Friday, February 19, 2010

iPhone App for Kidney Stones and Gallbladder Stones


This application is for those who have suffered from Kidney stones or Gallbladder stones due to Calcium Oxalate stones.

Foods are categorized according to the oxalate content. Foods low in oxalate can be consumed in unlimited amounts. However, common sense needs to prevail. For example, distilled alcohol, though low in oxalate, should not be consumed in unlimited quantities.

This application helps you to follow a low oxalate diet by eliminating foods very high in oxalate and eating those with moderate oxalate content in limited amounts.

This application does not have any recipes. It only contains the names of the foods categorized by oxalate content. You can also search the entire database of foods to find its oxalate content.

* Use it in a grocery store while shopping
* To lookup the food when you are in a restaurant
* When cooking to reduce the foods high in oxalate content

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