I think
you know i'm just still fascinated by this world we live in now that we're I
feel like the truth
is undefeated you know like it's just getting real hard to hide
you know it get you know look at the new iPhone
so you gotta biggest like many did for reals comp the other you're right
and you know you call your bro from the Getty just plain where will that the
real Scott you like you put on your iChat
oshit Spearmint Rhino I mean you know
you know you can't hide anymore the world is changing and I think we have to
really adjust
to the real reality more world and I for one and thrilled with that because
I'm very aware my DNA I am absolutely
positive the people in this crowd right now before this talkin
pinky after the stock think I'm a douche bag or I'm too over the top from 4shared
which too much stop motion
I get on that I respect it to no end I'm very self-aware
I've got East Coast labor for East Coast people its intensity
I get like that others don't know better I thought thank you
like I I get it and you know what I respect that
I interact you know the 27 negative reviews I have on Amazon
every one of those people have gotten a response and I appreciate it
I get it we need to respect each other's thoughts we do you have become more
as we have become more supple whereas people and we definitely come somewhere
about our products
biggest lumber products wholesalers things that you know we need to fix I
think this combative nature
or going like this well that's good I'm is
is not going to help anybody I think we need to really respect and understand
that that's just the way it's going to be and I think
it lends itself to a very very good situation long-term
I'm excited about it I know at the end of the day one by one
until like fucking die I will scale every relationship I can
and communicate with people as much as I can respect their thoughts on me
and I know it works because if you can show people who you are
if you can actually give a crap enough this a condominium
I go people who like carried so weird to you twenty-something my guess is a Gary
I was analyzing how use Twitter's a it's weird
you know I only reply to people they have a thousand followers more you apply
to people that have like three in Chile what's the strategy like
smart I was like your 10 here's a strategy your a fuckin asshole
and I'm a good guy a
I was really the answer
hero back no and this is true you know but no seriously I roll back
no fucking seriously
I was like dick you know there was perfect sorry
and hola put on trial said is that I wasn't gonna curse
a for you here in workout yeah man sorry
we're living you know what I feel bad for
I feel bad for everyone a bus in here our version
who was us two generations ago didn't have the freedom to build the kind of
things we want the people like clint
you know you know practicality something I believe in so much
you know this is the many like secret shit I don't believe what you think it's
going to happen it happens
you gotta work you face of it's all about the house on the fact that we can
work or 95% sure ninety-seven's
come home you know hang out a little bit with their families
and then work you know from 11 p.m. to 3 in the morning building the shit we
is such a special thing and I feel
awful for every entrepreneur or were engineer that came before us because
what we're living through right now
is read particular sleep awesome and we should be me
dick you asleep thankful for it and our awareness about this
i think is very much under the radar I come from a place
and man I'll tell you right now people always ask me like to body like a coke
and a red Bull have would have so much energy
unlike I'm so over-the-top driven by gratitude
the amount of self-esteem that my mom put in my body
should be legal the fact that my dad at fourteen years old
taught me that saved my
its because you know I'm a storyteller schmoozing kinda character
I would like to fudge numbers and things like that now it seems to me in this
very transparent world
and the combo appearance that we're very different has allowed be an amazing
uptick love they gave me the opportunity gimme
and the fact that I was born in a very bad place
della reese is still the worst in the former soviet
means that they've dictatorship I can go back to where I was born
because the pool everybody and I'm an idiot brought all these numbers they
would figure down I can amass I'll be done I mean I can go there
we are so lucky to be here and to be living during this platform ship
this is the greenest culture shift a part-time
we work this is the I'm promising you we
are dramatically underestimating what's happening right now
the opportunity we have and how we're going about doing this
and the barriers that had been broken the gatekeepers controlled the game
guys I have been offered 40 television show shows
why because I at my home well that while I B which is my home
was able to tape a show using a five hundred dollar Cameron out to be even
less than that
and putting it on a service that allowed to be free YouTube in and dealer
and was able to go through all the beekeepers no dickface
in LA decided that I had the goods I don't have to move to California which I
never would've done
