Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Ben Orenstein - Write code faster: expert-level vim (Railsberry 2012)

concurrency yeah awesome
I think we've been sitting for a little bit too light we close the laptop for a
second then everybody stand up
always back to start with a little group calisthenics kill stretch up stretch
this way
oh let's go this way oh let's go down mr. fingers you know why
let's just talk about talking about Finn maybe been fans in the audience danny
mac's Tanzania's I'm glad we have you met expands but this talking about them
so is one of you guys know before we get started the point of this talk is not
for me to just talk and get through to the end . to talk is for you to learn
something i hope that everyone here can learn something even the emacs users so
please get around me i love questions
we're gonna have a Q&A p.m. but don't hesitate go ahead and throw those
questions as soon as i confuse you soon as i said that doesn't make sense which
will probably happen very quickly around me just gonna go in so I don't do a
quick survey also experience level so this talk is expert level of in many
people would qualify themselves an expert in right now
excellent okay how about intermediate alright how about beginner ok cool so
it's a funny thing about conference talks right is you get a title it tells
you who the audience is whatever a bunch of people show up anyway so don't plan
for this so I'm actually started with some a couple beginner tips so this is
also going to be about intermediate level vm topics how to go from sort of
an intermediate medium medium level user to a more powerful faster vintage but I
don't start with a couple basic beginner tips the first of which is don't be
so there's this learning curve associated with him that people get
really frightened
I've been teaching them for a long time talking about for a lot
time and people sometimes month we have to talk and say that talk was really
cool a solid could do it seems awesome but I don't have like three months to go
to learn an editor like these people I understand this comes from its rim is a
bit hard to learn it's not simple but it's no harder than a programming
language visit a programming language for editing text so if you learn Ruby
you can learn fit you absolutely have it in you so don't be scared don't be
intimidated a second device as if you're brand-new in user brand-new person them
Tudor is your friend if you go to your shell you typed VI AMTOR no space and
film will launch a special mode with a help file loaded for you that's gonna
walk you through the absolute basics of them
it's very straightforward only take you a half an hour and a half an hour you'll
have everything you need to do to get work done you can open files you can
edit files you can make the edits you need to do you won't be fast but just
like a normal programming language you can pick up the syntax the basic ideas
in about half an hour by the end of your first day you're getting some stuff done
you're making your complicate things
you're pretty proficient within a week and as the next part that takes a long
time right
it takes years really to master things i've been using them for almost a decade
now I still learning stuff about all the time it's just a massive editor but you
can get going and a half an hour so don't be afraid
start with computer um it helps to have a friend that can help you out because
you can have a ton of questions in the beginning if you don't have a friend
that you can ask questions to reach out to me on twitter i love helping people
learn this stuff so let's buy the intermediate people which is sort of the
bulk of ppl makes sense were sort of the middle of the ganache and curve right so
what holds people at low intermediate level
well most people learn the basics of him and they get a little bit stuck and I
think there are a few common trends i see these people that are just on that
fast with them they're capable but not quick
the first is that they are not obnoxiously intolerance of typing this
is how to describe myself I hate typing I will never use to keystrokes when I
can do 1 i'm obsessed with this and you need to be obsessive tattoo that's the
most important part of mastering them getting really fast it is hating typing
you have to have this mentality all the time every time you do something this is
taking way too long
I hate doing this you gotta be thinking about this all the time and the most
important things to be aware of that
things that you do frequently so how many people have ever saved the file and
fit you think you do this about a hundred times a day probably right
you save if you save a whole handful of times an hour over an hour a day
probably a hundred times a hundred times a day five days a week 15 ish weeks a
year depending on what your vacation policy is over a ten-year block that's
250,000 times you're going to go ahead and save a file now the way that you
saved in a file in by default you could escape from insert mode you could shift
colon w center-right 5p strips that's 1.25 million keystrokes just for saving
over a decade now to programming for about a decade someone there to help the
program for many decades now the way I save amazon have maps something I look
at this after like not too long to set this way to make these trucks don't have
time for this
and so I use ctrl s and that map to do the exact same thing as most teachers i
told him i have two key strokes so over a one-year period i save our ten-year
period i save 750,000 key strips this is actually kind of a big deal if these
