Thursday, October 06, 2016

Aloha Ruby Conference 2012 Git and GitHub Secrets by Zach Holman

and you know then secrets today a I'm sakhalin
I'm home in on Twitter home when I get her you can do the needful there
and I work for get have incorporated we host source code
if you know what you have is this talk is going to really confusing for you
for sale let you know is I'm not a smart guy I'm really it kinda dim-witted
not afraid to but I hang around lots a smart people these are all my coworkers
that did have
the lot of them now kinda weird
I am book there's a lot of people here and just by hanging out with them just
by being in chat rooms with them
I end up learning a whole bunch a valuable stuff
unfortunately this is mostly the valuable stuff I learned as we postings
in the campfire
the some really good at like tacos and heating
I guess sometimes I just go to sleep with this on my screen because it's just
it really gets me going I
but also we talk about get I like to read a lot I love between two guys and
again have
I'm support request blog post discussions
I'm in just sorta by reading all this stuff I end up learning a lot about it
about get home about
problems people end up facing and I think there's a lot of
stuff I can talk about through talk about that today and and that's going to
go on for a whole bunch of stuff that you
%uh sometimes my talks are much more higher level philosophical blah blah
blah that's not just talk to me
going quickly passed a bunch of them different formation you can take notes
if you want
all through the slides up online afterwards if you want to track
something down some weird arcane
get command besides all of them I you can go back and check them out later
so first what is the secret I
forget basically everything is it a secret because the UI
get is ridiculous saw talk a little bit about that forget Harbor
up for us that sorta features that don't make it into the UI
as well call a secret for the sort of thing and that's a bunch of stuff for us
we have
pin HD melted tools email hacks we have a whole bunch of different things we put
inside the website that we don't necessarily make a big deal about we
don't announce
I am we may not at buttons to these things but we still have been the
the whole reason behind all this is so we can experiment with different things
I am I know by the end of this talk you gonna say
no that looks really cool I like that feature once is at a button at the UI
that'll be so awesome
so I decide to mop it up what would happen and this is basically you would
get it would look like if we did all that stuff
with the exception of Hasselhoff all the other stuff and go
up but what we try to do is aimed for simplicity
and we try to be flexible so where try make the
the most simple promise we can but if it's possible we can add like a URL
parameter 2
do something cooled on the website for those power users we want to make it
flexible enough to do that
so I'm sorta talking about the flexible in this talk
so will be two parts getting did have
let's start out with did have and I will just dive right into it
I you can take breath in between slides
it'll be quick different batch if you had to defer dot patch to any sort
love def you are all online one up generating the text only output about
through get I'm so if you ever dealing with anything on like the command line
going to a quick script just to get like the
you know what actually change this commit I'm you get the death I'll put
that way just said that if or doc patch to an URL this works not just on diff
pages but also I compared to use PPPoE request commit pages
a thing that has a different has a textual representation that you can
I'm just by adding those the file names to the URL
also but if you ever have
on those people on your team I Alexa comdex
who don't control their white space and they've it is commit like you know
trailing white space and all these other white spaces
after you fire them you can go in at W girls want to the URL
and then we'll just Trunki all those white spaces so watch the show you
actually changed rather than
these forty lines are just like now different and it's very confusing
I am also subversion
but obviously liked it I think it is OK
I'm subversion is exists
I am but the cool thing again how that now %uh people know about is
a rule are just get host online the world's largest version
post online because every single repository on github is also Subversion
I'm we do this via a special SVN get service layer
on our side of things and so when you send us a virgin call to get home
we translate those calls on our side in to get calls on our servers
and then to %uh the corresponding action on the get
beget repo I am on our servers
sickness stuff like SVN checkout and then pass the repository on github
and it'll do everything that's the version does and we support
almost all this version fans at this point and
the the code to do that is just black magic numbers the maze but
you guys can use the affects breezy if you're in this abrasion
up also in talk about is to be an SSH for a little bit
a little bit ago couple months ago we did some self changes to the site you
may or may not have noticed
previously we used to have this under every a repository page
SSH default as the protocol you pull down
to clone a repository we switch this to be a shitty
a little bit ago amendment by default you'll have to if
URL up on %uh the page they can calm down
you maybe ask yourself why why would they do this on this good bunch
different reasons that we're doing this
one were using smart AC it smart HTTP here rather than
the old Dom HTTP which is really slow basically this just means we have
efficient service iPad file generation so we can send those packets back to you
