Saturday, April 23, 2016

git ls-files help

~/projects/lafon $git ls-files --junk 
error: unknown option `junk'
usage: git ls-files [] [...]

    -z                    paths are separated with NUL character
    -t                    identify the file status with tags
    -v                    use lowercase letters for 'assume unchanged' files
    -c, --cached          show cached files in the output (default)
    -d, --deleted         show deleted files in the output
    -m, --modified        show modified files in the output
    -o, --others          show other files in the output
    -i, --ignored         show ignored files in the output
    -s, --stage           show staged contents' object name in the output
    -k, --killed          show files on the filesystem that need to be removed
    --directory           show 'other' directories' names only
    --empty-directory     don't show empty directories
    -u, --unmerged        show unmerged files in the output
    --resolve-undo        show resolve-undo information
    -x, --exclude
                          skip files matching pattern
    -X, --exclude-from
                          exclude patterns are read from
                          read additional per-directory exclude patterns in
    --exclude-standard    add the standard git exclusions
    --full-name           make the output relative to the project top directory
    --error-unmatch       if any is not in the index, treat this as an error
                          pretend that paths removed since are still present
    --abbrev[=]        use digits to display SHA-1s
    --debug               show debugging data

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