Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Benefits of Search Suggest Systems

1. Spelling mistakes are avoided
2. Fewer keys need to be typed
3. Suggestions provide immediate feedback in terms of what queries are possible.

The absence of a suggestion could indicate that there many not be responses for the query. Will this affect collecting search terms that we may discover for creating new content?

Use auto-complete to:
  •     Facilitate accurate and efficient data entry
  •     Select from a finite list of names or symbols
Use auto-suggest to:
  •     Facilitate novel query reformulations
  •     Select from an open-ended list of terms or phrases
  •     Encourage exploratory search (with a degree of complexity and mental effort that is appropriate to the task). Where appropriate, complement search suggestions with recent searches

Use instant results to:

    Promote specific items or products


Designing Search: As-You-Type Suggestions   
Search Auto Complete
Autocomplete as a Research Tool: A Study on Providing Search Suggestions

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