really quickly
I'm if you're in a corporate environment maybe no a lot of you in this room
I but fire was a horrible I and
this is kinda a big barrier to a lot of people using SSH
for all the good stuff also key generation which is really good for
people in windows or if you're not a neckbeard
I'm for every single person this room that made the
able to set up an SSH key easily I can show you fifty
people who have no idea how that works I'm so all the stuff is
a lot harder for SSH for most people on
most severe probably still like I don't care another things are really relevant
to me
on the problem which again you guys may have run into is a few
if you pull down in age to be a the URL
clone by accident we won us the stage that's all fine but you'll get the
username prompt and then the password prompt
I to get up which is obviously nobody wants to type the same username password
over and over and over again
this was remedied and get one 79
with something called credential cache if you
mister I'll help you set it up on your particular distribution if you're on a
the newest homebrew installs this by default Amell store all your credentials
inside a keychain early securely which is really nice
so enough to keep typing all that stuff over and over again if you still don't
care just put SH
and we're gonna remember that forever so that's the TLDR on that one
cloning without the dot get a yeah his clone the URL
that's cool I like that a we like to call something
called can have HD sort of which is kinda everyone's been doing this lately
I everyone loves a new icon sets obviously
no arguments there right I but a few
if you command plus on a Mac or whatever it is on windows are you pinch to zoom
and I O S
you get like the nice page and then we'll assume and all the icons are nice
crisp and you can zoom in and zoom in zoom in
and it looks really nice on this is obviously a big deal with the whole
retin-a max
which I have one dance awesome you should get one if you
like pixels I guess a so that's
kinda fun thing I'd suggest you guys looking into icon set on your own side's
kinda nice when'd get this crisp and clear for everything
also are learning um some organizations a lot more paranoid about
security rightfully so I'm so suitable
lesser-known tab in your settings the Security tab will show you
public is a good created or edited are added to your account
and also repositories that make it two leaders they can go on and say
oh so many added this apart their the public key to my count you know
two weeks ago maybe I should go investigate that it's just kinda nice
way to make sure that nobody else's prying echoed
but you don't want them to a you know the Arctic Cat
I have stickers by the way later if you need it the Arctic Cat but the story the
Arctic Cat is
players to make it so boring up
it was a cheap stockard we grabbed an iStockphoto because we wanted something
cute on our air pages
because like the air page tends to make people angry
militarily be angry at this cute cat because I mean it standing up old water
I don't know why um so this is cool ways the stock photo for a while then people
started liking the Arctic Cat which is a problem cuz we don't own the rights to
us then we got the rights and became have a but
a mascot for us and that's the story ask at
the the secret here to go doctored expected him to calm that's where we put
all our crazy
Arctic and animations and clip art and stuff like that
but and I just love Oct cats the Q
did I O is our URL shortener I am
the easiest way to sort abuse this I is
miss the example shell script you can hit a if you just go the URL
on and the usage years basically you know it will just give you a command
command line
programming just forget I O and the URL and an optional name
and the consumer any sort love did her but URL into a gift that I O
shortener so if you ever do stuff like I use this in these lies just cuz it's
easier than doing the whole repository
I am URL on the slides or we on Twitter anything like that you can use our URL
we Mac App we know that
so I'll let you know some people don't know these things amazing
the Mac app is awesome what about the windows out
does not like the windows that is going
it's okay cool I'll linguist is also really cool
linguists is our Open Source project to handle all of our language specific
on get up so anything that involves I detection WRL
are detection ever pas story I'm syntax highlighting the undead files all those
things are
but different ways that linguists can determine
what a language what language a particular file isn't
how this generates that nice language graph under a POS stories
I'm so you can see it quickly at a glance like what is involved in this POS
um this is also good if you want to check this out and run it yourself
um back when the
for in the dudes name I don't know we had a bunch from
program leaders languages I get really some the last couple of months
and because all the stuff is open source would have syntax highlighting all the
really quickly on dot com I mean if you ever run into stuff where we're
misclassifying a project
I'm we may think that something is I am you know Ruby when it's something else
this is where you go to and try and figure out on how you can help out make
better for everyone else using the products
in the replies in reply to an email that we send you a man
you will just put in the site I'm so if you get like an issue notifications
immigration issue just reply back to end the war add your comment as a comment on
a thread
allowed nice little icon saying this is an email reply
kinda nice thing I do this all the time my phone if I'm don't wanna lot of the
