Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Final Cut Pro 10.1.2 Crash Course in 10 Minutes

Recording Voice Over

Step 1 : Detach the audio from the video

1. Select the clip from the timeline window.
2. Go to Clip --> Detach audio
3. Select the audio and click delete.

Step 2 : Record Voice Over

1. Click the timeline where you want to start recording the voice over.
2. Go to window, Record Voice Over.
3. Click Record
4. Click the red button to stop recording.

If you make a mistake select the audio track in TL and delete.

Speeding up the Video

1. Select Blade from the dropdown.
2. Select the start and end of the video by using the blade.
3. Modify --> Retime --> 4x
4. Go back to the drop down and select the pointer.

Note : Select before you change the timing so that the rest of the video is unaffected.

Deleting Part of the Clip

1. Select the blade from the drop down.
2. Pick the starting and the end point of the clip
3. Select the pointer from the drop down.
4. Select the clip to reject and click delete.

Audio Enhancement

1. Select the audio
2. Modify --> Auto Enhance Audio
3. Right window, click on Audio Enhancements for any problems

Noise Reduction

1. Select the audio clip
2. Click the wizard inspector
3. Select audio enhancements
4. Background noise removal and hum removal to remove noise

Refer Enhance Audio section in the Help window of FCP.


1. Import both videos
2. Drop the title video into the TL and then the video to be processed.

Exporting the Edited Video

1. File --> Share --> Master File

This will export the video in quick-time format.

Recovering from Mistakes

Undo : Command+Z