Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Installing Phusion Passenger 4.0.45 using Moonshine in Ubuntu 12.04

1. Login to phusion passenger account.
2. Download the license
3. Move the license file to vendor/plugins/moonshine/lib/moonshine/manifest/rails/templates file. The name of the file is the same as the downloaded file name which is passenger-enterprise-license
4. Add the following to the moonshine.yml file:

  :max_pool_size: 3
  :version: 4.0.45 # This is 2 versions behind because according to the moonshine source code, this is the blessed version.
  :enterprise: true
  :download_token: copy-your-download-token-from-passenger-account-here
  :rolling_restarts: true
5. Check in the code to bitbucket and do :
   cap deploy