little things that actually matter so it's it matters for Speed that's one
thing and actually really adds up over the course of days and weeks years but
also matters for your health if you've ever known anybody had RSI issues if you
had yourself if your wrist have hurt your fingers have hurt that can end your
career that's a career-ender for programmers and a lot of things like
that so 750,000 keystrokes is kind of a big deal i want to be doing this for a
long time I assume you do so pay attention this is worth paying attention
so another thing we want to be intolerant of doing things frequently
that take a long time so another good way of doing this i buy the lot of
leaders let's take a look at my my mercy real quick
here's my summer sea entre into my leader so leader commands are basic ways
of finding short mappings longer commands so here have over here like
line 41 I mapping leader a equals to this longer collant advertised for /
people's time it's just like some things it doesn't matter that you can see i
have about 60 or 70 leader commands this is actually a huge huge part of why i'm
so fast and vim so think about something you do all the time were a lot more
rails developers here right
you open your schema all the time cool shift colon e pv / schema RB maybe
slightly faster might have a leader command for that leader set1 opening
factories are be if you use factory girl to help you do the rap for me anything
i'm doing that takes to make you strokes that I'm doing all the time i'll put a
leader and have a very low tolerance for typing things very many times leader t
line 84 it's one of my favorite mappings actually runs a little function i wrote
an inscription to cover a little bit of that in a bit but these are things that
make massive improvements in my speed as a developer little workout for our
operations that are infrequent but really slow really expect users in the
cool me too so something you find yourself doing pretty frequently than
r-spec user is taking something you've assigned to variable to and pulling onto
a lab right on the fan of let's generally so you'll take its it's just a
pretty quick
mechanical operation takes about 15-20 strips but i do a handful of times a day
how do another one extract method for example you've got something in a method
you want to pull out this logic you want associated with it go back here and call
it a very simple refactoring I definitely do this doesn't have today
definitely do I imagine you too but there's a camper right you can write a
macro environment will do this for you every time you run that macro you saved
those keystrokes you save your hands you say the time and your programming just a
little bit faster than the next guy
the thing is it's not about it doesn't make you faster programmer writes I'm
gonna make you think faster but shorten the distance between thought and cold
looking like you want it to it takes that tighter and smaller and that lets
you go faster overall increase your overall throughput so pay attention to
those things two things you do infrequently but take a long time
what I think I do a lot of Islam make a lot of type of us imagined you guys do
as well so there's a visit you quit by saying colon lowercase Q and because my
fingers on shift for the colon I was frequently hitting capital Q and then
complain site that's not a command so i did that about two or three hundred
times that I said this is ridiculous and then I mapped it i just made Poland
capital Q to the same thing as lowercase Q i do this in my Shelia's all the time
as well as a get push I to get pizza all times and so I just found that like you
know what
rather than trying to retrain my fingers which has been really hard wasn't
working understand except my type of move on i have an intolerance of type of
typing and intolerance of fixing mistakes that I've made all the time
here's another great way to break out of this is low intermediate level is to
have a cheat sheet so it is huge
the only way to learn it as a tiny bit at a time and you have to make that
little bit muscle memory and then you learn a little bit more little bit more
and the only way to do this effectively i found is with a cheat sheet so I'm
always trying to learn seven plus or minus two commands on a little chute
about this big on my desk and so I write down what I'm trying to work on and what
I try to remember to use them and then I look at them when I want them and the
process is hopefully I'm going against my brain it's useful but after a while
not use this command gon kill it
don't need it once you've got your brain also get rid of it was something new on
there and you slowly slowly slowly packing these little bits of knowledge
into your head when you turn it into muscle memory which is how you get
really fast
another great sign another great way to become a better humor is with a great
MRC there are some people that are very proud of empty mercies like I'm
completely stock i don't use any plugins and that's fine and there's some system
industries that have this constraint they need to do that because they're
using all kinds of machines too annoying to bring the mercy and blah blah blah
but for programs particularly working out one or two machines all the time so
you should be slowly growing your MRC just like you're slowly growing
muscle memory should go roughly linearly with your skill have a friend's name is
my brother Mike is an awesome programmer is really fast is really efficient and
he says that one of the secrecy has an amazing view mercy and this guy so it's
about this but he won't release it
