Thursday, April 07, 2016

Top Links for Apr 14, 2016

1. Get Your Conference Proposal Accepted by Richard Schneeman.
2. Whitelisting with the lesser-known #presence_in method by Damir Svrtan
3. 9th Rubyconf BrasilRubyconf Brasil has established itself as the largest Ruby conference in Latin America. In 2015 they had more than 1,100 attendees. Well known speakers such as Chad Fowler, David Black, Scott Chacon, Chris Wanstrath, Josh Kalderimis, Koichi Sasada, Charles Nutter, and dozens of others have spoken at our conference. This is your chance to showcase your expertise. Rubyconf Brasil will be at São Paulo, Brazil. The dates are confirmed for September, 23th and 24th so book your flight and hotel right away!
4. Face Recognition using Google Cloud Vision API
5. Ruby Frozen String Literals Do Not Result in Any Performance Improvement by Alexander Dymo  
Reference Prototypical Conference Talks

Mountain West  Ruby 2016 videos
Writing a Test Framework From Scratch by Ryan Davis
Drifting Ruby Screencasts

Short URLs Considered Harmful for Cloud Services

Use techniques such as CAPTCHAs to separate human users from automated scanners. I cover how to use Google reCATCHA with Rails 5.

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