Thursday, October 06, 2016

Aloha Ruby Conf 2012 Ten Things You Didn't Know You Could Do by James Edward Gray II

are we ready it's there
alright the most ridiculously Hawaiian shirt
thing cafe forgiving and talking away
about it to make a
I'll right I thought I
store after I by in action
I think take
president now me and James ever a second
and the guy fed of some all the time hundred-meter
fair if you were in Iraq
II it's my first time in a quiet pretty rate
for him and half sitting outside huge
Rochester aspirin how come or not where
and I'm Senate have actually a vacay
talk hey remained a
Hanro happy Aaron handrail
can you and track talk why online no I didn't actually mean
I day twenty-day it in your afternoon Anaheim
right back with our be released campaign este read a
because I still have it packing at and I'm assuming you guys are not going to
let him get away with hear anything day
okay I guess we have to hear eyewitness morning here
batman & you like fat applique
I wouldn't come all this way K
it now here we are hair and a I wanna make sure
every maybe this very morning something a way
a way up for any okay
over and out matter if you're one of those people could pay
you know you're about to have a very stressful morning many
very minus 10 friend got highway
after my slides online hair
to our way right now everything I share your reading activity
basic really it works from this period but being worked on in most previous
but there are some exceptions and everything
founded category flagstar tire tracks
do you know they're actually executed well really good
every relief if you're passionate even at X rich
Eleanor everything fisherman and my partner here already
or everything under underscore underscore and owners writers for
which means out janet was where actually run here
back NHL game at special your one account right when it's in your program
reopening iraq's action points and it whenever
and after iraq especially I O and Jack
right here Cup game and then you can mean you're doing
operations would and you can even imagine your interest rate
any i/o operations in rewind back in the air
file any working air carriers day
Chi make and I actually use mystery
Friday with a day an axe you can grab why
find a day which makes your program express a
only one copy and it's running Friday
just remember remand care
because if they accidentally gets reading your program rock
incorrectly have and I want pretty no
and about right stay there they can see here
expects a minute and stereotactic copy and alright
percent and other training and here
and wants to ours probably and get an idea air
you can store data in town and center be open to the right position you know
we're trying to say
if I okay think I have a hand in your handwriting data back out a call me
about this change in
a.m. travels around here harrowing have richer panini
transcript some Frank
have really
hey for not getting back telling you what's going on you can ask for their
and fact abstract syntax tree extract
actor you want seizure red something in the locker
cash payday at here's the actual net income in return for me account not
knowing what these nodes are
it reignited blocking I and another action you can ask for the per screen
with Connor and may have been really helpful comments
internet housing at this hearing me with american cock
Paso actually 20 you can also ask for any instruction a sequence that the
virtual machine
remains and here
really think 20 outburst writings you can ask for me to you
show you its parsing third Co
it's probably only here at work for me it's out backstop
magic constant
anything to find it too but more you requires
anchor really will stay all baloney
heroin and cash 17 file name:
and Italian lines of code Boeing save you money
sisters I UK
the actual reviewing and everybody of how you may be getting creamed kale Khan
optimization we
Franco bank just because stack
factory they were in there create a axed
of all so if you turn it on
you also wanted to ask Tracy instructions
that's why i cant optimization engine Pierce made a
and that's why I'm of Paul any make sure your hair is compiled after you've
options so here at acting you how to make that happen and a
you can't count optimization am Iran's actually quite quickly
spectacular and I think I think
I web super my favorite k ordinary
relief and bring them from the UK after parent
whenever you want sorry man I got a Samy passing have to pay
hi if he really everything affects you bring to bring
now arguments they everything else pack
actually back pretty common usage
everything including a book K
actually there if you modify does hours
not for you that bears tempered experts months probably not surprised
coming from UK Mac a make me many
really is fine variable and thank all
compare super all modification go up
Friday actually my prime first if you're a fan of
horrendous a at ninety bringing purposefully at napping
awaiting and history if you need a
care enough to walk thank you pastor Brock don't want to pack
apparent crash you can use ever stand now
make you block magical tricks is super
there's an allergy thanks you for one another
of keyword and fine angry people telling you