because I love my family too much and yet because the gatekeepers have lost
the keys
I was able to go direct to consumer build brand equity
and build every opportunity that I have today which are massive
and make me happy shit and the fact of the matter is I'm not a special some may
every single person here has that playing field
and that is the luckiest thing that has ever happened period guys
talk too much again pump my fuckin time K
so couple other things i wanna talk about
wall while we're on role here and hang out
on couple trends I'm really passionate about one
I've been thinking a lot about premium lately rape means the conversation
nothing new
but here's the difference I think if you're building products I hope that
you're debating
premium in a very substantial way because
I think that Apple has fundamentally created a
a unique opportunity for us I think because ily ap culture
we are now seeing a huge push towards people accepting paying three bucks for
bucks seven bucks
and I'm very fascinated by the consumers
that you know all really think about his
culture and ships and these kinda things I think right now where the beginning
about real opportunity
to really monetize building platforms products
small aspects because people are buying the zaps
and we're not as comfortable necessarily mean buying them from a website
though smart people like each agent reading those guys have been
long playing this game and many other people have I think right now there is a
substantial culture shift
there's a much bigger wave to people paying for product
and I hope that people looking at what's going on with the SAPS especially the
has iPad feel a whole lot more like a computer to the normal consumer
then an iPhone and so this ap culture
is a humongous positive for this global space
and I'd like you to give it some thought the other thing them really
by the way I wanna go into Q&A now so if you interest in ask a question about
anything I talked about or anything else please line up now 20 bones
the other thing um I want to talk about
are you getting ridiculously over-the-top lazy not ask questions
thank you so much um I get in a minute
a prime actually not but that got it customer service baby
this is awesome thank you thanks that was alright run
Ronnie Ron rockier electron ron is good
you man ron carey could you explain what you meant by what you
we basically saying that premium is bogus or you know when you charge money
title in together yeah sure I'm sorry the very people clearly thanks for
coming to talk ice
they're leaving stairwell by dawn
um no I think premiums huge I think you get them in
%um try it with her trial or you have you know certain amount you can use
certain that it wasn't
guys with open up the debate it be really interesting a Twitter
you know launched under this kinda umbrella if you remember
06 of little five it was three 24/7 365
not just the way it was I'd be really baffling to me
to see if Twitter said you will you can have 400 friends
for free but nine bucks a year if you want more really cure now that ship has
sailed the lobby personally I think
are willing to pay it work for men you say you were paid I'm not quite sure
it's time for you answer properly because the context has already been set
and your use it under
preconceived notions but what what would it look like today
if they were making nine bucks per user everybody has more than 400 fans
I think they be a little bit more viable business I still think there's other
ways in
I understand that the hockey stick growth might not happen is easily I can
I remember John Kuang and how to resolve matters I get it I remember but
you know I think it should be debated I think right now
more cell I think with 37 St it was harder because there was such a culture
I think the aP's right now feet here's the thing
I get outta inside baseball way too many people
in our space or so inside baseball we all live in our fuckin bubble
I like to talk to people they have no fucking idea what Foursquare Gowalla or
it's you know and I think that they're interesting to me because
they are now being trained the math it's not be 87 a bust some talking
the ref to the fucking thing they're being trained to pay for shit
and I think it's our time to strike thanks a lot North
I love you Rani ms there
um what's your name I'm stammer chairman
his no it's like a morality hammer
take him got are still going out fuck times might possibly lower
so when you're talking about larger companies engaging with all the
conversations that are going on
yes community how do you tell them to do this and still maintain
honesty and sincerity and Nasser the East you even think that's possible
that's a really good question did so go over rail
arm thrilled arm
companies right now bro the answers now you know why
concert tickets you know all the really care about his bottom line in our ally
and it's been stunning to me going into the corporate world
how little a motion or giving any kind of crap to the consumer they're really
it's even worse than I think we think right that being said
you have breakthroughs your company's I've been blown away
by campbell's this 100 plus year iconic you know or sky mean they're fucking all
looking at that time again trouble and so they are