sighting disc send a quick email and then get involved in the discussion
up if you use know about just
its kinda Barra text if it as a service
um its kind of nice it's kinda been a that
taken away for a long time a but there's a lot of cool stuff you can
due to abuse just basically it's not just for snippets as a couple cool ways
to do this
I am oh yeah I was pretty embarrassing photos the Julian here
up the julia is whatever designers I get up and she is doing some cool stuff I
just for design related stuff
on which some really kinda stoked about this is a budget like weird CSS
with like you know Mozilla conditionals in WebKit and all that stuff I
I'm a human I don't know how to read that stuff so it's cool that you sharing
this but I have no idea what he's trying to say here so on
in her comments over just so say oh I'm making this you know curled
corner affected CSS and then she can
you know at all the stuff she also links to an actual
web say they can play around with this in real time and zoom in like pic around
in the source code
on this is gonna be nice way to use just as a very simple prototyping to you
don't have to do
I'm some crazy repository thing like that to get people discussing it
you know you put screenshot strictly an I'm its kinda nice way to sort of abuse
it's not just about you're boring XML
you may put up there don't put Sam XML appear to be really boring
I developers allow to cool is low wage for developers to do is just as well
I'm just in factor for file stories sitting clone them down like anything
this is the URL is on any particular just
I just clone that down as you would normally one cool waited
to deal with this this one guy Jeff wrote a blog post about micro gems
on which is basically a Gemini just I have to do is include a chance back and
you just
and you can very quickly just put entire sort of jam
and hosted on a just rather than doing a full project and did have been dealing
with all the overhead with that
I do this a lot I do this with the something out expect many witches
Chris wants to throw this is like a quick way to add contacts and stuff
your tests in like 30 lines of code I am
so in my project I just specified to use this German appointed to this particular
I'm and I get all the benefits and using bundler to deal with all this stuff and
I don't have to do a
really complicated release for any other stuff
um that way is that we specify get anymore
to that change Terrence now whatever
so tell us what I said if that changed if it didn't
with what I said up quick example just looked it does its last many
I'm and that's the easiest way to figure this stuff out I just look at the job
spec how it's setup
I miss a nice sorta easy way to do these things one-off projects
I quit disposable products
we have a bunch of image view modes which is all done client side which is
very cool
so if you have a %uh in image in any push up a new version that image
I'm will have all these different ways figuring out what is actually change
between those images
now at Mysore shop in a diff page I'm so this was just the overlay
and you can swipe back and forth the CE the very minute detail changes between
those two
images right there a man you can just swipe along
it's really helpful in the case is up like your designers like to change those
couple pixels for some reason they like what did you actually do here
and this is how you can actually figure out whether something actually
legitimately change toward designers is trying to be cool
pub you guys ever use help
shit that's all i got now I hope is really cool
I if your own home brewed just installed to install hob
others also just a one liner install you can do I used to be a gem I think
on public basically a superset get a installs next year get rapper and you
can say stuff like hub clone home in booming that will go to get have
just clone this down without having to type the whole thing
I'm you can do multi remote pushes gonna push to multiple places at once
I'm use that common then I'll just do subsequent pushes to each other
um and then you can also attach a poor quest to an issue
which is really kinda cool I am a lot of times
stuff will start out as an issue and you'll say okay this is broken
and then later on Sunday will want to creep or question saying oh this issue
sort out this way and now I wanna make the snow for request with actual code I
will go from there
Republican just do this and on the command line to Stella which issue to do
on and I'll just credible request out that issue
I am actual turn it into a request and
the the reason this is so causes even as early as this as your
year alias this to your get that
binary I'm and if something doesn't happen to be in hospital just fall back
to get
I'm second issues get for all these things is just like a superset
%uh that's all open source get accomplished the funk slap pub nice
little thing
I mentioned earlier the Arctic Cat is now on our air pages and 44 pages and
all that stuff
what you may not know is a it's got accelerometer support on your phone so
if you shake your phone around
yield see all of the Oct cat stuff chains around
this is really beneficial for your work they can explain your boss
that you're playing with your phone to on up give work benefit
analysis stuff a yep
pristine repo paging get a quick file finder this is amazing
it's one of the things they don't know about you actually Presti in you see
I like holy crap I wish I would have known this about this earlier
so you know this check this out City I miss or like Manti and text me
I and you you just quickly type out a file anywhere near
repository in the quickly jump to that I'm W hit the
branch lecture on a page I am it's against or like that fuzzy finery just