he won't show it to people occasionally like put a little spit-up somewhere that
someone see what he's got and I'm like Michael what are you doing like everyone
else put your season like Republic proposing that is it well my secret
sauce and I kind of get that having a really awesome finally to never see
makes a huge difference
you're gonna be so much faster because of it final thing is that these sort of
high-level ideas are holding intermediate people back is that they
don't know how to read the manual you are to them it's pretty basic common h
is your friend and a great thing about the vin help as soon as you get there it
tells you how to start navigating the help
so these bottom lines here are how to search for specific commands of
different types of normal mode command visual commands and if you scroll down
there is an awesome section it's worth reading so getting started if you're new
this is really good and then once you're a little bit here these a little farther
along for intermediates editing effectively is great it's worth reading
just about every one of these except for exploiting the GUI because you shouldn't
use buoys no menus no mouse use the mouse stay away from that again
alright so does the high-level things to talk about some sort of lower-level more
specific things that hold people back
what is using the arrow keys so it has this amazing design decision which is
that moving a cursor up one character down one character left or right one
character is HD kale around the whole room is beautiful wonderful keep your
hands right here on the keyboard
no need to go over here for you guys over here for the arrow keys
this is awesome design decision most people will use hkl but i find it
somewhere around 20 ish percent of people have a secret shame their secret
chambers they use arrow keys as do some people look a little guilty right now
this guy's not so stay away from guarantees all you do is just never do
it again
that's it starting right now starting immediately never ever do it again
learn a kale it's easy it's fast it's awesome
I understand why people get there because they loaded the help the first
time to like what use this from the curse around a freak out over the curse
refuse i understand it still never do it trust me when you send an email in three
days because you're used to it now you love it I will accept your thanks with
magnanimity negative infinity
ok so other common there's an anti-pattern for people that get stuck
energy level of them they're slow to move between files to spend a lot of
time typing things like colon e @ PP / model / user dot RB if they're a little
bit faster they used to have complete but i think both these ways actually not
very good for navigating between files have been i have two favorite things i
use one is command T if you've used textmate it's a very simple thing as a
fuzzy finder matcher so I want to go to use respect i just type us SP for
example i was creating individual letters in the filename and it doesn't
fuzzy match on that and we'll sort it and let you open it very quickly
actually pick the only downside of command T is very finicky it's written
in Ruby C&M script so you would be finicky to it's actually broken last
night i was trying to compile them by hand with some cool stuff in there and i
managed to break this i'm not going to die before you but take a look for it
take a look at its community is awesome the thing is rails . fin whales that is
great i'll show you a quick so here we are in the user model so relevant
basically a bunch of income and unless you effectively navigate between files
it because we spent a lot of time doing this program is going between files so i
have here in this user model and I DVD so I typically will have a vertical
split open with users back on one side so rails and gives you a number of
commands to start with our tab there's a number of them and these are basically
for jumping around so let's say I want to go to the unit tests especially with
that user model now they use respect to go back to user selects so i can jump
from model to unit test for example this mission for everything you do from model
it is lying in the schema where that table is created you can go from a
controller action to the view that associate the controller action and
relatives pretty smart and knows how to guess what the file names are but let's
do awesome stuff like split so i can vertically split the test for this user
model on the left you can see because the fountains are truncated but the left
as you respect on the right is the user model and so naturally because I use it
all the time I have this band leader demand because I wouldn't type colon RV
the test all the time that's for me it's the leader vu simple stuff but worth
so it's you want to get quick and moving in between files don't waste time
they're also what's your within a file
don't waste time moving around with it so here's another answer pattern holding
j holding k holding out these are all humanity patterns so let's say I'm up
here and I want to go change online twenty just go ahead and say it has
attached file it's easier to see
let's say I want to change has attached head instead so i want to add only 14
I'm not gonna hold down a couple options the first one I would use my type
14g capital g will jump me to line 14 you can see I have line numbers on the
right by the way i recommend that it's a set number of big fan of that I'm
another option for getting down is just a search so i would probably if i want
to change files ahead and search for file and I got lucky and got right there