they want to go there like you know its
it's really good always be the DNA CEO just the way it is
a trickle down from the top you know what everybody scared CEO's numbers
and that's what it's going to be in there and try to run the ball should
sprint and are not going to really give a shit about how your day is
they're saying hello to you because they want to sell your coupon on the back end
but if you get ever god forbid get there if you could ever or culture
its all fucking cock not only thing is a scorcher you know what I mean
you have to mean it when I'm saying yo what's up or when I'm just for change
I spent my life on some ice member some ice
you know which Twitter bought and now they're back and all I did
all day was search Chardonnay Merlot cab Frank
and when I would see somebody say you know what vin should I have tonight
I would I'd look at I click them and see where the lipped
I didn't say 0 he should have you note early season and ironically I just did a
show on it here's the link
I literally look to where they live because I understood every store in the
and no I know why my breed beat the shit out of all of them I would say that
listen from a community standpoint you would not far from K&L wines
you should go there and ask for you know wrap a deli Mart Nelly
and hurling right that's real shit now then hopefully
that honest from the heart engagement led to them click my profile
the click it they get while I BTB you have to have your home
fuck this micro-blogging bullshit you have to have a home right
they went there and then god forbid if my content was good enough
because at the end the day I don't give a fuck what kinda marketing play you
come to this always King right if my ship was good enough no matter how nice
I was
when he clicked while I beat anybody know what I was talking about and it was
an entertaining for them
that may be gone right but if I was strong
if it was good then they would and that's how I do my business
and my brand because I knew that I would keeping
a great product and I knew that my fourteen hours of sweat
one by one could remember this is all six Twitter was nothing
it was so small gain little from that I'd be in one form to my much I couldn't
go to Facebook
cuz I wanna be the creepy old guy peddling wine for the kids
because I stop at a college you know so it was hard
I punch these marketers in the face in these meetings can we get so
for you now and assholes your logo
so we can schedule this the tire a hundred people to be behind this
you know instead of buying forty thousand dollar billboards that don't
mean dick don't you guys watching
I don't drive but also right now I'm not a big fan of traditional media
in a lot of ways to begin with pricing wise but anybody buying out for media
need to look inside their head because if you look at any dry I'm scared to
drive right now
they're not looking at the word they're not even looking at the fucking road
texan I'm scared out there
you know there so much should I want to talk about now what I want to do but my
answer your questions for their own that much time
but don't like I want him to are a wide discussion numbers like what your wine
social media
what a fuckface what they are I am having a real relationship meanwhile
you're paying for billboards that have 40,000 hard drive by and paying a price
on that
meanwhile nobody's looking at it but your pain
or when you buy a magazine ad really could you bring 1.3 million circulation
that we're getting paid for
that you're fucking impression price well guess what how do I know somebody's
gonna page sixty fucking 7
and see my Ad I don't and don't get me started fucking your sons
it's approximately forty two hundred homes
that's horseshit so
are I wanna notion Ink Rick with a brick so
I first saw you into a full-on years back expand arm
and really compassion about you know getting mad as hell corporate bullshit
in like you know
unthinking this whole mentality thinking at the customers like a number and you
know how are you ni
you know its common Louise it out you know its common whether I talk about or
because the fact matters this platform is just exposing everything and just
a matter of time what I so so what's what's why do you think it's gonna be
you know like how do you see you know all all we're doing is a lot of people
in this room are responsible
you know it's great to be partners because they're responsible for helping
you know on the people the ideas and people really want to connect their
customers to really do it
you know yeah so where do you see a in like a couple years and with it's like
everything else right but the reason I believe in all this so much as we've
just lived through the big box store
you're right look at you study business its always this
you know you build up pushback counter-culture we're going through a
huge age
up information right now right well guess what's coming next
restrictions if you're in the filtering and restriction aggregating business
you do quite well right cuz that's just the young and the young you know
I'm bullish on privacy you know like that's just the way she goes
you just go countercultural we just lived through the big box retail
era we just we're living through agree golden era for Amazon
