Sunday, April 10, 2016

Timeline of Products

2002 Passed UML Certification in May
2003 OOAD Certification Book and Videos $40. Clickbank
2004                       Adsense
     Started Programming Blog
2005 Static sites like hosted on
2006 Started to work with Rails
2007 12-12 registered
     12-02 registered
     Take over Silicon Valley Ruby Meetup
2008 Jan  29 episodes
     May 2008 Over 75 Rails screencasts According to
2009 First iPhone App Goes Live
2010 British Accent iPhone App, 3/10 iPad App approved
2011 Finance Site : $10k on content creation goes waste without any adsense revenue. $10k spent in demolition recycling research.
2012 TDD Workshops, In dec, registered
2013 goes live goes live
     Jan blog goes live
2014 Upgrading Rails version and TB3 takes fucking too long and goes offline.
2015 TDD Course and Email Blast for launch (Replusion vs Attraction), 3/15 TDD Course free coupon Tweets. Jan TDD in Ruby Kindle book published.

2007 July : Outdoor Adventure Club Event Management
2008  or 2009 Abandoned ?

Started selling ebooks and videos before the term screencast was coined in 2004. UML certification study guide sold from 2003 to 2006 for $49.99 ooad package and $17 test package.

Dot 1 : 2003

Selling ebook and videos using eBookPro and ClickBank. Learned about order processing and the end to end usage of digital products.

Dot 2 : 2005

Buying AssocTrac to manage affiliates. Learned about how the affiliate management software works and how to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Mistake: Developing the product before building the audience. Promotional posts on forums sounded spammy.

Dot 3 : 2007

Launched Screencasting with no time limitation and no continuous improvement. No lesson learned.

Dot 4 : 2010

First Mobile app hit. Learned about the power of the Internet in driving sales and the lifetime value of a customer.

Dot 5 : 2011

Read Millionaire in the Fast Lane. Learned how to apply filters to all the business ideas and narrow down to the most promising ideas to execute. 

Fastlane education is about learning specific skills to grow your business skill. Slowlane education is about increasing the intrinsic value of the person being educated.

It opened up the possibility. What if, I could increase my intrinsic skills and use that as the core of my business plan? I can teach other developers how to increase their intrinsic value. If I can help other developers make a six figure income, I can make million a year.

Dot 6 : 2013

First version of ClickPlan goes live. Infopreneur business success template. Learned that SaaS is very similar to selling infoproducts. It differs only in one aspect, the backend sales is not infoproduct but is a software that solves problems.

Dot 7 : 2016

Learned that consistently publishing video podcast that applies time limitation can be very effective in building an audience. Observing other players on how they apply Robert Cialdini's Principles of Persuasion.

It is too much effort to market 1-1. Focus on 1-N. Tweeting to each individual takes more time and money than targeting a few who can share the content with their followers.

Making the Connections

Dot 1 and 2 were the big picture view of the infopreneur business. Dot 4 is the technical 'How to' aspect of creating the product for that market. Dot 5 is the big picture of building a successful SaaS business.

Connect Dot 1-2-4 : 2013
Connect Dot 3-6 : 2016

Missing Pieces / Obstacles

Demo video. Marketing
Dot 4 - Implementation ...
Distracted by Learn Startup crap.

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