if they're any cross-connect UK
seriously and other income net he's back
now I need myself experts ringing
make and is a new
lambasting taxonomy 19 a row operator
is running on all bear one that's why isn't bad for version
people apartment blocks back actually cares to remember that the argument
Outback different from normal
and if you don't like that you can just turn on roomies UTSA
source code anything is utf8 characters and is redefining rammed a
the actual sample pass and anything call the actual from Norway
pringle ask blacks
down cake box great is mostly useful in a different tack
here the findings program where some
me blacks K what's Antarctic
fine spree
there's a new call tax if you just during that period
and are you West Acton act 0 mph me
actually pass arguments and will call for comment
matches for my hand message reference a
any object into mine wife contacted
and I'm probably wrong out there sample comprised
damage a couple times in the conference but it's worth noting that a
are the first one if the receiver call
anything after that at party normal are
at a packed it go can actually
I mention this when an impact yesterday making you happy and for Stan Lee and
began jackass my nephew accidents and witnessing
back block
said short
am K statements are free for me K me can use anything that response
three people operator wonderful thing as I
rate okay say use a ass clapping
categories i'd Rangers
calories if you're going to do I one thing it works great
Rangers in day using day
new you basically many time they have any
basically and and you can fly things in the Ganges
here before yours answer period
and everything name tag after three operator an RBI 19
background checks wetland and makes saying halfway
and counting Co running thank you should make
bears Spurs pretty crazy
hey sendak a sacame aspirin that
and firing a actually here
sprint maybe have I was using it this way where you just pick a format string
relax I access on the right hey back percent operator and never
and then you can makes for an outbreak
act when collapsing working to space percent
if Andrew guys expect
on whenever objective said get the actual
remaining check track
based on trying to show you have a whole lot actions
music all right here appointment because my
forgiving find a accion de
and ash I am with murder
object a mistake UK setback
places like burning points taking fifteen-year-olds
Friday pack now handy compact
right justify in your I like to make some pretty cool
outbreak just okay using a simple
for Street work
and he probably on novak here tax handle remain carried a
after iraq the restaurant normal I never
so making for you any
forget other astrakhan to hear attacks on the fam mind
AJ coming to realign
and order saying
and everything will be ready warnings which take back program
waging it's usually a day ban have been warning you can try accessing
instance variable as before its K
find check catch times my favorite way to you
get around is to switch the operator or
people's operator K factors really smart
anyone doing fine check a break
so actually digest the warning for you
perk here
interpolated values you can sometimes be brief
as long as you're and variable starts with some kind
single said it will be actually
during the break spec
best if using trying to remind everyone
you can use name group regular expressions reported
me position any displaying review 1
respecting local variables for you to
has a name group years your regular expression
beyond rack finding a match operar half
with iraq
if you're anything really you don't mind a pic
irony tries to hire convention a lot abrasive
is particularly coding error because I'm reuse back
same variable name twice I'm trying to just ignore these nineties
pics on Bay became a change première année variable
a underscored back if I use
Ruby actually make so even though I double find variable intake
for getting data structures act this way makes sense when you think about it
baghdad probably wanted anti-matter for a sec
I'm text have references to other objects of course one of those
references pick me
same object a right thinking and acting structures
in this case to go I can read going
another rainy anything we need to just use 21-9
frankel operator which are returning your horrible
a wagering began
I generate with it because it went really well go on for ever
people each thing and be careful to take some fake
okay and sickle trait to you
hand you can use a s Ocean in the race me
hacker raising the race and rainy and raising two elements anything
yeah have in a race using here said
says kick arsonists get right
you get a couple pare back so it kinda like actually think you can control the
right you can just three you re
any is a couple other tricks you can you make a for example you can choose to pay
more into where
economic prairie usually on the first team but you still get the other
right-thinking hi an extremely
and everybody for me there IMAX version
said seminars will find first max
if you I'm shift from being on the game basically changed back to you
and the older one will be ignored and the thing you can get it back later if
needed tonight