here's why no its gonna push back to the mom-and-pop mentality
it makes my heart sing like was thinking like milli vanilli
my heart iffy milli vanilli right now
blame it on the rain you know why because the rain don't mind
but and read okay but anyway my heart is singing because
I know the I said the other day and it really stuck in my head I was
side almost made the subtitle thank you connie I literally believe that your
and you break your appearance right now are more
position are more properly positioned to be successful
in 2012 and beyond than we are because the way they built their businesses
was they gave a fuck that's how we have a baker's dozen
think 830 good look at Whole Foods to pick up thirty don't tell me the new
charger for 12
they're not and they cared you know why because they lived under small-town
whenever you know the old mom and pop game you had to do the right thing as
the butcher
because it misses Sally Sanderson had that experience she was telling
everybody else
and it was a localized then we got fragmented all this shit
all you fucking you got social talkin spartans: building all is awesome shit
you know what you're doing you bring us back to small-town rules
we are going to the golden era small-time rules because we're more
connected than ever we more relationships
word of mouth is on fucking steroids it's Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens it
all that
and and that changes the complete dynamic a branding brand perception
look at what happened at 18 teen nude right calls you know emailed the field
again the cease and desist
he put out the voicemail out there and everybody jumps on
an 18-hole golf fuck you know I mean this is gonna happen a lot
meanwhile I want transparency no why look at the perfect game in baseball
right the UMP blows this shit at the call right you know
ten years ago he would had one porn the paper he would have had
show little chance to actually do anything meanwhile he did all the right
and I would become a good thing because he did the right thing you know he
I just I find this amazing I think it's gonna go go far
but then back to that point is that I thought it was good but the guy with the
hammer but I D rty
a guy he's awesome I got a part-time catcher I'm sorry meant but
back I I think he's going to an interesting point is what I think is
gonna happen is
right now it's gonna be not authentic city of 20 people gonna win right
the other people when address below fuck you the authentic fine fuck it
so that people become authentic and the web huge wave up like
when you check in to a stadium you get 800 deals
and so then you go back the other way it's literally the up and down as long
as we recognize that you want to be going any other direction
that when everything's going this way that you're going that way there's a lot
of victories in at
a specially and most importantly if you're doing it from your heart not
it's a tactical move totally by the way Godolphin's
fuck that
click the Ravens morning dolphins paper up
a game in his miles I'll I knew it was not going to have any other
thank you I just have a little thing while ago UN Jason free did a thing
where you if you bought both your books
yes you did a three hour thing so I did that I bought
mean because they wanted relations but I get a license back up sorry
but anyway I ended up getting changes but bring I ended up getting
I i really just I don't have a confession to throw it right
with Sen the one in three hours of reasons but I just kinda like that it
will show at it like
outlook and commercial like and if you call now you get seven more not
I'm 107 more knives
I respect that out sorry 10 I respect was not as dramatically smarter than me
so you made the right call well what happened here is that you spent a little
time with me talking
afterwards and i ended up back redlener day when we did the three hour talking
and fried left and I stayed on for another hour made by marie
yep cell I took what you said i read your book
I ended up starting a little podcast called KOTOR path and
recently I could make it to Rails comp
and I put out just a little thing asking people if they've support me
and I ended up in three days raising like 800 bucks to get here so I got here
based on the
the just the amazing this at the Ruby community and I really a lot of it came
you know you just learning how to say thanks in
and I really really appreciate thank you kinda putting me on that path Kors
now I've got to the little like I wanna write each in every person who donated
just a hand-written thank you game so you come up here per sec
venture I just wanna hug this fuck out done right
okay with that right but that's often
hey you
I can top that but
cowboys and you please avoid obscene doesn't bother me much
got are so how do you know inside a baseball how are you
get outside the vicious cycle yeah Press you know I'm a big advantage
I'm already naturally outside baseball right I don't the big business
and in on a salesman like you know ironically
like ironically I'm I'm praying like in the space I'm very flattered Pranab
especially people get to know me right and it's so funny because when I really
got a myspace I was so business E
now a castle you're gonna fuckin be heeded you know he's like
