Wednesday, July 04, 2007

How to install RubyInline in Mac OS

$ sudo gem install rubyinline
Successfully installed RubyInline-3.6.3
Installing ri documentation for RubyInline-3.6.3...
Installing RDoc documentation for RubyInline-3.6.3...

Port install did not work:

sudo port install rb-rubyinline
---> Fetching autoconf
---> Attempting to fetch autoconf-2.61.tar.bz2 from
---> Verifying checksum(s) for autoconf
---> Extracting autoconf
---> Configuring autoconf
---> Building autoconf with target all
---> Staging autoconf into destroot
---> Installing autoconf 2.61_0
---> Activating autoconf 2.61_0
---> Cleaning autoconf
---> Fetching rb-rubygems
---> Attempting to fetch rubygems-0.9.4.tgz from
---> Verifying checksum(s) for rb-rubygems
---> Extracting rb-rubygems
---> Configuring rb-rubygems
Error: Target returned: configure failure: shell command " cd "/opt/local/var/db/dports/build/_opt_local_var_db_dports_sources_rsync.rsync.darwinports.org_dpupdate_dports_ruby_rb-rubygems/work/rubygems-0.9.4" && /opt/local/bin/ruby -rvendor-specific setup.rb config " returned error 127
Command output: sh: line 1: /opt/local/bin/ruby: No such file or directory

Error: The following dependencies failed to build: rb-hoe rb-rake rb-rubygems rb-rubyforge
Error: Status 1 encountered during processing.

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