Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Day in the Life: Software Engineer

Homejoy is a technology company that focuses on the home services space --
-- so anytime you need a person to enter your home and provide any kind of service --
-- such as: a home cleaning, or a plumbing, or handyman you can go on to our website
and you can book it on demand.
A software engineer is anyone that touches code
and programs things for your computer. A Homejoy specifically, I am a
website developer.
So when you type in -- everything that you see on the page -- that's
kinda what I own here.
All of our backend systems are in Python,
and all of our front-end stuff is in HTML, JavaScript, CSS.
At a startup our mentality really is to work fast and
fail fast. So in reality what we do is we ship a lot of products and a lot of code
and then we come back and kill all the things that don't work.
And then try to start over again.
Right now our average appointment time is 2.6 hours.
I think we should turn on 4, but four is converting at half the rate at 2.
My dad actually did software engineering so I was exposed to it at a really young age
and I always, like, dreamed about being
a games developer when I was in high school and
I thought building video games was so much fun.
In high school I studied a lot of science and a lot of math.
they don't necessarily directly to issues of for engineering
but they help you learn different kinds of ways to approach problems and
think through things
I went to MIT in Boston. I studied electrical engineering and computer
which is basically everything that goes into how your computer works.
I've interned at companies like Microsoft and Google.
the experiences at my previous internships taught me a lot about
this career and just exposed me to a lot of things
in the software universe.
In technology there's a lot of men and it's very a male-dominated field, and it
can be very difficult because --
like I'm very girly -- I like my cardigans and my scarves.
When I first started working in tech in my first
internships, I was really afraid to act girly
in the office. I didn't know if I could make friends. I had female mentors when
I went to Microsoft and
my female mentor she was amazing. She
really encourage me to do all the work that I wanted to do
and kind of be the person I want to be and just
come and be weird and wacky, and like all my weird hobbies, and wear my scarves
but still
be able to sit in a meeting that's like almost all men
and say this is what I do -- I'm really good at what I do and have them respect me.
Because I know how to build software --
one day I can change my mind and build games. I can build an iOS app.
I can build something for your phone. So there are so many different kinds of
My advice for young women entering technology --
is be really true yourself and let your work speak for itself.
Because, ultimately, they cannot like
ignore you if you do amazing stuff. which you do, we need women in this field.
It's really important to explore when you're young
all the different kinds of interest you have and really find that thing that you're
passionate about, and just go for it