Wednesday, November 01, 2006

ZenTest Notes

To use unit_diff, pipe normal tests through it:

$ ruby ./TestZenTest.rb | unit_diff


pressing Ctrl-c once reruns the tests immediately. Pressing the key combination twice terminates autotest.

$ autotest -help


-v Be verbose.
Prints files that autotest doesn't know how to map to tests.

-rails Force rails mode.
Rails will be automatically detected by the presence of config/environment.rb. Use this if you don't have one.

You may need to run 'rake db:test:prepare' before
starting autotest on a rails project.

-vcs=NAME Version control system to update.
Autotest will automatically update every vcstime
Autotest understands Perforce (p4), CVS (cvs) and
Subversion (svn).

-vcstime=N Update source control every N seconds.
Defaults to every five minutes (300 seconds).

ZenTest MyProject.rb TestMyProject.rb > missing.rb

./TestMyProject.rb | unit_diff


multiruby ./TestMyProject.rb

(and other stuff for Test::Rails)

How to use ZenTest on Rails?

ZenTest Documentation

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