and you change where it had their side moving around quickly within this file
one other option you can have some people like if you have the latest in is
relative number
some people that father like really excited about this so what's the numbers
as i move this cursor so the numbers are relative of course where your cursor is
this is kind of cool because i can say okay I want to delete this whole
addressable line because it's looking that's weird
so let's duplicate that so i can say i know that 012 that's three different
lines is a 3d and it's gone it's easy to see how far text distances you can just
say delete you know 11 different thing planned on Ellen lines simply because i
don't like this is preparing it's like okay she's I think what they online nine
no.5 now well at zero that you gotta kind of annoying so I I para decent
amount so i don't like relative number i'm famished straight up old-school
number another any pattern not going your emotions so in you have commands
which are verbs and that emotions with your nose and so you tell him delete a
word you say DW and deleted your verb and w is your nasty word and word is
emotion or text object them understands what text objects and what emotions are
so you should know these motions here is a quick way to see it curse
sir no sir motions in the help again rtfm it's worth it
these are all the motions but you know dive in there and learn all the ones you
put a couple little ones on your cheat sheet right keep it manageable
here's a good example of just a couple quick motions that you should definitely
know let's go to hear so I want to leave change this word I would say CW w is a
text object it's a it's it tells him like this it changes next word until
let's say I wanted to change up until the space here i could say teach c.t
change till the space and then we'll get rid of everything up at the space insert
another awesome one is find let's say I want to blow away this first argument
for whatever is a change in this whole this image thing is no longer necessary
so I can put my cursor here as i delete delete fine space and i'm relatively
close to find space and at least up until including the space so till goes
up to one before
fine includes it but what is inside so let's see here we are once we're inside
a pair of parents so i can say this whole mess everything inside the squared
is to change change inside friends it will blow everything inside their home
in certain there i can also say around a second they delete around friends I want
to get rid of the also in closing as well so you want to learn those motions
one more this whole method stocks we don't like the whole thing under this
paragraph delete around pair FDA p gone
superfast right so it's worth knowing these text objects and these motions
this is a really great way to speed yourself up a couple more things big one
mattress mattress is another one of those things that kind of scare people
and it's macros are a little bit of an art there are a couple tricks need to
know to get the reusable it's easy to record a macro that works in one spot
it's a little harder to record macro the worst in a bunch of spots let's do it
right now I talked earlier about refactoring a let our variable
assignment into a left so let's actually do that with macros court record a macro
that does that right now there's a very simple spec we have these two things
right here Bob and Albert they're both factory girl calls and i want to turn
them into let Bob and then block B factory teacher so listen for the
macroscopic quantum accra by said thank you and tell you where I want to record
to the record a macro into something called a register and register is just
like a small clipboard and all of important matters is there just
keystrokes that's all of the macro as a record literally exactly what your type
and then retype that there's no so there's nothing fancy with binary going
on it's just he strips so recording right now
ok so the first thing i do is enter a certain moment high and then type let
open and the symbol now i'm going to leave in certain moment i'm gonna go to
the end of this words I want to go to finish wrapping this left around bomb
and so I can't use the right
I can't go write a couple characters because it's and I wanted to work on
Albert to and I want to work on anything with the arbitrary somebody use a motion
again is a and E friends go to the end of the current word so that happily does
that on the sample more we go going to have to go see on the word and so having
a pen with a close friend and I don't leave a certain once again so now I'm
gonna go find people signed by F people's will jump there and then delete
twice and i'm going to do something called surround on him which is a tempo
plugin which is awesome
you need this as well as for managing circle
ending things like surrounding friends surrounding curly braces also lets you
work really efficiently with HTML definitely worth your time check that
out so i basically wrap a block around this so I'm gonna say is to hear them
around him and starts both pairs of those right so the macros done now so
thank you again to stop recording and now I've done everything correctly i can
go to Alberta little run that macro which is just at and then the register
that has a macro inside it just happens to be Q this time up and we've lost the
rap gets hit on the next line and say we should be succeeded it works we got the
left around Albert we wrapped it aside around this curly four races and I could
have easily save this macro off somewhere and use it anytime I want to
