Monday, April 05, 2010

Analyzing Your App Store Sales Statistics

App Figures provides reporting of app sales. The graphing does not update when you change the period. Emailed the tech support. No progress has been made after a week. I do like the daily and weekly report email feature. I can set up so that all my partners get the reports emailed. The pricing seems to be reasonable: $5 / mo for 2 apps. $1.5 for each additional app that you want to track. It provides ranking of your app also.

App Sales Mobile This is available on Github. I downloaded it and ran it on Simulator. Not bad for something that is free. Nice charts and reports.

My App Sales I paid $27.70 (20 Euros) for this today. It's ok. It has lot more features. Provides data export and the option of creating html reports. I had to save the instruction to try the advanced features. The advanced features are not just one click from the app.