Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Subversion svn server

Pragmmatic Version Control - using Subversion is a very easy to read book. It makes it easy to learn about Subversion. This book will prepare you to move on to the free book on Subversion available at redbean. Search Rails mailing list for the actual link.

The reason for this post is that this explains about how to use the svn server to connect to your repository. I am running Subversion on my Powerbook. The IP address changes due to my ISP. In order to give a host name to my Mac I followed the instructions on the site Give your Mac OS X computer a hostname with DynDNS

It was easy to sign up for the account. However the article does not provide the following tips:

The website design makes it very difficult to navigate. Find the link for Home Solutions on the left navigation and go to "Official Macintosh/OS X Update Client". Download this and install it. Follow the instructions on the article I have mentioned above.

The update client will automatically map the dynamic IP of the machine to the host name you have selected.

Now you can enjoy working on your machine when you are away from home!!!

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