Thursday, April 01, 2010

British Accent Training iPad App is now live!

The first Accent Reduction training iPad app in the app store. British Accent Training is a great tool to help you learn British Accent. You can practice your accent, pronunciation and intonation.

Taught by a native British English speaker Alison Pitman. It gives you enough time to record, playback and to repeat the lesson.

The best solution is to practice with a computer. I tried a simple sound recorder on a computer as well as a tape recorder, and it did not work - too complicated, involves too much button pressing.

You need a program which plays a phrase, then records you repeating it, then repeats the native speaker, then plays your recording, and does it all over again in a loop until you are satisfied.

You can hear your mistakes and you feel that you are correcting them.

This training will allow you to record and hear your own voice. Record your voice every week you use the training to see the transformation in your accent.

The app demonstrates each pronunciation with practice words and sentences which are simple and easily understood. More content will be added in later releases. If you buy at current price you will get updates for free. When more content is included the price will go up. BUY NOW.