that w you can quickly jumped to a branch
I do this a lot of time working on a branch for a long time right know that
you know I'm never gonna be a master for the next week or so so I can as quickly
go to that page to sit W and jump back and forth between branches really
I'm S is for quick search this is just our search form with
sense upgraded this to our command bar which is also sort of like a
I also like an Alfred Quiksilver thing which lets you jump
quickly to different projects issues on a search is a whole bunch of your data
which is really cool
I'm and then all these things just a question mark on any page you can see
all unless the commands for that particular page
we really like keyboard shortcuts and there's a bunch of different things you
can do to sort of
quickly get the command line interface to a website basically
something we do a lot did have internally is to sort of just subscribe
to a particular issue so if I know something is broken and
Ryan is the key the the problem behind all this I can say like CC
are too may go to this thread and he is now subscribe to that threat
so almost every issue at this point to get have did have our own repository
we have the CC's I'm to particular people because we want people to be able
to see
like you should really pay attention this issue because it its related to
what you're
you you're working on I'm and they described all those notifications so
they can see the discussion you know that they're seeing the discussion
I'm it's a nice way to start a communication without actively going
over in like
shaking them in making them do your bidding like that
you can also do teams directly if your own organization it could have just hit
at ORD and the slash team so for us if I wanna paying all the designers in our
company and you said active have Flash designers
I'm in and now all you subscribe to that particular threat
I in general we do a bunch of different things to commit as well we just saw to
all the Shah's so if you ever mention a shot wall will track it all the other
characters because you don't visually need to see the whole Szabo hyperlink it
so you can
quickly jumped up to commit on this case I refer to commit
and then you can link streets that commit that I reverted so you can sort
navigate between the two I'm you can also do this across different
against the user at a particular shot if you wanna talk to about somebody else's
a you know the somebody else's for combat repo
I can also specifically mention a different repost or use a slash triple
at a particular shot
I'm if you ever get in those positions kinda nice just be able to
link between things really easily up
real citizen issues were all a link specific
issue numbers I'm in this case use it pound sign in the number in the world
out only gets that repositories
issue %uh you can also do that with the same sort of way as
the i'm looking shies just user or use a slash repo and then you link to that
repositories issue
that you mention the comment body itself
I hate seeing reviews like this I where like
you just can't it between the parts is just not syntax highlighting syntex
eileen is the best thing ever
so if you specify the language like that you can I syntax highlighting in your
I just do a triple back sick and then
say the specific language that you're looking for in this case through be in
the world did you nice highlighted thing in your
read me I just makes things much more readable
I and more awesome
you also auto close issues %uh straight from a commit
so if you ever commit something and you know that's big thing you know
the issue number one just hit close close close any sort of syntax up close
I wanna make clothes that same thing with fix I will go and I'll say okay
you know he close this from this particular commit I'm it's a nice way to
just doing things all at once rather than going back and doing it manually
you probably all seen the the commit listings I am
on a particular project we go through the histories you can also do this by
so if you go to the world look something like this: slash commit flash master
if you add the URL parameter author equals and then a particular user name
or email address I think also works will filter that to show only
map is a good their particular person's contributions to the project
%uh this is really cool if you contribute to Rails anyone assertive
plan your resume or boast about it I'm you can quickly link to this page it
will show you just your contributions to rails for example
up there's also a bunch of stuff about poor request that I still
a lot of people use poor requests I am
not optimally I think forget how about
we use 'em branch to branch a lot you don't have to have pork west between two
separate forks
or two super organizations or anything like that so we do poor quests on the
I repository um and because we only really work on France's there's only one
get have repository nobody really forks give up internally
we just work on the same branch we push it up and this is just great cuz we
don't have to do separate permissions for forks
I'm you have to add more remotes to get which is really complicated
I am you just push the branch and do the Park West between branches
Park West also offer quotes panel a crazy this is one from a few months ago
when we read in our About page we use screenshots all over the place
inside a pork Wes and this is just a standard markdown
a function if you use the syntax on the bottom exclamation point brackets
and then in parentheses the URL you can embed the images
inside get up and we cash all news to you so
if you put on some host that's horrible like sketch and then sketch goes down
wat wil Cashen you can still see it regardless
