Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Top Links for May 30, 2016

Pointless Features Add to Browser Bloat and Insecurity

83 % of browser features are used by under 1 % of the most popular 10,000 websites. These features are also not used by the end users. 50 % of the JavaScript provided features in the web browser are never used by the top ten thousand most popular websites. Read this article to get an idea of what features to avoid using in your Rails apps to prevent your app getting blocked by blockers.

Streaming data with ActionController::Live

Rails 5 final release is almost here. The most exciting feature is the ActionCable. Why do we need ActionController::Live when we have ActionCable? The short answer is that Server Side Events are one-way, it goes from the server to the client, whereas ActionCable is two-way communication between client and server. Checkout this article to learn more.


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