Thursday, December 27, 2007

Rolling with Ruby on Rails Revised - Rails 2.0 article now is upgraded to use the Rails 2.0 features. You will see
the new features in action. Download the screencast Rolling with Ruby on Rails Revised - Rails 2.0. Source code from here. Duration: 25 mins. Size: 200 MB.


  1. I tried the cookbook sample and get the following error:

    Routing Error

    No route matches "/recipe/list" with {:method=>:get}

    I assume you tried this on your system. I unzipped the Cookbook app and ran a db:migrate to get the DB setup. I am trying to run this with Mongrel.

  2. There is no list.html.erb. Open the browser with http://localhost:3000. You will see the index page for categories controller. Just follow the screencast as you work through the example. Do the same steps, it will work.

  3. Thanks, I actually figured out the problem a little while ago.

  4. I've downloaded the movie and I can't play it under Linux. It seems to be a non-standard .mov file.