no cuz because that's where I come from but I think if you're honest
you just tell it like it is and you feel like I feel like
I feel like I start here in space you know it was very
he in rock climbing in 06 you know still a little bit but it's a little bit more
like this I think I came here you know what I mean
but just genetically I'm outside baseball it I do a lot of things
outside baseball for every conference I go to meet ups and I love all the stuff
nobody read more Hacker News the me and I love all that stuff right
I still have a lot of friends that are very outside space
you know I I'm I I'm I do I'm
know personally go to jail very shortly literally go to Central Park in New York
and watch like thirteen-year-old I know more jail
when I watch their habits I you know it's something I enjoy i lub
our culture I love it with all my heart right I hear
me is starting to make people pay attention I can watch Glee into might be
spot of bright
you know like I wanna know what makes people tick and so
it's something I enjoy so much like literally what I want to do is be
outside a baseball and talk to our space because i think thats a very positive
way to look at it so
I can give them a conscious effort you know and I think that
people need to think about something outside interests and I think it's
I think if you want to be outside baseball when you're out there in the
world when you're outta
baseball game you know just watch what people are doing i mean
you know it's buried happening so if you get doing
by someone in the tech prestigious just brush it off
or try and talk to it yes so
you mean the grassed I tip pairing dinners or after a reason any
yaa arm
I think that I'd very much respect white listen I'm
very loud I thinkin sound bites I
often rarely shown my cards you know I talked very general when I do this
you know I don't I I believe so much in up here
but I'm very good at down here a you know I think I think that I am
I think I respect why people would think that I get
and so when they do I have to take that medicine but I also know that
who I am I know who my parents raised I know who I want to be in the society
and I know that nobody and just the way it is I don't care what you think
nobody is trying harder to scale every relationship
he or she has an opportunity more than me I'm staying at three o'clock in the
morning bleeding and my eyeballs
answering email I came down here just now on Amtrak email
came here talk when a hard on my way back answering email
like that I want death I love people so
it was built for me this is timing and so
I respected I engage a I love debating it
because I know you know I know where I come from and you know it's fun because
anybody can say well he's this unease that
you know it depends on where the conversations but I can always play a
lot a good cards right
you know it's like jay-z said men lie women lie numbers don't lie
you know at the end of the day if you do it you do it and in this new world
for every person that tweets tomorrow I carry you change you think your
celebrity now you respond to my email
97 people come right behind that and say just email me five minutes ago
so the truth is undefeated thanks
Sherman you rock extending the time
appreciate it and Eminem's Michael Michael
I'm I had no idea who you were before this talking it had been actually
orson listening to thanks man but I have a question amber
you said you doing consulting for big firms yes I've got this viewpoint that
any time a customer complains to me yes like
the most awesome gift they could possibly give me because then it gives
me an ability to
improve something that no one died no idea about you when I should kiss
a got
I want to block I don't talk shit
but the site is dominating your ass
I got sunny weather fact can I tell you something funny
you're not by just told the client that has been kinda do under shits alright
for last six months
I walked into like to get me like once you know for two hours a month I think
I walked in a separate abingdon granary like I can't believe
holy shit you guys have changed is great this could be good
you keep pounding this but now go into other parts for the Company Inc
create a culture but the law and I do regret what should we do next
Mike alright you ready for this I was a joke I think I want to do something
wrong on purpose so we can say we're sorry
exactly like on with you man I like high-pitched
I pitched the client to do something wrong on purpose
not that's how much I love you know having the opportunity to address
something wrong no
no it wasn't thank God
that back I 17 well my career yes
I created the oil spill some a question is
how do you find that going in that in like to be called because it is
this whole ball should I derive you have to manage complaints and
bad yes the three different game you know why because every CEO at every
major company in the world
doesn't have a 20-year thought process rack the game
is broken they wanna be there for 34 years the need to keep the stock price
in a certain point cash out meow
so how the fuck do you expect them to build on what I'm calling
relationship lap you build your relationships in two years
this law for ember right think about how you
