Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pimp My AWDwR Depot App - Revised Rails 2.0

Download the screencast on how to get the depot app in Agile Web Development with Rails to work with Rails 2.0


  1. Great job on the screencasts. They are very clean and easy to follow. My only suggestion would be to look at alternative compression options. They're pretty large for the time.

  2. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the feedback. I am new to creating screencasts. I have contacted Topfunky, he said he will be releasing a screencast on how to create screencasts.

    That means better screencasts in 2008. Happy New Year!


  3. Just to clarify, the quality is great. It is just the file size I was talking about. Keep it up. Thanks.

  4. Hi there, it seems that the URL is broken or that the server has some problem or maintance - Because I'm gettin' 503 error while trying to browse the URL above for the railcast.

    - Do you know some mirror for this railcast?

    - Is it was a lost for me to buy those days the AWB second edition?

    P.S happy new year & happy coding ;-)

  5. Thanks for the post, THANKS for the railcast is gr8!!! - I succeed to download it & watch it last weekend.

    Anyway, in the railcast there is the part where the coder paste some code into "bootstrap.rake" file, There is no screen shot of the full code that wrote there, maybe somebody can paste here the code?, I couldn't find it while searching it on Google.. :|

    Thanks in advance.

  6. SITE_DIR = File.join(RAILS_ROOT, 'themes/site-' + (ENV['SITE_ID'] || '1'))
    namespace :db do

    namespace :bootstrap do
    desc "Load initial database fixtures (in db/bootstrap/*.yml) into the current environment's database. Load specific fixtures using FIXTURES=x,y"
    task :load => :environment do
    require 'active_record/fixtures'
    (ENV['FIXTURES'] ? ENV['FIXTURES'].split(/,/) : Dir.glob(File.join(RAILS_ROOT, 'db', 'bootstrap', '*.{yml,csv}'))).each do |fixture_file|
    Fixtures.create_fixtures('db/bootstrap', File.basename(fixture_file, '.*'))



  7. Thanks so much for this screencast. I didn't want to learn a bunch of deprecated syntax etc., and it was endlessly frustrating to get through the book in 2.0.2; this made it possible. The only thing I can suggest is regarding the bootstrap.rake file; if you could make this kind of stuff available for download, or link to it from your blog as a set of resources, it would make it a lot easier. I had to guess that someone would ask the same question in your comments. Everything else is great; keep it up.

  8. This was such a life saver for me! Thank you for posting this screen cast. The only thing I have been having a hard time with is the routes file:

    map.root :controller => "products", :actions => "new"

    For some reason it won't take me to the new screen it just takes me to the list.

  9. great series of screencasts, thank you so much for those.

    I've been having some trouble with "Add a Dash of Ajax" - on adding a product to the cart i get an javascript alert: "rjs error. type error: element has no properties" .
    when i refresh the page the cart shows up as it should...
    haven't found anything in forums, maybe you know some link if you have a second, I'd appreciate it greatly.
    thanks again,

  10. ah sorry, nevermind that request. i just hadn't properly defined my div's. thanks for the great screencasts

  11. great screencast -- I am a n00b ... I hunted for the boostrap file only to finally get linked to your blog (from the site (its not entirely obvious how to get to your site).

    I'm enjoying it so far, one problem I've run across occurs during execution of the db:bootstrap:load file ..

    I get the following error:

    " No such file or directory - /images/svn.jpg "

    any ideas?

    best, Sunjay