um as I mentioned earlier hope has that cool way to convert
issues the pork Wes other reason that existed because it's in our API
I'm so you can just had opposed to that particular URL and you can do it
you don't want to go through up I again it's kinda nice thing if you want to
a deal with the the issues pork was not duplicating data like that
a mochi if you don't know Moshi I don't know you that's not cool mode you're the
greatest thing ever
a Disick Colin and then you put your particular Moggi
and that's how everyone will know you know when I put colon poo
that I think therefore request is to it's really endearing for the person you
open a port quest
a all the stuff the is this place to check this out just emo gfs chief Dashie
dot com is a whole lot on list of all the mochi that we support get have
I most is also working in campfire we actually have a
37signals get her collaboration amo je repository where we do. of all this
Senate is Asian emoji is really important for us up
so she goes out sometimes you can do a lot of crazy things that the Moshi that
words are just you know pedestrian at that point
line linking you've probably seen this is a quick online a
you can how it that line and then it gets added to the URL so you can pass
that around and say hey check out this line
we may not know at
you can also accept arranges so if you add
I am the the dash and then the ending point
in the URL so myspace in this point pound sign
l16 line sixteen for 25 was highly that whole block for you
and get help itself also kinda nice little thing to pass around
code back and forth
up also you probably also seen the the compare view
a bunch that's what happens when you push stuff up in the lobby looks good
compared to URL a few different between branches
I am usually get the world for like this user slattery both last compare and then
a particular range were range is usually something like master dot dot dot my
and then you see the differences between master and that branch in the
cool thing about this is that Ranger smart and this isn't necessarily did not
think this is the
strictly get mace magic I'm thinking you cool stuff like master at one that day
dot ago
that I dot master and you'll see the difference between what happened on
master today versus what happened a day ago
I mean it has cooled off amazing it's a just yesterday or
you know a particular day and compare this to master
I know a lot of people for that particular teams
may do stuff like I your show me everything that happens
in last 12 hours and then I'll just bookmark that page they can
see what's actually happening on their teams page overtime
okay so left to give up stuff and now we get to get everyone's favorite confusing
everything a with lots of hidden weird stuff inside a bit that I like to talk
up we for better or worse we sometimes do commit let's commits
I did have which is just that using dash dash allowed at Mt
so you can do a commit I'm without any sort of death for content in the
community itself
at a messaging you say allow anti and then you'll actually made to commit
I this I guess you control your coworkers with this
you know if your that type person you can also do other stuff sometimes
to you need some sort of commit to something to test like a hawk or
something like that any
you do the stuff we make a tiny commitment to revert it and then you go
back and forth and stupid
you just do this instead it's kinda nice tricky way to do things
I'm staging homes is probably not what you think a
use that dad dash he is really cool
I am it will authoritative show you a whole bunch different things so
when you're adding all this if you have a whole bunch of code
prepped and ready to be committed a metal show you all these options
I'm like where you can basically say yes I want this line I want this particular
group of files I want this stuff
added I want the other stuff still on stage and second-stage particular
hunks basically and commit those a commit those on their own
I was basically one that's my way to do smart logical commit sets
where you have very topical stuff you don't have other weird things that had
to be changed for that commit to work
but aren't really part in that commit I'm sometimes it's a really nice view
are on a team that really cares about the stuff a lot
a get show colon slash and then a particular query is really cool
it will search through your get logged for the last
thing that you committed that matches that search so on the ghetto bass if I
say get
show calls left to bid he'll just look through and see 0
rails longer was really stupid and April 27
I do this a lot just because sometimes I know a particular commit
I happened and I don't care about anything before that I just want the
last one
that's a nice quick way to do that an axis that
um this is really cool up Seeney
dash if you don't know this this just goes back to this the
previous director your and on the command line I get has this concept to
sing say
check out dash and we'll just go back to the branch they are currently on
you can just go back and forth between master next master next
on this is really cool for you are you know switching back and forth between
those two branches obviously
merge branch as you can access the exit with get branstad stash merged
and will show all the branches I am that
something I'm going future hold on it will work out
yes so these all the branches that have been merged into
the branch that you currently on on the reverse this is Steph no dash emerged
which other branches that haven't quite been moved merged into the branch you
currently on
I'm obviously I'm already confused talking about it but this is really
helpful to you
figure out to reduce the confusion when you're actually working on stuff has