up this think about how you might feel about each other right now in comparison
to an hour ago
right with cast you know at I do want to say one thing but it well
you might feel differently about each other d one when I was in Chicago
and I what broke my iphone and DJ chin mean I want the Apple Store
and what I put I got to spend that quality our time but I thought
differently about him
admiring his work but I have that our know when I saw him in the whole
I've already of a different level right already fielded you know
the motions a bad day which was so awesome come in and become this whole
thing when
free tonight to the flight back from the home the other day
you know will basically making out in a speech that was discussed that
you know that's how I'm up with him I and to use what but then
you doing anything but a light by the way I'm being a dickface round-robin
rock star names but those guys
what about us right the next time I see you it's going to be the only dude
member only kissed Baltimore
I never really got a phat know how can I have it up
so with a it's going difficult because the corporate keen
is built not to do this however I believe that I will get lucky
maybe probably not but either
you know the probably not because you know comply working for the work is
difficult to get it for a very strong purpose
i doing much believe that too many people myspace don't do enough things to
I need to pay shit you know how are you supposed to know I miss you taste it
and I think a lot of people are space know what they're good at but they stick
to what they know
and they don't do things you know me should roll lemonade stand
one Saturday the pace different dynamics it's very funny
what happened and I wanted to understand corporate DNA one understand
don't know brand managers honest understand fear most and so
even though on paper it looks filling all my intellectual been thinking
friends that upon the company's public then like
a fucking gary made the short play I made the right play
until he made the right play snap-on I feel like I'm rocky and that the blog my
pocket back and do the snow shit
but I'm learning some member wheelbarrow you don't talk about and so
but I'm learning so much and to allow me to power broken
and bring in Campbell's you know was bringing pepsi together with sticky bits
like adjusted
but interesting stuff for me that happened because me that feels good
you know I feel like I'm pushing the envelope and is only one way to do it
got to speak their language and I want the peace that shit I wanted to taste it
whether it's our sweet I wanna do it I want to get my hands dirty
I even tried to figure out code because we're too smart for me awesome thanks
thanks man
great thank you my name is Craig the crate
first to comment i think is mines me some what you're saying they think you
know the native elders talk about taking down the seven generations
something I think that we could probably learn about from Western culture
you know what's funny about that no I'm addicted to old
people as they split you should see so I travel a lot hope we left now I'm a one
year old from trying to cut down the slide my last talks actually for a while
but I switch seats on airplanes all the time
if somebody looks like Yoda I'm sitting next to them I
like like the amount of conversations I've had with 89-year-old strangers
I guarantee is that the tippy top
above the world right now you know why be playing the game
and you know they pulled me everyone among not one of them cable
bach how much money they made whether they were rich or poor everyone for the
thing ship
Gary and we should spend more time with my family and I wish I did something i
and I don't stand how we know this and even people that played our game
the real game fuck the bullshit the real game and how we know
take that into account you know and the the questioner is showing her breasts
you talking about the
freemium model Nokia like a community in you have the paid and unpaid members and
how do you get
engage those were not the paid members do not feel second-class are secondary
to the
those who are paid since they don't have access perhaps everything and with the
BIS come down to the DNA the person whose platform is right
I can very much understand why somebody would have a tough time between I have I
I'm anytime said to myself her hundred thousand people they watching my liberty
30 minutes a day you know I'm I'd very much wanted to be the first video blog
really go there
and really charge right really go to 99 cents a month
you know and I was like well but then you know I wanna go all the way there so
go to a premium on Monday and Tuesday
you know free and when they there's and you have all these internal debates
inside here's what I mean though what makes right now different am i'm talking
about. out loud
not inside myself like I've been for the last five years is the cultures be
there's been a a different acceptance to actually paying for things
and collectively when it's bigger than you and become the umbrella of the
that allows you kinda go that way a little bit easier
and so that's what's fascinating me directly to answer that question
I think you caught on those relationships one by one you make you
