Thursday, October 01, 2015

iOxalate iPhone App

This was my first product on Appstore. No competitors. Solves a problem. Optimized for mobile context. Fast lookup of oxalate content on the go. Can be used for grocery shopping, eating out.

Reach : Difficult to reach target market. Very small market (intersection of iPhone owners and those who have suffered from kidney stones)

Partnership : Find kidney stones ebook seller and split revenues. Sales is almost 0 so there is no need to track and the partner can get a cut for every sale. Developing partnership with established medical companies is very difficult. Takes too much time and effort.

Development effort : 4 weeks. I was new to XCode tools. I had to go through the learning curve.

The aim was to go fast from code to cash. But it's easy to go fast from code to trash while time and money is wasted. Focus on reducing the waste when going from idea to code stage.

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