Thursday, October 01, 2015

How to Write Application Statement for SaaS App

Identify the things about your application that you know with certainty, as well as things you don't yet know. Write a rough story - two paragraphs or less. Be quick and to the point.
  • What is notable about your application?
  • What is it supposed to do?
  • How will it support its users?
  • Is it connected to a real-world example that you can study?
  • Have you done something similar?
  • What will make your design a success?
  • What are the most challenging  things to work out?
  • What seems clear?
  • What seems ill defined?
You need not answer all these questions. Simply write about the critical aspects of your application. If it helps you make your point, draw a rough sketch or two. Focus on the main ideas.

Design Story for Click Plan

This sales boosting application helps digital product sellers to promote and sell their products. One of the concerns is identifying all the actors and how the system is customized for each actor.
  • Can a seller be an affiliate or vice-versa?
  • Do seller and affiliate have the same signup process?
  • Do they have just one account?
We will design our software for one digital product, ebook and one payment processor Paypal. Email stamping of ebook will be provided to minimize copyright violations. The biggest challenge is modeling the interactions between the application and external systems.

Seller is interested in selling ebooks. Each ebook can be uploaded to the site so that email stamping can be done after purchase. After purchase, fulfillment involves: email stamping the product and sending email with links to the downloadable ebook and any bonus ebooks. The links to the ebooks are limited by number of downloads and expires after a given time. Bounty window or cookie duration is 6 months and is not configurable. Publisher can provide multiple landing pages for a given product.

Affiliate marketer can login and view their bounties. Sellers can view their sales. The application provides transparency to publishers and marketers. Payment processing is out of scope of the product.

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