you gotta come from an honest place nobody's ever been confused
I wanna by the New York Jets bright I'd love to think I could win that on
kissing dudes basis but i cant I need to make a couple bucks
and so you know it there's nothing wrong with building a business in charging I
know it's difficult
yes but depending on your DNA but I think when you when you
spent time building extra features for whatever it may be
were doing extra to create this you know I think it's acceptable
especially and most importantly if you respect
listen and care for the people that are not the paying customers
d thank you Sherman
here and Edward hebard I am not allow these days
and I could be met in Orlando house like a mobile payments are gonna be the shit
enemies yeah I less than most so I agree a change in line
okay fucking opened in is going to be amazing
what do you think Open Data your this like when is partisan season yes eight
years old idea
and and thinking like he get things like
for inspection reports the actual date is boring but now you know every single
restaurant is in the city bylaw
now I know we think that's gonna go in like I think it's been a huge
I think that there's a time and money to be made yet to be right I think
countries are going to want to do this
I think that this is a space that I haven't done enough thinking on
i think is a perfect example something I believe in witches in general
I need to the reason I could be speaking as much anymore sigh
I think it's time for me to shut the fuck up for a little bit i'm talking for
quite a while
I think it's time for me to do and it's a perfect example where a bit but done
absolutely no homework to really give a true cancer right so i cant answer you
and that's because I've been spending too much time speaking and
not enough time thinking looking and so the real interest I haven't given it
a real thought you and so I can't really answer you but I think my intuition like
him you know I've got them mean not fun things that make you opening
yes now sorry yes good
on the fancy Music Factory
fuck your art like thanks man shot you know I'll get you know what
some email to Gary have been a media dot com I'll send you an answer in a week
sweet area yeah my name's Jay
shape J checkbook sorry I think we met stadium
yeah I'm you talk about you know
more mom and pop kinda going in that direction yeah
on mom-and-pop skill set sure
and you're also talking about now dealing with large corporations try get
them to understand
arm you made a comment earlier about how with line library
you couldn't ships like Boston yes you know they're so puritanical and bright
you now wreck how do you Canada attack that
vino like this these conglomerates ernie like the liquor wholesaler yeah %uh
politicians for now I'm here
now how does that fit into the equation for you you know I have this deep dark
secret thought that i'm gonna build this
trillion dollar company and then go out to the families and everybody was
involved in a little wholesale business
I yes help from
was pretty much the answer
I mean you know it's unfortunate I would love to stick in by
that bite and I'm a big boy so I could help that
but unfortunately the liquor retailers are so fragmented
and most urban think small and they're more worried about why might be shipping
there it's the same game there to get the downside and said the upside
it's not different than corporations that tell me we don't open it up with
people with their products bad
what about all the communication all the good and so unfortunately most of us a
lot of us are wired in a way when we look at the negative
more some positive for example and I know gonna leave looks like in a second
wrap please I get uniting another I'm so awesome government
yeah night I'm
you know that the fact the matters is that a lot my trip up to catch inside me
one second
I'm that the ship is here
and and people need to look at the positives I for one
and blown away on how poorly human beings are branded
I think we are dramatically under
estimated and ridiculously up
miss position I think we are so much better than we give each other credit
people focus on the negatives it's really the shark in hip-hop thing right
sharks those poor fuckers there so grim report
it to me so poorly branded you know everybody scared longest fuckin
spielberg all that shit and Emily scare them right
meanwhile hippos we'll from Hungry Hungry Hippos awesome we almost got
skill way more people than sharks
its shrill I kinda thing about human that way when I hear things like
0 don't check in to places give people gonna rob your house
Akihiro who's gonna rock my house you know that you know I mean if the numbers
are so much smaller the bad things are so much
smaller than all the good that happening in all our interactions
we have dramatically being under appreciated
team humans
hi Gerry my name is Michael hey Michael
arm do just as a brief aside we start with a hug we moved to kiss trying to
extrapolate a trajectory leaves me baby one summer night where this is going
yeah Christian sale seven minutes in heaven
ready but
you know I'm the computer nerd
I don't really have much connection with businesspeople in fact I'm
you know I think ahead of us exactly everything is the enemy