finding make you are getting working Tariq
release a also finally all kinds of tricks
and when I went to exploit if it back
basically I'm always a shake became a call for a time
are you Verde Italian gay back want to block
run seniors away gay and was backpacking
facing right quick okay really
anyway efficient
acting rehash unisex black people Brock
you can access to it and pass it now Tuesday other
check and a UK
data structure and were being would create all they care being rebels
for you okay magnification
gave company had a cold one Press UK slammed a
Hache and create chaos don't get back stable
and that you have read it combined with a case statement right quick
and then you can basically branch
different code happy
here make a trivial are country
now have to go back patient access your next week
right back back right here in Hell in a Cell pain using
objects here everybody matching for you
just fine venture back
if you only get one naked rebbe hacks
make back making
banks are used to fight here we at BRAC
exchange in multiple ways take a sack
default values and a black way
it won't be around a pic
soundscape expect operation a transaction valued
not area actually giving a rock which make
much easier find balance camper speaking
introducing back
fact you probably know you can acting US training with a couple of acting get
back print
actors you can also impact on your screen with the regular expression
prime I this more often
operator actually and UK demand
act for certain ordered group foreign-made
group get back
came out want respect for their UK actually halfback
to the party strain that magic
Mira que or you can redefine to an individual or group
and break attack
using diplomats my snacks printable maginnis
if you want to write contact are in fact pay
a regular expression axe angels
tax rate expression in there be careful how you rate your regular expression
every fifth
as you see the first three matches just picked you make me a ring
and compact one or more digits he really wanted the whole last summer
you've got to use an angry or something sec
have you need to change your binary data you can use the and pack a
you passing fees for Mac Street missing me
skeptics came by CNN poll to network order
engineers there that's where Caney I
with I thinking is back
the image XP am there's another
an irate compaq which that may affect operation packed
married for you
and generators and a
morning reiterating the BBQ hard being a week for me
generators if you're going to collections at one
internal generators from he wanted
past tactician well yes-or-no question
every I that's what the black guys and vitamin to increase
places that were yes facing backward he's back to you
with group there's a new
19 kind of practice might make a call chunk
acne act any question contact me yes or no
and as long as Angie I way keep returning
a man sorry make and which is kinda hard to wrap your head around
okay BHK separate chapters
right as long as there's meeting
by masses in our area and quickly game have
Ruby 19 any have parade
your values can't nato Minister nursing
media mind rake had
become mine raise
basically past
in-ear great new iterator a management
i'm Jack I like people here hand Jack
day at purpose we return the right object they're trying to carry
forward exactly wat without guys
it will ignore their return whenever any
and just carry object for
here's foreign Raiders allow you to act a kind of a primal with
get I haven't runaways or anything
walk to make about waste
interpreting for scrapping I'd
mister me
me parenting mention it Michael returns an enumerator
if you wanna walk tonight numerator manually you can just call me back
to keep getting neck hemingway actually
stack anyway high school teacher Anne
generator air when you run comstock generation
his name change came to be one to wreck
you stop iteration and break outta would
say it's called next over and over again and we wont
Queen raping
gender and age and memorable most everything Raiders have a chance to
return it
sorry enumerators enumerators
when they're called without a block and acne
chain iterators actors going to buy me a chance 3
chain Raiders led so hear anything
country has actually had a block
answer any numerator any enumerator has a few
generators there just for a day and like this week
so we only into an aging people wanting happening
thanks having any week
any numerator passing out checked with a tax
whenever you there's also a way object which works like
age gap
okay perhaps if there were any
I am and so I Friday
an American writing in agony have anything
I'm trying to be here I his right Hank Haney
we're in a bad his I
Friday sometimes even act here cool
jumping-off point eventually mean better
title I
we are on time it's been more I did
I think I curry
hatchery you can programmatically
extract classes me act UK fan parent class
and everything you need a backpack block user closure
see an active me of America saying you can't program actually decide what next
same thing when it's right module supports programmatically construct
back Rangers ok
and when them places people today
a any parents me UK
actually Harry from anything that is roomie expression
