Thursday, July 17, 2014

Using Figoro Gem with Moonshine

1. Add gem 'figaro' to Gemfile

2. rails g figaro:install

Creates config/application.yml and adds it to .gitignore.

3. Here is the syntax for environment specific configuration

# config/application.yml

pusher_app_id: "2954"
pusher_key: "7381a978f7dd7f9a1117"
pusher_secret: "abdc3b896a0ffb85d373"
google_analytics_key: "UA-35722661-5"

  pusher_app_id: "5112"
  pusher_key: "ad69caf9a44dcac1fb28"
  pusher_secret: "83ca7aa160fedaf3b350"
  google_analytics_key: ~
4. Use rake secret to generate a secret for any of your keys

5. Access the values in the code:




6. Specify required keys in config/initializers/figaro.rb

Figaro.require("pusher_app_id", "pusher_key", "pusher_secret")

7. Add config/application.yml to local directive in Moonshine. Edit moonshine.yml :shared_config: directive.

8. Deploy the application