this branch members and has it not
if so merge them up along the same lines you can say dat stuff contains in a
particular shot
and we'll tell you which branch I owns that particular shot
I'm sometimes particularly if somebody is sending you some random link to get a
repository and it's just a shot in the
command line if they're in the URL bar and you know it you're that's all
belongs to this is a nice way to figure out how it's on this date
X branch similar recently which is actually kinda cool
it's sort of copying the content of I'll to your particular branch surface a get
check out and then the branch
& in dash dash in a path to the particular file that you you want
that basically copies what is in that particular file
on that branch into your a into your current working copy without having to
check back and forth between those branches
I'm I use of a lot when I'm like are I definitely want the stuff and its other
brands but I want to merge the whole branch I just want that particular file
%uh that's a really quick and easy way to do that
%uh ritual commits is also there's a lot I just cool things you can do once you
learn the
that weird syntax and get a get large branch
a and the care branch be we'll show you the commits the
in a that are not in the bee branch
I'm thinking against North Sea what is the difference between branches
um in terms of the log in this example
I'm along those same lines if you run and SS last
lost found in this it will show you the bar the blotting minutes
on a particular branch I are that aren't on a particular branch
sorry I so if you ever end up like two leading a branch or something like that
actually fairly hard to delete content at all and get
I'm usually it's going to be stashed away somewhere in time garbage collect
I mean this is the way to figure this out like this free garbage but you can
say okay
this is a particular commit i'm looking for. and I comply commit into the branch
them on its not actually lost to that point
I we're sort of obsess about diff stats at that have
we obviously like to see less code in production and more
I and we show this on poor request pages I mean this is just the same way you can
deal with this on the command line yourself
you do get if and the the is basically saying show me the stats
love the commit before last
compared to you with the current head a master elder sorry the the stats
between those two I this is coop seen some people just build
lots of scripts around this I'm have a very pretty
scripts things run to see was actually happened in the last commit a video
dip lame obviously has a bunch of different stuff I'm you probably use the
plane were ill show you who change that line in the particular lines next to it
I to blame has a bunch of really cool things you can do
up the the problem is if things
are like this particular line say this has a bunch of light and white space at
the end
I I don't really care about that is it doesn't change but
the underlying meaning about line so if you add that with get blamed dash w/
it will show you I am in the previous example
that particular line held ago have to go online
the middle align was a different commit when it really i just want to see who
really put that line there
without the the white space I'm in and ask to be will
will look back in your history to figure out when the deadline meaningfully
change venues that is Blaine
I'm dash am is also pretty cool a
if I let's see yeah i detect the moves between I
different files so if you have two lines of code like ANP
and then you change it to be and a it ends up
blames that really smart figuring out how that stuff works but if you had dash
M it will blame the original commit not to move commit
7 to commit to move those different functions are different methods
in the file itself I am it will then go back with dashtam to figure out when to
that actual commit happened so you can see
again within the meaning of the line change not went to them position on the
line change
but did FC is like him but it looks at other files in the same commit
so if you're moving stuff between files if you're saying
UK a moving I'm extracting this method into a separate helper
I'm if you def see it all detect those moves and again it won't look at that
that merge commit will look at the original committed appalled from
I'm and then you can add dashed FC howard s the C word for looking to
commit the file was created in and ash CCC
will look at all your comments obviously the more places you're telling
get to look at the slow its gonna be but in a lot of cases
you will be fine with waiting because this stuff is very valuable figure out
where to this
actually come from up
molter lot fetches is really cool if you have a bunch of different posture as
you're working on for whatever reason
I'm you can set up age group in your dick in Fig anything
fetch that group just by saying fetch my group and I will go and fetch remote one
remote to in this case
if you're in that situation get status
others relatively recently I guess couple years at this point they had a
couple new features to get status
this is the normal gets ass is really boring I never use this cuz I
at this point I know like how to get add stuff
I don't need to read all that stuff so i jus alias get status to get said stash
SB gives you something like this it's got a little bit more color it's to the
I miss directly what you want to see up
that's kinda nice thing to do up word effing
I do a buncha writing on my blog stuff like that just personal writing
and death originally a really kind of horrible at
writing like plain English type stuff so in this case I had one word
and it will say okay this whole line changed obviously like yes it changed
