Monday, June 25, 2007

Migrating Local Subversion Repository to Remote Repository

I have been developing the Rails app on my Powerbook using Subversion with file:/// protocol. So when I had to migrate it to Subversion repository hosted remotely by Rimu I had to do the following:

1) On the laptop:

svnadmin dump ~/home/path/to/svn/repos > some-file-name

2) I used Transmit FTP client to use SFTP to the remote host and copied the some-file-name to the remote machine.

3) Login to the remote machine and run:

svnadmin load subversion-repo-name < some-file-name

I created a new directory on my laptop and did a checkout from remote repository:
svn co --username some_user --password some_password

then svn info shows that the repository is http:// pointing to the remote repository.

svn log

shows all the log messages. Note this did not show all the 10 revisions that I had on my local repository. It showed only the changes that I had made after the migration. So the local repository version was at 10 but the remote repository was moving from version 3.

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