as long as a result clack seeking write an essay
make whenever classic line internet and you can't hurt
and my be
changing pagkain cleaning a expression
that were involved model pay
Cooper scary and Amanda Burke
happy came right back frank with another unusual track
UK from class module activate you can basically
tracking state might want about like in this case I
fine to strange economy way argument
American with calm in any case in Africa first-line
acne and faster extended his hitting some generic
module actually
with constructing company
if you want to make my day fixed any quacks
your happening classification block with napping
K you can use your class fashion before the market drops
so if you read mark it's the same K
into normal class with inheritance be
programs back
also a lot of people do that here anything track
construct me 18 the case truck pics from walk
class now swimmers fight boxing make
if you don't like it fine structure constant you can't pass
Frank first extract me from
class struck namespace for you
ASI next thing I know your strikes back
and pretty sure we all know about many
we use that all the time actors also respond to making
a couple would benefit actually implement to return the right answer
first obviously members fine till give correct answers
here payment method and even cooler one is Bay
baby grand message references came here dynamic
which is pretty useful percent
impact here yesterday not track
and Bill Bixby OK he now which is kinda corny
variation where it defines methods
crash in reference to an angry mood
great handed very efficient BK
ass and unnecessary fine thanks
compilation stack act quick price you can use it
anyhow you can read mine here different check
okay as is it really call make
okay let me madam a programming on the back
hey here on when any
I 10 years sometimes their ability to walk over every
object you can just iterate over
he went in just over specific type object
get back to you acted
you me account abject you can ask for that
a different a individual counts
act how are you it can sometimes be a for
finding like really where the object cancers
going up actually if you really want to find every
you can turn on a garbage collector profile and running some code
stresses times great out and then you can get a result
afterward basically if you just came on numbers
angry everything embers are small but its just giving
5 by at checkout time garbage collection
around seeking a your memory
increasing if average fraction running correctly
rating members staying away company
if they just keep every week there's
act him and punch change happened call right where
want to hearing me pay you any banking information
meadow Kenny okay am which links to you
K call chain runs and kinda any
nor is the result walking just with the receivers
had it thinking wait picking something
by if you're just trying to pick in the middle of something to print something
skip happen again in the KP nothing with an answer me 19
to return its art sale whenever you pass
anyway also gets returned it
and now they're wonderful impacted by a train if you're working with
drank set his hatred BK
here and I air and threat Bay
had a permanent running Antonio actually at
joining track here actually
tax in fact here happen long way away from where somebody
actually went so if you wanna see where
effect line through anything here anywhere
and will be headed by planned which with
cagney and had acting you can use it to action can be your only one run from
an AKC will you be home free wine here
but it turns out Polar Express sale
you get morning my hitting a nationwide
variable but also some Mac super helpful 1
the back section week
you know I know any make
I here Enrique this week
and between using a weighted you had bounced check your weekend
even when he gave Rangers backwards week terrible object
numbers Street state and
you can see it from Jake between other object
short anyone
if you want to know walk overs and a outlined my wiring
any initiate a rather than serving memory
and you can use for each NASA opened
each over each calls
usual a similar one for writing
have seeking Amy file and
had just been de-listed opec
pretty actually you can't pass a position
file have power over me truncated acquisition and in your data will be
me and I'd pack
be cool hello my family get right back
I feel like a range around a man I
like style today at worst a 1mm break
backpack really want process
you can just call here any their prices
attacked entered run
3 okay
a year handed to you spine processes
right I need to check out just fine
which adding the second monster
waging a controlled environment variables obviously the command
Ryan for lunch action if
file back to the UK call other process back
acid really great week on processes and I was worried you wouldn't believe me I
can act on this year
about everything I say about spano one why
a serious controlling the environment variables
you can control shower expansion remain
process process ways anything you like me
like process group for change working directory
redirect ISO Jack Anne
K export a sink
seriously worked fine back are you need to work with plastic