the factoring ever again save myself a bunch of time but so so i told you that
macros are literally just keystrokes let's look at the macro just recorded so
I'm gonna dump on the paste from register cube and tell them this by say
this is double-quote double-quote q put some getting it's a from the to register
put that thing I just recorded their looks like so that's literally just the
recordings of the exactly sir I did I'd insert mode
I time to let open colon this is not control character for escape
I was the end of the word appended a close friend i found the equal sign
believe two things and then I had this weird thing at the end that told
surrounded him surround this thing with curls now just to prove to you that
there's nothing special about this i would actually change this let to food
okay to have a line of text that represents my macro except is now
calling the fill method says the let method and i'm actually going to read
this back into the queue register so it's a double quote q yank so now I've
updated the queue macros let's go back to how we were and i'm not gonna run a
queue on this guy the new macro just reported and on this guy you can see we
change that so again just
he strokes the cool thing is you can write a macro and if you mess it up you
can just dump it and it back up and then loaded back in and work so you can
actually even dumped you can even have command your memory that will load these
macros and various registers for you
so maybe you always walk around with like this in your l reddish i'll
register and so whenever you want to refracture ledge butcher and then you've
got your letter e factor one final thing in script the script also has a bad rap
partially correctly it's a bit of an ugly language on but it's not that bad
it's just as easy to learn and for everything that you've ever learned the
best way to do it
Steve Loesch has an awesome guy for it's called learning javascript the hard way
and its really excellent as well as what i used to get up to speed
ever since I did I started writing his little functions for myself split one
real fast so it's correct test runner i mentioned this one earlier so I'm
frequently running our specs and cucumber features and I do this by
shelling out is a colon bang r-spec and the filename i read my editor that's
another thing that never leave rather you can you don't have to
so this is this correct test runner thing says it's just different scripts
very simple as a function takes two arguments if when I expand percent which
is shorthand for the current file name and that matches if it ends in $YEAR .
feature then return to cumber otherwise if it matches it ends and dots back our
be returned r-spec otherwise return Ruby and I use this down here in run current
test to fill in the correct test runner on this line right here because maybe i
want to run bank to cover or maybe r-spec baby Ruby like you I think you
guys probably understand this is pretty easy to read the treaty with him script
is there's there's some weird watches some things that if you design and
programming language scratch she would never decide to do but once you get
those master which are not very hard and Stephen
pointing out for you it's really really powerful to be able to script your
editor so don't be afraid of that it's nothing it's a bit bad rap
so a lot of people get a tox like to pimp things i'm gonna do that only is
not something for me I'm side that drew Neil recently he's the guy behind
fantastic org and he just wrote a book and it looks like this and I think it's
gonna be awesome if you see if you can come if you used the past are you seen
stuff on the planet org they're awesome really good screencast for learning them
doesn't recommend checking that out and he's a good guy who just finished this
book is generated now you can buy it and also I i talked to I got a discount code
so here we go
rails very happy IM 2012 twenty-five percent discount on that if you do it
I'm please don't actually share that I think it's just it's just for people at
this conference but if you're interested in the book
go for it I think it'll be a good read I can't read it yet but he's a good guy
Thank You things to do well that's all I have is my contact information
my doc files up on github there any people watching my dog files you might
find stuff interesting in there a big fat Marcy and a bunch of functions and
aliens and stuff like that and love to take your questions
he has a lot of funny things a lot of good things
104 sum of three favors functions functions india script coaches know for
example i love for operation or allow this particular all bombs selection
yeah I over your forever . is a big one . is a duck that repeat whatever your
last command was just does again which is really cool because difference you're
changing a bunch of references to from food bar you can say change word bar and
then to do a search for food and hit enter the next search and dr. repeat
repeat that last replacement and on and on and on and on and on really fast like
that a lot
it's a big one what you actually find myself using recently x commands so
anytime colon colon 10 comma 20 and 15 and her m30 that will move lines 10 to
20 on the line 32 him business days for visual filled with the visual part used
to people and editor called X which you use just by typing these commands right
on the command line you could even see what you're doing so it still maintains
x-mode what you think is crazy acts tribulations but very terse and keyboard
basically based yeah yeah yeah yeah
do you know a way of making them execute the code doesn't currently for example
