Monday, June 20, 2016

30x500 Course Concept Clarifications

It is things a person believes but on a level they think it is just a fact, which informs the way they operate. Here's an example: "Used cars are the only logical financial choice!" That person cannot be persuaded to buy a new car It's not actually a belief system.

That’s the key - worldviews aren’t especially understandable without a context. The context here is what people do. How they act. How they make decisions and more specifically, related to how you reach them and what you make for them.

Need is like clothes, food and shelter?
Want is like beer, wine, deep fried chicken?

No, that’s not the distinction in 30x500

Need —> restaurants NEED a way to save money/time on menus.
But they don’t want it. so end of story there.

The difference between need and want seems to be a another way to say: What you think creates value must match what your prospect thinks creates value for their business. YES.

They may be wrong in their opinion, but it's not our job to convince them?

It’s not my job” isn’t the right mindset. But rather “Is this going to be effective for me/them".
Their opinion is often not an opinion, but a worldview, e.g. restaurants don’t buy software. they just don’t. They don’t use software. Restaurant owners are typically not BUSINESS people, but rather hobbyists or food people or following a path their family laid out for them. 

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