Monday, October 23, 2006

Rails Goodies

Agile Web Development with Rails covers the Model, View and Controller part of the Rails framework very throughly.

It falls short in AJAX and WebServices. OReilly's $10 pdf book on RJS and Webservices really rocks.

Money Train is another pdf book which is basically based on the RailsConf 2006 presentation. It contains very practical tips on Rails development.

Also $100 subscription to the RailsConf 2006 online video is not worth it. The quality of some of the videos is poor. The website has problems streaming the content. It drops the connection several times. Very frustrating experience. Half of the recordings have no video. I got the password for the site after 4 days.

There are some good presentations, I liked the DSL presentations. Google Reader is great, I subscribed for all the Rails related blogs and sites. It saved me money, I decided not to buy the RSS reader for Mac OS.

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