but like what changed
I if you do the same sort command with test that word that
dashed if it will show you a separate death with bebe secular word this will
show you exactly oh this particular were changed
and I can make a you know that I can go from that point forward
I am this can help with code to I just use a really
a bunch with long-form pros
spelling I I'm a horrible speller as well
get home it a had to that all like every day
and then get says 0 that's not a command did you mean: commit
to it doesn't do anything it's like or he's kinda trolling so
if you do get convicted as a global helped out on a cracked 1
and then you take clomid again it will just say oh you said comet
doesn't exist I'm just gonna see me commit deal with it if you didn't
I'll just do it a so if you wanna live dangerously and is the senior
misspellings will look like this spelling's that you want it to look like
but whatever just trust get that will never go wrong for you
just getting I'm did we re is
Polaris the say means reuse recorded resolution
I this is sort of a it's one of the things that's really nice
in the weird circumstances if you get yourself into the sort of thing
if you turn this on reread done enabled 1
I am base he remembers records merge conflicts
I'm this is beneficial if you're on a really long running project where year
quick your continues the emerging back and forth between the two
are typically you emerging from like master into that longer any branch
and if you end up running in the commits the whole time I am
and you resolve those commits did won't necessarily remember those commits we
merge back in if he runs in the same
sewer pump again so this basically will say get remember my actions on this
particular merge commit here
I'm and then at I wanted to do that again in the future
color is good just turn on the call you I obviously
color makes everything better day that's like other
a demand I use a whole bunch if I commit something and I haven't pushed yet
and i want to sale crap I i'm in a misspelling hear something like that
I just have a demand alias to get mad dash I'm and FC head
I'll amended to the the the latest commit
I think desi is not even needed here just seems to be had anywhere
I but that's really cool then you know many again you get sorted smut logical
commits rather than
a string apply groups throughout this group for got this what's
yeah we have much those people get up to
a undue a is just an alias I have forget reset that have soft head
the previous commit to you current had iran and there's a bunch different
get and use it depends on what you want to use this way because
it retains are committed staged I'm rather me just like blowing all out or
usually I do this in that case I love you know I don't wanna like many I want
us to work on and stuff I just wanna roll back to commit
I'm and still profit to be committed again I
but it's just ready for me to do that account
I have alias to get short like dash F and
is a nice way to just jump in the repository and say who is actually
working on this project
who can i bug to see I you know who's breaking my stuff
I am and then take credit
is just the nice thing I have it's a script bases just did commit dash dash
amanda says author what you're doing is basically saying
I want this guy to be credit for credited for this commit but I'm pushing
right now
cuz did actually has both an author bit and they commit bit
where you can say I'm this person is the author this commit and then this person
me is the committer this is really good if you want
I'm to remember that like on actually write this but this is the first I wanna
contact if something breaks
in the future I in this case it just sets the
heads of her as someone else okay
that's what I got one last thing I i just want to point out the most
important thing in the Arctic Cat is
for laser one tale another eight legged thing
that would be absolutely frightening humans only day legs
so that we got thanks
question time
kicking up stage them I have five
let's talk about span
um I don't believe so I think that the change at some point I'm actually sure
the reason why the change
don't think you can easily change the target a park west right now
the homepage it
God this
is a mother cyber for right
good yep
powered I for
Firebird up
so the sidebar is organized I believe by last push that day
I'm so basically more active repose windup
on the top that list on if you're talking about
dealing with different organizational stuff and you want to see just that
organizations 1 I'd switch the contacts with the contact switcher
up top I am
otherwise like every time I just trying to jump through repository really
yeah I mean in that case if you if you have a particular pas story that you
want to jump you right away
I just ass and then use the new command bar and thence
I just use the user re both syntax of owning jump to
did have slash get have to set asked it had slashed it up
enter an order is jumping right there probably easiest
when that
yeah I get ex has the a good at that P
a hung staging I am data for Mac also
has line by line staging as well usually if I'm
in a really big commit like a really nasty when I don't do I commend either
cuz it
it's confusing I have to read the options every single time in figure out
so I just gotta
some other going to do that as well yeah
that I for their active as well over
up so we review awesome
one box boss is
a loss oh man yet yet
your user fraud were
or for were
of we try to do like them bindings for
a lot of different things on the side and
we try to show some max love sometimes just getting we love you all
cool I'll be around asking questions
got a sticker for tonight goal