of I comment
break act new feature a
UK tactic your and numbers so I guess
Birkirkara pay I hope their
part the way I modulatory and it will randomly generated
for you fine tax break gay and bi
grand Knight whenever you can even get you right you
Munich have any strictly week
hander make an outline for understanding right
from Brisbane you are right went to require
UK read from any when you are out just like you were reading from a file
is a normal I painter whenever sale
active at the easiest way world web
review make
and here to you work with external processes
eventually really care about arguments to those processes
and happened to you percent correctly
or correctly everything on my break do that for you concho
words so I will show you how argument partners
it work well individual and for you for
group for you really here
using beautiful which
crazy showed hip injury BRB and never see
used if you extend a
module in your class using access K that here
you okay and you can just stating a mapping Amy
your can't wait and it will be returned here
can't wait into a Mac abject hectic day
African I'll packets back
spring break right
track I'm firing tells
at module and a standard library K
agency that endanger all unique there in the eighth commandment
are going to impact which means I
happened I think name usually right
about back Senate great module
growing at work a great many
here in creating static where and cosmetics normally
any reason you any because they're other rivers and
go right for both which print when it's hearing
dry wine which are pretty when it's doing that not actually duyck
passing check before you actually accident
Anders I'm thank you anyway here with pack
and vibrant cleaner like his
file under in ways to create
ways to check work with man and then of course
you can operation make
there's a really great many has
driver and it's super simple yet prayer file
and you everything inside transactions actually amazed
as read-only transactions you can bring transaction
and a fell is just Saints
hash game I question hack
multiprocessing say rent a
UK slapping african amateur which also into in my brain
changed to require Akane any
mere naam see if the same results but the database human-readable
at all flower course
is also expected and ivory no array
expectations package when it gets very straight and see her at a
check membership percent okay and using it as a learning
version so this is all I can hear you just calling
for kitchen tools Remi self-control
has command line switches making bill large programs for the wicked
and here cold front would
any back I was like you were coming to your data changes
me happen way Bay
RJ and went back to show you
an ETA special J creation
although here's comic seeking treatment
one you can even use our day
are yourself with apec mind you can scrap cracked
you up under music
prices equip operator it's probably the most confusing
oliver et have any racial gerrymandering a handgun J
it basically any had a first and
expression BK everyone entering
actor and a take turns on than expected expression
check answer me in taxes which turns pingback:
saying AQ graco chant start
hearing here where
really also understand be gay and wont
long run game have a program
even if their environment like the one action reporters
you can use on a nationwide staff its carrier command:
prevent irony if you don't know this one
white paper and understory relaxed about you
RB cash rate a bank probably think
most rails console some query
you can still get factor
people like trying to think focusing on individual object
ironies actually always hemophiliac can just call
higher past the object change from back
Casey when I checked it currently has 1920
different director jobs you can switch back and forth between
any great handjob to get back
are you doing you cannot see my review I'm arranged by calling start
erecting where pictures just readers out some way to get to the main program
as you walk access to local variables here and I can run my program
controls needed the consulate wilson values and
my programs changed Azarenka
any if you end up with quite a while
have changed handling crane at it can mean
on you also this reunion committee campaign I G
art UK I think any
okay last time you can actually read for rent
running for using a contract this program does
random act eventually something stupid like my
here and you can find and huge run concurrently moving back a
take a chance and try and make sure its here anyway
weight control here exactly call anything replace your program with a
copy of it
now back to you make a great at a
givers have a fresh happy to help
Sam even as characterized by similarly for
members and most efficient engineer are
actually Bay some remembered find that most
actually make rearranged I when have to even
information about me act text me victory
very here today when a tractor really can make
Apple are so they can come with your program and
error any a really nice
haven't stack traces interest here
the actual program summaries are actually
practical earlier I promise his life will be online
back in my day I'm tweet about perhaps
you can just park back
thank you very much