running tests just not to wait for them that's good question
um no okay with it yeah go ahead
yeah and it's have you some tips how to efficiently deal with too many tops too
many tabs
yes don't want to be that kind of so I'm i use tabs not them so i'm a big fan of
splits have a big monitor so I typically split
I mean almost always two or three or four times often like a las six pains
because that's what I tend to do a lot of my working splits because i like to
be able to see code trying to get the values like you can reference what's
over here when you come over here typically pasta open into tabs if it's
unrelated it's like Oh what was that weird thing that file new tab and then
check that out and then close that comeback so typically or Frances workout
I'm going outside in development right so i have cucumber feature cucumber
steps and split over here and like I get this is the point where i wanted to dive
down a level you have come over here are specs back production code over here we
have to dive down another level over here put these all in separate apps and
so that each one sort of represents a logical grouping of that code and also
worked my way left to right depending on what I need to do also write a function
in my mercy are someone thought what a function is in my fantasy called merge
pads which will let you take a tab and merge it back into the previous window
has a split which doesn't have stock but it's actually anything that i find
myself too
I see you
we're using cannot be some people recommend might be more TV linux what
are the differences and and what do you think of that you get back is nice
because it gives you better color schemes recently you have the better
college games I don't have a ring line so I the old terminal with you'll like
16 colors or something or 256 forget that is prettier
I think the fonts look a little bit nicer the three the reason that I got
away from this because when i run my tests for Inside Man which of you all
the time they show up at the bottom of them i have like red green highlighted
on there and Matt doesn't support ASCII codes in that output so it looks all
messed up and that's just personally but also because you see what i'm using
screen which is awesome like it should definitely either using screen or two
bucks a bunch of stuff different windows open down here different screen portals
basically so I like having everything that one thing I gotta fit in one screen
session I got terminal a bunch of terminals the other ones so I like I
don't like having a rather just switch within screen
maybe related to the last question whenever I tried to get into him under
mac OS I got pretty frustrated by the conflicts between mac OS use of the
control key and it's needed and win did you experience that and if yes what I
out solutions of suggestions on how to deal with it experience that a little
bit i have basically limited the things that bound to control something so i use
control asks for writing file so i told you earlier and that's actually i think
i think one of my only control findings because like you said terminal happily
gobble up other ones claims for itself so i don't think there's an easy way
around that I don't know if you can rebind terminals commands easily would
be totally shocked because they're okay what about repositories
I mean there we have a full ideas we have lots of traffic touring yeah in a
method in a local variable introduce grateful extract method on Portman
member self and so on and so on
yep is this is the label in somehow
yes you can do a lot of those things so some of that stuff is a little trickier
dynamic language like Ruby so that's what I working most frequently so I
haven't sought out some of those but hey you can you can write about yourself
like I showed you that macro that we did just now so it's possible to write
simple things if you need a little more complexity you can write the script to
do them
I think there's also a fat up there's a plugin for him that's I can't exactly
what has our factoring in it was for like what that Ruby refactor how's it
yeah it's quite nice Ruby refactor okay so yeah I think something is written a
lot of that temperature for you thanks sure
down here in there
yeah so the question was do you have any tips for keeping your wrist help and
absolutely do because i had a serious battle of ours either take time off work
I was really scared so I did a bunch of things that really helped actually so I
got a keyboard tray got my hands nice low keep them pretty neutral i also have
an awesome keyboards called kisses it's it's like a three-hundred-dollar
keyboards to say but it's also the keys are split like you like Microsoft Word
or they're really split back Space Center page down page of all those
cookies on your thumbs includes like silly basically you have the letter keys
and everything else is on your thumbs and hit my thumb i hit backspace my
thumb hit space when I was normal that that get a letter off the pinkies
because that's what hurting me was like reaching out to escape reaching up to
backspace hitting Enter like that motion was hurting and so this means you stay
here and there's your thumbs for that sort of thing
it also puts the keys and like bowls sort of down like this
so what if you look at your keyboard keys are offset but they're not it's not
straight line from top to bottom there they're sort of dying like this I think
is really good reason for that is to start with how things were done and
continue today so these are actually all straight up-and-down which kind of makes
