Monday, October 23, 2006

Getting Real - 37 SIgnals book

Last night I bought the "Getting Real" book from 37 signals and I finished
reading it. Here is the process that they have used with success:

1. Draw html mock-ups using paper and pencil. Easy to change and the cost of
throwing it away is negligible.
2. Create static html mockup for your site. Get feedback and make any
3. Code the most essential feature. Less is more. (They talk about
"Epicenter Design")
4. Release. Say no to all the features requested by customer. Incorporate
only those that align with the "Vision" for your software and is requested
by most of the customers.

In general there is no artifacts such as documentation, specification or
diagrams created during the product development. They are a waste of time
since no one can agree on issues. It is easier to know what we are building
and refine it when we play with the real thing.

It has helped me to think clearly and I have gained so much from this book.
I now have a blueprint for building a successful online business. I highly
recommend this book.

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