check in a way but I really like what you're saying that a lot business people
would want to my side
that slows Dec yes you just mailed know like
I want to think that but there's more good than bad listen
the businesspeople are wired in a way that
if they're very you know they're analytics firm in to rate they wanna
make it
you know here's what school nobody was more business e-business business
bandmate right
I would fuckin you know my early early days I hate to say it but
I would have told you anything about that people are to make sure you bought
a case right
just you know that law business attics but you know what
because of people cue anything because I love him so fucking much
seriously if you are on Twitter right now can you please
caster something let's get back to the same thing like back asher
your face is beautiful you know
I owe him so much because you know what I think about this
he came in working with me and with after 9/11 sold
tough time that's why probably had to work for less money reserved
at a liquor store for a very busy think I you know is a very but he just the
best you can
he helped me look at the world in a different way and
might anywhere close to where he looks the world I'm not but allow me to look
at different things I think for you
if we spent a weekend together me and seven minutes and have them taken
I'm best brother a
that I think you would look at it differently because it it you know
its gonna it's one he's great it's gonna happen anyway there's gonna be commerce
right Anders good ways to go about it and there's bad ways and I think in
the space that you're all part and you need very very proud
you guys it makes me so happy to know and I mean it mister such a good bye
banishment for me in my heart
that the people missed conference that he was sitting right by me
you can be really feeling good about yourself in fifty sixty years sitting
you know on the lake fishing you like I was a part of something a very
early stages that really really really mean something
this is once again because I think we're so bad a branding and understanding
where things go
this is cell much bigger than we understand
and I'm its gonna feel nice and we are part of it thank you
chairman class 1 peery
abrupt might michael says oh yeah I I really appreciate all your insights into
the business and change in how things are moving their
but I'm curious about what your thoughts are on social change after
outside the business round ensure what you see developing what you're
yeah so this is funny responsibly store yesterday I actually showed somebody my
tax report the other day
because they called me and said why don't you tweet about haiti addition
that back to that ran to give you earlier about a hundred fans in this
for all my bravado and all my promotion and all my
in your face tough I'm very weird about charity and social stuff
I feel like it's the wrong thing you note so I'm a backwards
dude in a lot of ways right like love people don't like you talk about your
business topper selling
but you talk about that so in a weird way on the reverse literally this guy
was like
I but in a Starbucks in showed my tax returns and now what fucker
you know and I felt good I think there's a lot of good things going on at I have
gotten somewhat active Charity Water
you know Scott here's what I think I think we're about to be in the golden
era but you know why
cuz I think because the plaque on the internet and just
the space because guys like me because influenced by guys like aspirin other
moved more this way a lot of charity in a lot of social things
are gonna start looking a lot more like business because in the past have been
run by people that
our business people and the reason Charity Water is dominating
is because got her some the club promoter entre port through and through
from he understands and so I feel like we're about to go through golden era
businesspeople are to be making these charity decisions
not just being on the board for an hour once a month but actually running them
impacting them I think socially I also think just
transparency that we're living in socially is creating enormous
gives an opportunity I just think we're all gonna have to live a better world
think about how dads have been rebranded does recognize that golf
industry is down you know why forget the Tiger Woods toughening
globally it's been tracking down the Gulf it was a soft you know why
jaj with your kids because dads are different you got a buddy because
72 me I'm golfing on Saturday doing business now
me in the shower in the park and so Michael
you know I'm a bit you know I'm all in on bullish
on human beings and I think this platform again
not blocking Facebook are you stream me internet the web whatever you want to
call it
has created one of the great opportunities for eligible be bad things
I get it Monday salio hijacking holding shutdown world and whether
I understand I get it you know net neutrality I get it back in alien to get
do I think robots when yes but we won't see it but so
I get all that but here's what I know we should be thankful this book because I
think we've got a good era
yeah man thank you guys so much
and the

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