sense because if you think of your fingers curling up and down you
why should this all be the same call of keys so it doesn't doesn't number of
smart things that they make typing easier and basically every time i'm not
typing on keyboard i don't like I really it's really awesome it's really
expensive it also comes with foot pedals which have been dying to get so you can
kind of a foot pedal for like tape or something
yeah right
run all your tests ship it something I don't know
so okay yeah sure okay how are you I'm fine with me five minutes ago sorry
yeah it's not it's not a question but i just wanted to say about doing this book
which mentions yeah I heard it
yes it's awesome great so you should you should buy it and also supports video
was amazing person cool yeah he's got a protected against make sure you want to
cool thanks appreciate that
anything else oh yeah either so my christmas card at all
you're using visual model to know tonight thanks very frequently yeah it
is yeah it's it's actually one of the areas where i could be a little more
efficient so i think i should do with da ppl paragraph which blew away the whole
method i often forget about that and all going to you
yeah absolutely so that means i need to get my cheat you're absolutely right so
i need to highlight idol highlighted and then go down a couple lines and deleted
which is just a little bit slow
I also really love it's called column select within the control V with with
black select yeah last night was awesome
you're changing a bunch of things or like anything that's in a vertical
column big fan of that was really welcoming sure
any one person is going to get one more than up later too large for ya when I
just started
yep one of the best things idea is mapping I didn't I don't know if you
mention it
remapping that goal of capsule is one of the best things that you would you
recommend it to block it would you change it to 0 control okay so why don't
you stand that I did not cast like to escape
it's again it's like it's staying on the homeworld idea rather than reaching all
the way to escape I think that's one of the only fat does well when it was
originally created escape was very easy to reach you look at those old-school
keyboards escape this really handy to reach now it's sort of stuck on the
corner so I read that to escape but also five so i know a lot a lot of people map
caps lock control but actually don't use that many control based command I find
if I were doing emails I absolutely would but i so i just do it first gape
yeah that's great advice is we're looking at two here i can just repeat
the question to your high festival and plugins and would you recommend to have
plenty all just sticking to peel in and not use . so business is then treat but
some people don't like it i'll recommend commodity said to use to you swap those
look like I use this little country
sorry this is also not much better isn't no okay is super tab in CoffeeScript t
comment and cucumber in fugitive in surrounding rails in Ruby and command T
and like half a certain back to Pope of course i'm a big fan of plugins I don't
think you should jam them in like a lot a lot of people because of Janice for
example ships with it sort of pre-configured configuration has a bunch
of plugins it has a bunch of happy for you i don't like that I think should
grow it yourself you should start with stock them in a tiny mercy and slowly
grow the mercy
slowly add plugins
the amount so you really know what functionality is coming from where
so I'm a fan just added slowly my reputation
it's kind of part of this question for a long time I was kind of scared of my
penis and things like that because consistent know we're going to have
different environment on the server-side don't have my feet I'll see that sounds
kind of like to always have a few open command sign what to use sure so I was
always scared monkeys anything because I could kind of get all yet would be
removed from Henry yea votes lobster like people now she's um do you have
your interest in the repository
yes ok can you put a positive way down to the other server
no because of security reasons this point in your own home directory
yeah okay okay let's tricky if you really can't get interesting either
locally then you might have a point where you don't want to add mappings
because gonna no you wouldn't you're not there i guess if you have to just look
at decide how annoying is that for and how much time you actually spending on
machines or you can even edit your home directory and because it's a massive
speed game together background stuff i mean it's huge
so if it's not a lot of time stands on boxes that you have no control
I would think I just suffer through with him like okay sometimes I can't use what
I have left my home set up Chase
Last Chance has a question over here
I think it's will be the final ok sure i'm talking afterwards i'll be around
there's one sure it's not actually questions and just wanted to say that
daap doesn't really work went on to reflect on matters like deleted gonna
have any lines it but you can use the percent which is really cool so you're
yeah yeah okay so if you are when you find a matador in the end use percent it
moves to the beginning of the definition of the blog or at the end if you're the
beginning so that's really handy right that's good that's very good advice yeah
dat doesn't work if you if there's not whitespace the other side that's what to
say or if you have a line that has expenses on it okay yeah sure
good advice alright so i'll be around feel free to ask questions i'll talk
about this stuff
thank you all very m